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NASA: World 'Locked Into' at Least 3 Feet of Sea Level Rise


NASA: World 'Locked Into' at Least 3 Feet of Sea Level Rise

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

New research underway indicates that at least three feet of global sea level rise is near certain, NASA scientists warned Wednesday.

That's the higher range of the 1 to 3 feet level of rise the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) gave in its 2013 assessment.

Sea levels have already risen 3 inches on average since 1992, with some areas experiencing as much as a 9-inch rise.


It’s not the 3 inches of sea level rise that ruins your day, it’s the 30 feet of category 5 storm surge that might show up as early as next week. Katrina had 38 feet of vertical storm surge and it came ashore as only a category 2 storm.


Sure, we can rebuild all of the ports and terminals on the water’s edge. It’s not going to cost that much, is it? Might have to rebuild a city or two too. What could go wrong? We’ll build them better than they were before.

A few billion per port, that’s going to be a lovely job program. Too bad they’ll have to raise taxes to pay for it. Now, who’s got the money? :slight_smile:

The Six Billion Dollar Port. Coming soon, to a formerly land locked region near you.


Who thinks that it will take a century or more? Certainly not Hansen. I’d ask for a show of hands but evidently people treading water need them to help keep their heads above the rising sea level. After years of spreading the doom and gloom of approaching climate change it is always shocking to me to see that that doom and gloom future has started to arrive. F’n Yikes!

It is getting to the point where I hate being right …

but even worse that … it is turning out that I was actually something of an optimist because we never thought it would get this bad so fast and now we see it is even worse than we ever expected.

The Non Fiction Science Fiction future… we aren’t going to like what we’ve done to ourselves.


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To answer your question-I don’t think it will even take 30 years, the rate things are happening. Here in central Florida from “just” a stalled front that gave us somewhat heavy, steady rains for about two weeks, we have had severe flooding as well as property and infrastructure damage. And that’s only from rain! Not from the effects of a storm surge pushing mega-tons of water up Tampa Bay, which is on average 18 feet deep. If we ever get a direct hit from a REAL storm, Tampa is a goner, as will be much of Florida’s coastal areas. Don’t feel bad about “being right all the time”, as I too feel that way when it comes to listening to real scientists!! I wish more people would


After more decades that I ever thought I would have (or probably even deserved) I have come to the one great truth in the universe!

Reality is annoying.


And leave the state while you can…


You know whenever I think about Florida, I cringe. I’m not kidding. Sooner or later Florida will get swamped by another big one. Had Katrina hit Florida what would have happened? There have been whoppers to hit Florida every few decades. It has to happen. It seems so f’n sad and scary what will happen to people. Luckily we have early warning and evac plans and people all know the drills but when it does happen Florida will never be the same.

Now think about that kind of storm hitting Florida when sea level have already risen a couple of feet?


You are quite right about that. Usually Americans pull together when catastrophe strikes (at least we did when we didn’t have incompetent frauds like Bush and his Good Job Brownie sycophants posturing and posing with Katrina.)


UBER seeking Water Taxi Drivers in Miami. Must have own pole/gondola.


I don’t really think of catastrophic climate change as causing human extinction. Not at all. We will cause innumerable other species to become extinct but not ourselves. What we will do is mess up God’s bountiful good Earth and pay a heavy price for doing so, but it wouldn’t be the end of us. Just the end of the good times. The end of the age of plenty and the beginning of the age of scarcity and a whole lot of misery but we will still live through it all.

The good news is that even if we really f’up real bad and turn the Earth into a desert wasteland, we are clever enough to recreate the Earth into at least an adequate habitat. I mean a lawn of crab grass isn’t the same as an old growth forest but it is better than bare concrete. That’s how I think of it. We turn the Earth into a catastrophe - a wasteland for most species, they’ll go extinct and we eventually get sick of living surrounded by bare dirt and city streets. We plant grass and some shade trees and call that nature. Just us and the roaches, the mice, the rats, thecats and dogs, (and f’n pigeons) and our edible domestic animals. No more Lions, Tigers and Bears Oh my. No way no more. Just us and our …farm like habitat.

The bounty will be gone but we will still be here… and will need to make the best of what we have left.


I kind of expect to miss the serious stuff. Not that i want to mind you… I’d be the guy walking behind the guy who is wearing the sign >>> The End Is Near

but my sign would read >>> Told Ya!

I seriously pity the young because most truly don’t realize how bad it will all get. It isn’t just catastrophic climate change…it is also the economic catastrophe that will accompany it. So much heavy duty stuff coming down year after year and people won’t be able to keep up with it or repair it all. Our economies will contract and well a lot of not great stuff will keep on happening on top of the climate change.

I pity the young

but human beings are adaptable so I kind of figure we will still end up being around no matter what.


I think the young are aware but Obama burned them the worst. They believed and he will go down in history as a shameful example of the phony politician. Now the young might believe again but only if Bernie makes the long run to the White House. They’d vote for him in droves but at the moment they are cynical about the rigged system and figure Bernie will get shafted and not get the nomination. Then what will they see? Every candidate will have taken oligarchy money and by hook or by crook - the one guy who didn’t take the pac money wasn’t allowed to run. The young will not believe again and that bodes more trouble than the powers that be expect. Like all power they always assume force is enough but they don’t have any experience with severe climate c\hange. The playing field will have new rules and force cannot force everybody. Especially here in America.

I hope destiny and fate will give our democracy and nature one slim chance to start making serious improvements while it yet isn’t too late. Bernie will restore the hope that Obama destroyed. If we can get even one term out of a real progressive president… the future stands a much better chance of not being so bleak.


Sea level rises more quickly in some places than in others:

Signs of Gulf Stream Slowdown — Sea Level More Than a Foot Higher off US East Coast


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Um, Come on Wereflea…I know you know better…
I don’t know why people say this… "“I don’t think Catastrophic Climate Change will cause human extinction.
Not at all. We will cause innumerable other species to become extinct but not ourselves.”

 So, the fact that we lose, maybe 2 billion.... or probably more like 5 billion...... is okay, as long as we do not cause our own complete extinction.... is that it?.... I mean .... sure, we can do some things to adapt... but, I am pretty sure it will be very nice... as a matter of fact, it's going to be hell on earth....


yep. Florida is already having sewage being backed up onto their streets. no big deal, apparently, to TPTB down there. As someone said, just build a shiny new city. yep. that’ll work.


yes. many don’t realize that climate chaos can mean more freezing in one place, sweltering drought in another.


Florida and Tampa deserve it. Florida keeps electing wingnut crooks and deniers like Scott and Bush before him. Enjoy your swim. Or treading water. Since Jeb has endorsed torture we can think of it as karmic waterboarding.