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NARAL Pro-Choice America Stands with Planned Parenthood


NARAL Pro-Choice America Stands with Planned Parenthood

WASHINGTON - Sasha Bruce, Senior Vice President at NARAL Pro-Choice America released the following statement:

“Simply put, millions of women turn to Planned Parenthood every year for health care and when they are looking for a judgement-free environment to make critical medical decisions. Planned Parenthood has been their trusted provider known for the quality of their care and standing up for women’s rights for over 100 years.



Well I believe you are doing just as the video's are showing. Your in the business of lying. I think your doing a lot of murders on our american babies. It makes me so sick to know that you are killing babies. You talk about Pro-choice well who is speaking for the babies that Plan parent hood kills all the time. You say that a baby isn't a baby when it is first in the womb, well that is a lie, and I know your still lying. You have to lie to make your money. Your just helping the New world form for the government. Your getting extra money for selling the tissue from the dead babies. Now I feel your doing this for science reasons. But is the wrong way to be doing this. You have been doing this for years. I hope the government will stop your founding. Because all babies deserve to live. If you don't fear god, you better, because in the end he is going to be your judge on what you do here on earth. Well good luck. I hope you get shut down. Because all you are doing is killing and giving mothers no education at all. But you will kill her baby.