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Naomi Klein, Tulsi Gabbard Travel to Standing Rock as Veterans Begin Peaceful Action


Naomi Klein, Tulsi Gabbard Travel to Standing Rock as Veterans Begin Peaceful Action

Nika Knight, staff writer


Trump said he loves our veterans who have been treated so badly and will take good care of them. He didn't say "except Indian vets". Will he put up or shut up?


3,000 veterans! WOW!

So proud! Of these veterans that are in Standing Rock to reinforce the Lakota Sioux and all their brothers and sisters.

Thank you veterans so much for your service.


If you live in Vermont:

Boycott school & work on Monday, and join us:
March & Mass Action to Defund DAPL & Stop Human Rights Abuses
Where: Christ Church, 64 State St., Montpelier
When: Mon Dec 5 @ 9 am
Organized by: Central VT SURJ, Central VT Climate Action, Upper Valley Affinity Group, the Make, Rising Tide VT

The governor of North Dakota has issued an order to break up the Oceti Sakowin Camp (the largest camp at Standing Rock), effective immediately. On November 28, police and National Guard used tear gas, rubber bullets, pepper spray, sound grenades, and water cannons in subfreezing conditions against thousands of people. Hundreds of people were injured. Our solidarity efforts are needed now more than ever.

In this action, we will demand an end to all human rights violations against the water protectors and their allies and that the treaty rights of the Standing Rock Sioux be upheld. We will demand that dishonest, violent, racist, and unjust treatment of indigenous peoples end NOW.

This action is for those who are willing to risk arrest as well as those who intend to support without risking arrest. There will be a brief training in nonviolent direct action at Christ Church at 9 am.

To offer or join a carpool to the December 5 event, click here.

Please join us, and spread the word.

Solidarity forever,

Rebecca, Keri, Maeve & the 350VT team

P.S. These solidarity actions are organized and endorsed by several individuals, groups, and organizations including Central VT SURJ, Central VT Climate Action, Upper Valley Affinity Group, the Make, RisingTide VT, and 350VT



I can not help but post this old song which seems to fit these protests so well.


Most likely he will Put Down


I doubt he will shut up. So, all of us have to embrace the courageous example of the Water Protectors and put fire in our bellies and fight the good fight all across the US to bring down the system of greed and exploitation. Then maybe the world can breathe a sigh of relief.


"Many water protectors were deeply disappointed by Lynch's statement. 'What real conciliation looks like is giving us all our land back,' ": Truer words have not be uttered. The Lakota never accepted the millions offered for the land that was stolen from them after the Treaty Of Fort Laramie.


" The Lakota never accepted the millions offered for the land that was stolen from them after the Treaty Of Fort Laramie."

Yes, and what could be more ironic than the Lakota, Sioux are now being told to vacate these same lands that they never sold and was stolen from them!


As the governor and military mount false accusations, attempt to traumatize the water protectors and allies they arrest - which is ultimately stark abuse - the degenerate layers from the owner of the pipeline company to the armed infiltrator and the deplorable CHOICES of the ND state government, the abusive message to the nation is made loud and clear.
When the Dakota Access Pipeline bursts


Now things are moving!

As many as 1.5 million Koreans (out of only 50M population or over 3%) are the number of protestors and demonstrators who come out in South Korea --- and yet, and yet, --- since the Disguised Global Capitalist Empire that has 'captured', controls, and nearly fully "Occupies" our former country has employed the soft and hard super-powers of the Empire's media/propaganda-sector and its extra-legal and militarist-sectors to shut down the large but peaceful "Occupy" movement c. 2012, there have been no political demonstrations nor protests by the American people that have achieved even a few thousands of people protesting the condition of Empire instead of democracy in this our former country, PKA (Previously Known As) America.

However, a true 'showdown' in Dakota at the DAPL protests, with the addition of brave "Veterans for Peace" may be one way that this confrontation with the Empire might fire a; loud, public, sustained, but peaceful "Shout heard round the world", which could well ignite another true and essential Second America "Political Revolution against EMPIRE" as it did 240 ago in the First (and only successful) American Revolution against EMPIRE!

I don't mean to be a Paine (or a Henry), but "Give me Liberty from Empire, or Give me Death"

And we may have a surprising ally in fighting against the Empire who could surprise il Donald Trump the egomaniac sociopath of the the rougher-talking neocon 'R' Vichy Party as well and the smoother-lying neoliberal-cons, Obama and "Empress-in-waiting' Killary of the 'D' Vichy Party --- both dual-parties in service to the exact same EMPIRE.

Here's the comment I made to the NYTimes' article this morning regarding the possibly surprising effect of a certain heroic Marine General, but great 'student of history and Empire', scholar James Mattis:

"Trump considers Gen Mattis, “The closest thing we have to Gen. George Patton” --- but Mr. Trump might want to be more careful 'what he wishes for', in that Gen Mattis could well turn out to be the closest thing we have to a Gen. Smedley Butler, or a General/President Eisenhower in his farewell advice about the Military Industrial Complex-sector of this Empire --- not to mention the other six sectors of this Disguised Global Capitalist Empire that has 'captured', controls, and nearly fully "Occupies" our former country against our true and original American Dream in "order to form a more perfect union' and 'perfect democracy' over Empire."

NYT article --- and Veterans for Peace info:




Thanks for all the work you are doing helping to keep us all informed as to what goes on here. While this would at first appear to be a local issue, it one that ultimately affects people the world over and is important to everyone.

Along with the anti-war movemnet, the movement to protect our environment is the most important one we face.


Cheers for the veterans. Seems many of them did not find much value in their service overseas, but find the true enemies within. Big cheers for these veterans! This is what patriotism is. Tulsi Gabbard for president! That self-proclaimed law and order president-elect is shooting his mouth off about everything else but I haven't heard this corporate shill billionaire boy wonder say anything about Standing Rock.


So sad that after almost 8 years of Obama's presidency Americans are still hoping he'll finally show he is a vertebrate. Obama is not going to help, but Naomi Klein, Tulsi Gabbard, thousands of patriotic vets and millions of citizens across the country will not allow the lackey governor of N.D. and his mercenary psychopathic goons to prevail. There will be no pipeline across tribal lands, no matter what. And while this fight is going on our "change you can believe in" president is off "monitoring the situation," and "letting the situation play out."


Thanks for this! But Standing Rock is no Woodstock. It's not a celebration of peace and love. It's war, the war at the heart of capitalism.


Wrong. Were you around in the 1960s. ?

Do you understand what they were in fact fighting against? It was not all about the War In Vietnam.Concern for the environment and the wish to dismantle Capitalism came around a LONG time ago and were central to the 60s counter revolution. After the Goldrush was written in 1970.

The people organizing these protests in Standing Rock have stated these are PEACEFUL demonsrations motivated out of love.

Now it's time for others to speak. "We have to keep our commitment to non-violence. Some people in the camp are getting agitated and angry. We need to constantly restate how we pray and how we stay with love, even love for those who are fighting against us. We must keep love in our hearts for the police," says one participant from the reservation, echoing a big topic of conversation lately at Standing Rock: how to love one's enemy. How can you love someone who's shooting at you? How can you love someone who's behaving in such a degrading manner toward you?

This is very MUCH about peace and Love by the very words of the people organizing it and when those peoples protested against war and the establishment and in favor of the Environment in the 60s it was the same message THEY tried to convey. LOVE of the Earth Mother is core to the peoples that wish to protect her.


Tell that to the Water Protectors who are confronting the armed police and military with peace and love.


Yes. Thank you S D P for bringing clarity. This fight, as some call it, is about the Heart and Soul of modern civilization. It's about coming to terms with who we are, and especially our relationship to the Earth and each other. Thank God for the native peoples holding space for the rest of us all this time. Their sacrifice and right thinking may yet save the day.


Thanks again for the Melanie flashback. I was thinking of Woodstock, which was a celebration. Standing Rock is not a celebration. It's a confrontation. It's satyagraha. The Native Americans have said "No!" once again and we white people join them because we are learning what the real war is, and it's no celebration of peace and love. It's a painful duty we owe to ourselves and to our Great Mother. We confront the violence of the corporate state with Ghandian non-violence. It ain't no Woodstock, brother.


OMG this is wonderful. They are building barracks and a mess hall. This is amazing, I am finally proud of our Vets, God bless them.
This is a teaching moment for all of us ready to fight oppression. If the Protectors win and I think they will this is the message the over lords need to hear.
When they try to take Medicare and Social Security this is the kind of protest that gets things done. We have to be ready to show up and be counted, call, write, scream it to the world. Enough is enough.
Climate change is bearing down on us we don't have time to play with these idiots much longer. We have to get their boot off our necks and prepare for climate disasters.
I am thrilled about what is happening in North Dakota. They give me hope.