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NASA Study Nails Fracking as Source of Massive Four Corners Methane 'Hot Spot'


NASA Study Nails Fracking as Source of Massive Four Corners Methane 'Hot Spot'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

A NASA study released on Monday confirms that a methane "hot spot" in the Four Corners region of the American southwest is directly related to leaks from natural gas extraction, processing, and distribution.


The EPA WILL,however, rearrange our proverbial deck chairs on our proverbial Titanic.


Well, there goes the neighborhood - and the planet.

A Hillary Clinton administration will continue fossil-fuel exploitation and fracking while paying lip-service to reining-in global warming - or attempting to!
Hillary sold fracking to the world as SOS and her continued servitude to that big-money influence and source of campaign-contribution bribes is demonstrated by appointment of Ken Salazar to head her “transition team”!

Salazar is responsible in large part for the Gulf oil spill for not mandating “Acoustic Switches” on all deep water well heads as Interior Sec, also responsible for increased oil leases in sensitive marine and land areas, the decimation of wild mustangs/horses and extermination of many other species in the west protecting “welfare ranchers” sweetheart leases of public lands.

I suspect Clinton will soon appoint someone from Goldman-Sachs or recycled Rubinite de-regulation “economists” to her “team”, along with the odious Ken Salazar - following closely in the footsteps of Billary and Obama!


Ah, cronyism and corruption, the gifts that keeps on giving…


Not to worry, I’m sure some gmo human/superhero who was born and raised downwind of Fukushima will put on a cape and save the day! Isn’t that how the superheroes get their super powers? From high doses of radiation? move along, move along…


" new methane standards under development by the Obama administration as being key to reducing these emissions,"

I can’t think of a good answer for this but here again is an illustration of the mismatch between the slowness that governments work and the urgency of the problem. This is true at all levels of government.


No mention of Bossie?


mitigating field-wide emissions will require the oil and gas industry to cut emissions from all sources, large and small,

The oil and gas industry don’t fracking care what is required of them, the next [political] puppets are lining up to take office and to continue the war on Americans.

“The only way to protect our communities from the risks of fracking, and stave off the worst impacts of climate change, is to keep fossil fuels in the ground.”

The best case scenario is for people to get their heads out of the ground first so we can “rise up” against these traitors and keep fossil fuels in the ground.

Washington D.C. has apparently colonized the moon and have an escape route from the inevitable retribution of Mother Nature.


Her supporters avoid all critical thinking and will follow her like lemmings over the cliff.


Vote ALL incumbents out of office 2016.


Seattle liberal----this is the essence of what drives me crazy about this election (and past ones)—how can seemingly intelligent people vote for someone who supports fracking and has shown ZERO signs that she will change her behaviors which are in lock step corporate america and the MIC?

I’m talking about the seemingly intelligent folks who have chosen to vote for HRC that are fully capable of looking at the sources of her funding (banks, fossil fuel industry, big pharma etc.). She WILL have to answer to these entities!

Is it that they are simply complacent, comfortable with their lives and don’t really care? Are they supreme masters of compartmentalization? Maybe they have trust funds set up for their children and think they can find a safe place on the planet from the ravages of human induced climate change and habitat destruction?

But it’s the environmentalists that really confound me: Robert Scribbler, Sierra Club, NRDC----those who genuinely care about the earth as a whole yet have endorsed HRC and focus on demonizing Trump.

I guess they still believe we have time to change the system from within.
They think we can hold her feet to the . . no, I can’t say it . . … suffice to say it rhymes with dire.

To me, that is a form of denial that is on par with the denial of anthropogenic climate change and has aided and abetted in bringing down life on the planet.

I’m with Common Dreams in their latest plea for funds:

At this moment, we are at the point of no return - and there are really just two paths left to choose between:

The Status Quo: Holding out hope that our governments and corporations will implement incremental changes that serve our best interests; or

Revolution: Building on the people-powered political revolution that will fight for transformative and systemic change.

Which path will you choose?

Con vs. Con by Chris Hedges:


Why do you make the assumption that the people voting for Hillary are “intelligent?”
All the evidence points in the exact opposite direction.
Is she better then Trump?
Most plants are better then Trump.

So it must be that her supporters are blindly voting for her for other then serious reasons.
Like she’ll be the first women president.


I wrote about anoxic events in my 2008 book, Awakening to World Disorder and Climate Realities, but my book was completely marginalized and nobody picked up on this vital information. I am relieved to see that it has finally gotten into the public forum. Actually, the anorexic problem was previously noted specifically in AR4 of the IPCC.
The concernI have with this post is that since 2008, the time I attempted to awaken people up for the Copenhagen Conference in 2009, climate change has definitely gone past the “point of no return”. Game is over now, so just be nice to everyone you meet.


I said SEEMINGLY and they are the ones I know who are, in fact, intelligent on many levels. Not making blanket statements about intelligence and all Clinton voters.


“But it’s the environmentalists that really confound me: Robert Scribbler, Sierra Club, NRDC----those who genuinely care about the earth as a whole yet have endorsed HRC and focus on demonizing Trump.”

Don’t you figure those “environmental” organizations you mention also get money from big polluters-- just enough to buy allegiance? The Sierra Club is notorious for endorsing candidates that support climate disasters. It’s gotta be about money on some level.


Yes tigress, I do figure that. Should have taken more time with my post and not lumped Robert in with those big green groups. I highly doubt he is funded by polluters!

Just got off the phone with Friends of the Earth. Called to see where they were at with endorsements-----they endorsed Sanders in the primaries and I was curious as to what they are going to do now.

They may or may not endorse HC. They may withhold endorsement.
They’ll come out with an announcement in the next 2 weeks.


Humans are on track for extinction. When we die off, a group of alien explorers will come to the Earth and find a plaque fixed to the back of a cave in the grand canyon. On it, it will read:

“The Earth. We could have saved it, but we were too damn cheap.”


Thanks for the referral to The Venus Project and The Zeitgeist Movement. I had not heard of them before, though I am working with a similar organization which calls itself Ecological Civilization. It is great to see what others have accomplished using these concepts.


I did not know about your book, unfortunately, though I did read “Under a Green Sky” in 2008 which was my first introduction to mass extinction events caused by various kinds of global warming. I agree with you that it appears that earth is preparing for a major redo of its life forms.


I will gladly send you a digital copy of my book if you send me an e-mail at emjaras@telus.net


I did, over a year ago, met with the deputy director of the New Mexico State Land Office. When I spoke out that there was likely not enough pipeline capacity for the gas and that was being flared off he said that the Land Office had no control. I stated that the goal of the Land Office was to maximize long term value to the state and not to do waste. This year I did an IPRA (Inspection of Public Records Act) request of the New Mexico Energy Minerals and Natural Resources Department (Truth I did work for them for 15 years so I did have a bit of info). I asked how many Oil and Gas Conservation Division Field Officials that they had for the entire state. Turns out very few to cover the tens of thousands of wellheads.
Worse yet, NO VIOLATIONS for illegal gas flaring have ever been issued. So this has likely been going on for decades, stealing the true house money and leaving New Mexico with nothing.

Now with over 50% of its population by the end of this year projected to be living below the poverty line. But not to worry, the Breaking Bad meth and Zombie Nation heroin trade is doing a great business while the military runs games for new nukes and delivery systems.

We will be left with the Hillary shills who vouched for private prisons and payday and title loans. We will be left with Intel and more going to China and Singapore because America’s on Sale!