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Naomi Klein: Trump's Treatment of Haitians Portends Brutal Future for World's Climate Refugees


Naomi Klein: Trump's Treatment of Haitians Portends Brutal Future for World's Climate Refugees

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"This isn't only about Trump's antipathy toward non-white immigrants," she writes. "We may also be witnessing a particularly brutal form of climate change adaptation."



Which brings up the sub-topic of a wall between us and Mexico. This is very crass and dangerous. It is happening on a global scale. There will come a time when we Americans will want to goto Canada because of this. Will they have a wall? Guns? Or will we wise up and become North Americans, all of us, no borders, no fences, no walls. Just one people, North Americans, it’s all one land mass. No more Mexicans, no more Americans, no more Canadians; just North Americans helping out each other because Mother Nature is pissed and is kicking our collective ass.


That was more or less the idea in “Day After Tomorrow”, except that Canada was mostly not mentioned, if memory serves.

I have an article, many years old now, by James Lovelock of Gaia Theory, who suggested the United Kingdom get ready to circle the wagons and keep too many refugees out.

Angela Merkel of Germany is paying the price of her open door policy right now.

I think the writing is already on the proverbial wall - and the ‘better angels of our nature’ are in hiding just now.

The Peace of Westphalia of 1648 created the modern nation-state - out of a perceived necessity,or, to put it simply - it seemed like a good idea at the time, as did The League of Nations after WW One, and the United Nations after WW Two.

As always, new circumstances now dictate another new idea - Phil Rockstroh says it nicely - ’ a paradigm shift or extinction’.

Many people, such as Naomi Klein, are working towards that necessary shift as we speak.

My job appears to be to live as I always have, simply, and outdoors, as much as possible, making up my own metaphysics as I go, and blogging here.

That also is in Phil Rockstroh’s incredible missive - deal with reality head on - both feet on the ground.

I’ve just learned a new anchor system for trad climbing, from veteran Peter Croft, 58, a Canadian super-climber living in Bishop, Ca. It’s the double figure eight, bunny ears, and uses only the rope itself - simple, apparently as effective as a double anchor cordlette system, lighter, faster, simpler.

In van Creveld’s “The Transformation of War”, we have another paradigm shift in thinking - Low Intensity Conflict.

Always change, or, as Canadian theoretical physicist Neil Turok of the Perimeter Institute says in his Massey Lecture:

“According to quantum theory, the world is constantly exploring all of its states all of the time…”

That sounds like us too, doesn’t it ?


I have been preaching North Americans for years now. It is the only sane thing to do. The reason the EU didn’t work is because they kept their identities instead of growing and creating a new one. Thus failure. Our one land mass is a natural and we need everyone because of who we are, we are nothing without them or them us. I don’t read as much as you, I haven’t read anything you’ve listed. Instead I feel and think and see with my minds eye. If memory serves me right you are in Canada, correct? By watching my sites stat’s I see more and more Canadians visitors, Thanks…Robbie Robertson has a song about “rock medicine” that I think speaks to your Being, Be Well.


The Haitians made a mistake more than 200 years ago. They had a peoples revolt against the .01% that was successful. It wasn’t taken over, like the American Revolution, by the upper middle class. It started and remained a successful peoples revolt even though the then newly formed USA was against them as well as France and the rest of the colonial powers. That they were black only made it worse. They have not been and will never be forgiven. The .01% have generational memories and are very vindictive.



Snow can keep falling until our hunger
is obscene
and yet it will strand us on the mountain

unable to resist. All these years have proven
that some mysterious pulse out of the furthest
mirrors and lights,

a miasma of the unknowable,
creates a wave of the illusion of separation
and we find our devils illuminated

in the inescapable night:

they will pick us out of the line at random
make us lie down

and shoot us in the back of the head.
If you are not consumed by terror thinking
am I next?

then you are not alive, have been loaded
into the ovens already,
or have found yourself possessed

by the same viral hatred,
the lust for guns and an irrational repulsion
until you find small details

that make your neighbors, yes
even your distant cousins
the object of the poison you have prepared for them.

We should have learned this by now.
No one can run

and even as you give them your name

then gather secretly in small rooms
after you have shoveled the dead away
whispering your plans

you must take an accounting
of those around you: who
is the next tyrant?

who will obliterate the villages
with firestorms and drones?
Who will leave the dismembered children


And yes, as much as we must work hard not to,
This news is easy to avoid.

We should have learned this too.
We would rather search the sky for rare birds
or count the lovely moons

or laugh and drink and kiss.
Snow can keep falling
the ruins all around are ruins of our hearts,

the stench is the stench of whatever it is
we have ignored so long
that it has become inevitable

once again. By now we should know
that when the people we do not know
are sent into the night

we will be next
won’t we?

and won’t some scramble to rescue the poets

while others kill them?—
and won’t the greatest musicians be found
at the graves or in the ghettos

again? When will we learn?

There is so much to remember,
so many codas

to repeat and repeat and repeat.
Yes, I believe we can survive
but we should have learned by now

we are, most of us, lost in the dark,
the vacuum surrounds us
and we reach out into nothing, choking,

hungry again, our families splashed
across the seas, our loves
a remembrance

a necessary dream.



You don’t need me to tell you of the power of the pen.

Very well done Bob Vance, well done indeed.


Thank you


Just a reminder that the U.S. is not exempt from climate change refugees, This may not be the place you want to be either. Just saying. But we do need a plan because our existing structure is not working.


Yes, strike one for Haitians is Trump doesn’t believe in Climate Change, Strike number two is he is a White Supremacist racist and most Haitians are Black or Brown. Strike number three is they are immigrants and Trump has a huge bias against immigrants.

I was appalled to read Trump’s comments when he just arrived as if criticizing the Haitians for their disaster.


Who is saying “the EU didn’t work”?


The lines on Roxham Road, NY / Chemin Roxham, QB to that makeshift Canadian asylum station must be getting pretty long. Hopefully the Haitians and others fleeing the USA are staying warm…

Canada is far from perfect, but they are sure beating the USA in the category of compassion right now.

(Click in the satellite view)


One of the worries is the nuke plants in Florida, some of which are already having days under water.


This Èzili from the Free Haiti Movement and HLLN. There is so many points to make about this “Trump is mean to the Haitians” missive that’s all over the media. I say this not to support U.S. politicians whatsoever. Our signature saying is that the U.S. profit over people system is ONE evil with two faces. But where were all these “progressives” under Obama-Clinton and the imperial aggression and inhumanity in Haiti. Trump just continued the trajectory, he did not originate it. The very first Naomi Klein paragraph is WRONG. And this journalistic sloppiness hurts a people without a voice in the citadels of power. We at Free Haiti are here and available for anyone who actually needs the facts about how U.S. colonial brutality. No need to go play the partisan game.

First Klein paragraph that’s wrong and misleading reads as follows: “Following an announcement this week from the Trump administration that it is terminating temporary protections for some 59,000 Haitians who fled to the United States after a devastating 2010 earthquake—a highly anticipated move that has motivated thousands of Haitians to cross the border into Canada to seek asylum over the past year—journalist Naomi Klein warns decisions by the U.S. and Canadian governments indicate how wealthy nations may handle climate refugees in the years to come.”

Obama granted TPS to stop the earthquake victims from coming to the United States not to open U.S. doors to “some 59,000 Haitians who fled to the United States after a devastating 2010 earthquake.” Not true. The bulk of TPS holders are not earthquake victims. Neither are the thousands of Haitians rushing to the Canadian border holders of TPS. If they went, they would lose their TPS designation (unless they had first obtain permission to travel). Also according to Homeland Security statistics only 41,000 Haitians re-registered for TPS after the Trump administration’s first six month extension in May of 2017 which stated TPS would end January 22, 2018. Yet, after all the huffing and puffing, Trump just EXTENDED that deadline to the normal 18-months. By the time, that time elapses, another presidential election cycle will began. Or, one of the bi-partisan legislations to give TPS and DACA holders a path to a green card or U.S. citizenship may come to fruition. It would be more useful to tell these truths than to sensationalize and strum up fear of the “Trump Terror” as counterpoint to the Obama-Clinton civility which is the real myth here. As for climate change, this article would have our thanks and attention if it actually went beyond the political handles and talked about how the earthquake and Hurricane Matthews was geoengineered in Haiti.

The point of granting Haitians living illegally (as of January 12, 2010) in the United States before the earthquake TPS was so that Haitians affected by the earthquake would not rush into the United States. So please stop USING the earthquake pains for the political purpose of making it seem like Obama-Clinton helped the earthquake victims and Trump is “mean” to them. That is not true. It’s self serving for a certain sloppy “progressive” intellectual with their head in the sand about the Hero/Villain U.S. system that’s plainly one evil. Yes, that date was extended to December 2010 to cover some earthquake refugees who had been flown in for medical help. But it is WRONG to write that

“Trump administration …is terminating temporary protections for some 59,000 Haitians who fled to the United States after a devastating 2010 earthquake”

What has pushed a few thousand undocumented Haitians, mostly without TPS designations, to cross the border into Canada to seek asylum over the past year is the combine misinformation of U.S. “journalists” and media playing the Democrats are less racist and anti-immigration than Republican game. The U.S. is one evil with two faces. Period.

Here’s the NYT back in January 15, 2010 - “The Obama administration extended a special immigration status on Friday to Haitians living illegally in the United States that protects them from deportation for 18 months and allows them to work here…“Attempting to leave Haiti now will only bring more hardship to the Haitian people and nation,” Ms. Napolitano said Friday. She said Haitians who tried to travel illegally to the United States after this week would be sent back to Haiti.”


Oh, I didn’t know about that, thanks. In other news there may be other places without sufficient water to cool them. We already use about 40% of our water in electric generation.


If your coming from Cuba just touch the U.S. beach, and your good. If your Haitian, brutality.


silly ain’t it? like growing corn to feed it to machines, what? :slight_smile:


lol, right, everyone knows machines like switch grass and hemp. :slight_smile:




Recall B. Clinton showing up in post-quake Haiti with GW Bush.
Ostensibly there to help. You have a slight chance of help from Clinton’s presence, but you have f*ck all a chance with W on the $cene.

Cut to 2017, and in Puerto Rico, here comes B. Clinton again.
Won’t someone think of the caring?