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NASA Drops a Bomb: February 2016 Shatters All Previous Temperature Records

NASA Drops a Bomb: February 2016 Shatters All Previous Temperature Records

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

NASA this weekend released new data which shows that February 2016 was not only the hottest in recorded history, but it soared past all previous records, prompting scientists to describe the announcement as "an ominous milestone in our march toward an ever-warmer planet."


There should be no shock at this interpretation. The inflection has occurred and the underlying feedback mechanisms are all highly nonlinear in character. The uncertainty envelope far exceeds the predicted changes. The arrogance that we are going to be able to keep the horse in the barn is humanity’s hubris writ large. Pacha Mama shall have the last say. She has every right to be pissed at Homo stupidus.


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“We are in a kind of climate emergency now.” “A kind of” . . . . not quite a full climate emergency?


Stupid is Not an Option

So, if it’s an EMERGENCY… why are we letting 1,000 private jets to fly to the Super Bowl… why are we not making laws as to what people (rich) can do and not do… I’m sorry, but do not give me that “Oh, laws have to be made equally for everyone” line… No they do not… the rich can stop being rich if they do not want restrictions put on their luxuries… how’s that.


…and yes, the uppermiddle class is included… this is not to say that the average American shouldn’t do their part… but, come on… who has the financial ability to put renewables on their homes with out the slightest bit of financial pain?.. and please do not give that argument about how much cheaper say, solar is per kilowatt hour… if you do not have the money or the credit, you can’t do it… period…
not that I believe renewables are going to save us at this point… NOT… I am really just trying to make the point that the so called “solution” wouldn’t be a solution anyway, cause the OTHER IMPORTANT STEPS that would make it one… wouldn’t happen anyway… no one is going to put limits on what people can do… in other words… CIVILIZATION WILL CONTINUE TO BEHAVE ANY WAY IT WANTS… civilization is the problem…


It is hard (impossible?) to see how we can avoid this:



We’re so far beyond screwed, it’s almost pointless to try anymore. Believe me, I’ve ruined my reputation among my peers trying to speak about abrupt climate change. I don’t regret it. In the end, they’ll all look at me and say “You were sooo right, but I still don’t give a shit.” The one piece of justice is that a lot of the baby boomers, who shackled the fate of my generation to theirs, are going to be just as stuck as the rest of us. The fogies think they can just die of old age and skip out on all the mess they’ve left us with. Nope. They’re gonna get an eyeful. …

One other thought for the religious folks: If there’s any truth to the concept of reincarnation, and the planet is rendered uninhabitable due to climate change, pollution, etc. Does that mean that our souls are doomed too? If we can’t return to Earth to improve our souls, then we could be trapped in some sort of limbo state, and unable to complete the next journey…


If you break Mother Nature’s rules, even just once, she’s probably going to try to kill you dead. This has been the rule, for man and animal alike, since the dawn of time.

Yep! I’d say we are well and truly fucked.


Hey, easy now, a hell of a lot of us have been fighting to change the dynamic of greed and excess, including climate change, even before there was a name for it! “Your Generation” is as guilty as any for the place we find ourselves - many people from all generations either fought the power or became part of the problem - the system of big-money calling the shots and directing the future for their own gain was and is the problem.


There are many worlds… many dimensions.

However, there is no escaping the responsibility for sound stewardship of the world where one resides.

The problem is by no means attributable to all in equal measure.

Some people DO live in a responsible stewardship fashion. Others do not.

And those with enormous resources who do enormous harm have far more to answer for than the native merely eking out his or her daily survival.

This world, according to the Hopi, has gone through prior complete extinctions.

Another appears to be upon us.

Much of the damage goes back to both the European habit for war and empire-building (based on subjugation of Native Peoples AND resource depletion) and the ensuing industrial revolution.

Like the song goes, “We didn’t start the fire…”

According to Guy McPherson in his book, “Going Dark,” the full impact of CO2 and other poisons accumulated since the l980s has not yet impacted the global oceans and atmospheres. In other words, what he argues is that far higher temperatures are inevitable and already “baked into the cake.”

There are some sources who believe that after the Purification of this next extinction event which some are saying involves a Pole Shift (these have happened before in Earth’s history)… alien life–more advanced than our own–will assist survivors.

The Seed Bank in Iceland and certain underground genetic banks may come into play.


Trump?! Fuck Trump. He’s not in power. We’re talking about Obama, Steven Harper, Justin Trudeau, David Cameron, Tony Blair, etc. To be sure, if Trump gets into power, even worse, but the culprits so far are the ones who’ve actually taken action to promote climate change - and it’s those who are in power now or who have been for past generations.

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You are projecting the masculine god Mars onto Mother Earth.

Mother Earth is not about vengeance or punishment. Those are attributes of the punitive male gods…

She is about equalizing systems in order to secure homeostatic conditions for all life forms. And she, like all good mothers, is interested in educating her offspring. There is no better educational device than directly experiencing cause and effect.


To me this seems consistent with the predictions that we will reach 2C by around 2035 (without dramatic reductions in emissions). Since scientists aren’t certain about the exact sensitivity of the climate to greenhouse gas levels all predictions are somewhat guesses. James Hansen stated we have a climate emergency awhile ago. The reason for that is going much beyond 1C could trigger slow positive feedbacks causing methane and carbon dioxide to be released from permafrost and methane hydrates which would eventually add more than 1C to the global temperature. If there weren’t enough reasons not to vote for Donald Trump this is another reason to add to the long list.

Nothing makes the point better than this graph.

The blue line connects the dots that reflect the “monthly global temperature anomaly” - the difference between that month’s global temperature and the 20th century average global temperature.

The red line is the 12-month moving average.

The enormous jumps for Jan & Feb 2016 are just amazing.


I will agree that in the end, we’re all at the mercy of the corporations. Either way, the plan was always to stick the kids with all the cost, and all the effort of cleaning up this mess. And guess what? You talk to boomer for any length of time about climate change and they always say “I just don’t give a shit.” Try it, you’ll see. It’s the mantra of the boomers. There’s plenty of blame to go around, yes, but I point my middle finger up, not down.

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Will they?

Will the deniers finally face facts? Will the politicians still betray everyone else and sacrifice our children to the golden calf? Mammon uber alles?

Screw them all, I’m getting mine, is no way to run a civilization! So now we who have known and shown, who have talked and argued, urged and pleaded to the deaf ears of power and greed, we wait to see what will be done … NOW?

What now? Will the fools keep waiting till there is panic and rioting and wholesale mayhem in the streets? Do they think there will be orderly and reasonable behavior from people who will know that nothing was done but should have been these many years? Will those in power try to say they didn’t know? Will they promise us now that they will stop throwing snowballs as things fall apart? Will the fools resign for justice’s sake because they were wrong and their greed and willful ignorance has condemned us all and they don’t deserve to remain at their jobs.

These are the days to remember. The days ‘back when it was still normal’. Right now before what we still take for granted passes away forever… Try to remember what you see because your children will see pictures and films and ask what was it like. Look now at that amazing bounty that sustains us, at the sheer richness of our Earth’s biological diversity before the near future arrives like a hammer blow to take it away and leaving us what could only be called nature impoverished!

Real soon not at the ‘end of the century’. That was such a convenient figure that assured us that we had plenty of time and need not worry yet. An incorrect figure though. A figure we wanted to believe and literally forced others to believe it.

Real soon. Start thinking that way and suddenly like an evil spell has been broken and you look at melting glaciers and rivers of water pouring off Greenland’s ice cap and the North Pole literally melts away in front of our eyes and say What ever were we thinking that we didn’t realize?

The spell broken finally and now we can see how obvious it has been for a long, long time and we’ve refused to face it. That is why it is so scary! We have refused to see how long we have delayed, how much time has been wasted and how much faster it will happen to us than we were allowed to be told.

Ask yourselves and ask your legislators … Do they think it will be forgotten that those in power did not protect us but instead enriched themselves? I think that is unlikely that as people begin to realize that they have been lied to that they will be calm and not panic. I think our leaders should panic while yet we could do much to avoid the worst if we did it quickly.

I think we should all panic that NASA is wrong and the scientists are wrong because it may happen even faster than is only now being predicted. They have been wrong ( Hansen excepted) about how long climate change would take as this report shows. They did not predict this. They did not predict this rapid onslaught climate change!

They weren’t evil or uncaring but just that science was unable to do it. So keep that thought in your heads. They aren’t able to predict how fast it is happening.

When the spell is broken… It all seems so obvious that it is hard to believe that we didn’t see it before!

Someday it will be hard to explain how people didn’t think it was so bad even when they saw the North Pole’s ice cap melting away. Hell it is hard to believe that is true right now.

What if NASA is wrong…and it will keep happening faster and faster? What if the scientists missed that final tipping point and simply never noticed that it happened already? What if 2C happens in only a few years and not a few decades? Yeah well that gets pretty damn scary fast now don’t it?

What if our overly cautious scientists are wrong about how fast it will happen… Like they have been?



It’s a shame politics doesn’t have the 10 run mercy rule.


From the article:

'…Henson and Masters explain:

’ The real significance of the February record is in its departure from the seasonal norms that people, plants, animals, and the Earth system are accustomed to dealing with at a given time of year. Drawing from NASA’s graph of long-term temperature trends, if we add 0.2°C as a conservative estimate of the amount of human-produced warming that occurred between the late 1800s and 1951-1980, then the February result winds up at 1.55°C above average. If we use 0.4°C as a higher-end estimate, then February sits at 1.75°C above average. Either way, this result is a true shocker, and yet another reminder of the incessant long-term rise in global temperature resulting from human-produced greenhouse gases…’

Quite obviously, Hanson and Masters would never use the deprecated term “degrees Celsius” for temperature interval in a peer-reviewed paper, since the accepted term is the SI unit Kelvin (K), which has the exact same meaning. But they do indeed on their Website, which is lamentable.

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