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NASA: The Earth is Running Out of Water


NASA: The Earth is Running Out of Water

Lauren McCauley, staff writer


Who knew ?


Conservatives are on top of the overpopulation problem. They’re killing people off as fast as they can.


From the study’s abstract: “Current unsustainable groundwater use threatens the resilience of aquifer systems and their ability to provide a long-term water source.”

We are ignoring an urgent issue. We are allowing our bipartisan majority, (neocons + neolibs = bipartisan majority) prevent governance of our most distressed natural resources; we should be throwing them out of office and into jails for the treason of gross malfeasance in office.


We better check in with Wall Street and see what their big plan to handle this is:

Build growing armies of automobiles overseas and put one billion new Chinese and Indian peasants behind the wheel (since American Growth stopped years ago.)

Let’s run the Large Mammal Extinction Checklist shall we?

Drinking Water … destroyed.
Temperature … heading for 140 degrees in the shade.
Sea Level … eight inches higher and rising
Hurricanes… Strongest ever seen, even strengthening over land according to NOAA from saturated ground (one inch per hour) that sucks massive heat out then evaporates rapidly. Seen all over the world.
Nuke Plants … 40 years old and can’t survive a flood.
Floods … Happening in every country since so much heat is available for convective weather.
Fukushima … Triple meltdown and global contamination ongoing; killing everything in the Pacific.
Food … GMO destroys immune systems and causes cancer in lab rats.
World War … Spreading everywhere
Disease, bioweapons… Spreading everywhere, NASA/Langley’s weaponized Ebola and others on the loose
Media … Not covering any of this since owned by the Master of the Universe.


All of this is a hoax started by Al Gore and George Soros (source: Glenn Beck/Faux News). The big skygawd will magically meet us and the Lord in the air (or something like that, since that story was concocted before the Wright brothers back when flying in the sky was mysterious…)


Defenestrate them! Especially if their office is on one of the high executive floors!


“Your Emperorship, the people are crying because they have no water!”
“Let them drink seawater.”

  • (with apology to Marie A.)


i know, i’m a dope, but i keep thinking there must be some bigwigs in corporate boardrooms and management suites somewhere saying “Hey, i hate to bring this up, but did you ever think maybe our whole paradigm is flawed?”


Really? Are you talking about this planet Earth, or the one with the pink unicorns, because there is no science backing up what you just said.


There has to be an infinite supply of water because there is an infinite supply of people who want to have children. I mean, if there wasn’t an infinite supply of water, that would mean people would have to question having children, and that can’t possibly happen.


This article was published in The Guardian last year:

“Companies proclaim water the next oil in a rush to turn resources into profit”


Yet in many parts of the US and around the world, water sucking golf courses and resorts are being built without regard for any adjacent water table or water supply. Fracking is another gobbler of the world’s REAL gold. Insanity!


" Water, water, everywhere but not a drop to drink. " Desalinization is the iron pyrite of answers to solving this. Just ask the Saudis, who have tons of money to throw at this problem, and who know it’s too energy intensive ( they’ve got plenty of this ) and there’s no bang for your buck at all. Throwing money down a bottomless empty well, so to speak.


Although some of them seem intent on populating the world in their own image.

Yes, we have a distribution problem when it comes to food, water, air and land, and the issue of intentionally wasting food for marketing purposes, and general lack of consciousness.

But humans seem to be breeding even faster (by the Qivverful, if you will) than we are being slaughtered…except of course the blessed unborn who, by hook or by crook absolutely must be born, before being killed (or trained to kill) for god or country or democracy or or oil just simply target practice.


Yep, I do believe that is the plan …


The GOP is even more efficient at defunding birth control than they are at funding the killing machine.


Ha! Well, it’s okay to dream when asleep…


But we have I-Phones and large screen T.V. double cheeseburgers, Olympic size swimming pools, drones, twitter, personal watercraft, Cadillac cars, water slides, and plastics.


So, there are some places on Earth right now, that have quite a bit of water… like the north east?.. So, my thoughts are that those running out, will want a watery place to live… I think it may get crowded here after while…


" Oh Canada …"


My experience in the corporate, academic and government worlds confirmed that you don;t get to be a bigwig unless you have proven that you are into group think.