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Nashville, Rockford, and the New Age of Paranoia

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/02/nashville-rockford-and-new-age-paranoia

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Actually, there’s not much mystery to the AT&T bomber’s motive: He was obviously one of their customers.


I could think of a lot of other things to do on Christmas morning besides these actions. There are multiple ways of changing things before you get to completely destroying something.


Work with primates has shown that mental illness in individuals of a given community climbs as social disintegration occurs. The cult of the individual where everyone is told they are on there own, where the concept of community and society openly mocked and where it deemed “immoral” for a society to look after the needs of its fellow citizens has lead to social disintegration. You are seeing the results of the cult called “rugged individualism”.

If the only person one is supposed to care about is themself then you can never have a society that cares and when you have a society that does not care if people sleep on under bridges or children can not get enough to eat or where people blown up by the tens of thousands by the War machine because they live in Countries with resources some corporation wants , then incidents like this will happen ever more frequently.

We are all connected , and when an economic system, a Religious belief or a dogma works to sever those connections then we all suffer for it, some more than others. We just went through the Holiday season called Christmas and the person it a celebration for was supposed to have taught us this.


Then why are homeless people and other people without means not blowing stuff up? And what libertarians? I have to question the scope of your assertion with respect for social organization.

The homeless people form a community with one another. Just walk through one of those tent cities and you will see that. They also try and look out for one another.

You will notice they do not find their tents scattered all over a city. They congregate together.

Now there certainly exceptions as some turn to drugs and actions that are self destructive but I have protested homelessness alongside these people and they do care for one another. Question my assertions all you like , homo sapiens are social creatures. This has been long established by science.

This will be my last reply to you. As others have pointed out you argue just to argue.


Ok, I don’t disagree with you, I’m sure the Ultra wealthy have gatherings and care for one another too, and face similar pit falls, albeit with different pathways. Is this a good social organization?

Wasn’t it the late, (un)lamented Margaret Thatcher, who said something like there is no society - only individuals?


either that, or someone who decided that if they don’t get a phone call from their kids, then no one can.

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Indeed that was her. This was about time neo-liberalism started and the impetus for more social spending programs the world over all but ended and or were reversed. It has been downhill since.


please contribute SOMETHING OF VALUE–& not just being contrary & arguing against e3veryone here. What a waste of time–ours and yours, too

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Well Lydia, I do my best to argue against no one. Ideas, or contextualized ideas like politics is another matter. Is it possible we value different things? What do you consider of value from this news group discussion? I don’t see many posts from you so I am asking for additional information.

After thinking about this there are some exceptions.