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Nashville Says “No!” to Trump’s Health Care Con

Nashville Says “No!” to Trump’s Health Care Con

Andy Spears

President Trump came to Nashville to peddle the Republicans’ disastrous plan to cut health care for millions of Americans. Tennesseans responded to this con with a resounding, “No!”

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Good for you. This active opposition needs to happen everywhere. And it shouldn’t lead anyone to turn to the failed Democrats.


Yesterday a CD poster linked to an article that civil rights advocates might appreciate. " An Insider’s View: The Dark Rigidity of Fundamentalist Rural America" at alternet.

The narrative is one that you will never see in the MSM, the concise identification of the us vs them dynamics were distilled into a set of bullet points, copied here. Its a harsh reading but also provides a potential introspective sounding board that can be activated by replacing “they” with “we”. Again, not as condemnation but as instrument to start sifting through the sometimes invisible cultural boundaries imposed by sets of political, economic, social, class and other less than semi-transparent ‘walls’ already in effect.

Here are the honest truths that rural Christian white Americans don’t want to accept; until they accept these truths, nothing is going to change:
1.Their economic situation is largely the result of voting for supply-side economic policies that have been the largest redistribution of wealth from the bottom/middle to the top in U.S. history.

2.Immigrants haven’t taken their jobs. If all immigrants, legal or otherwise, were removed from the U.S., our economy would come to a screeching halt and food prices would soar.
3. Immigrants are not responsible for companies moving their plants overseas. The almost exclusively white business owners are responsible, because they care more about their shareholders (who are also mostly white) than about American workers.

  1. No one is coming for their guns. All that has been proposed during the entire Obama administration is having better background checks.

5.Gay people getting married is not a threat to their freedom to believe in whatever white god they want to. No one is going to make their church marry gays, have a gay pastor or accept gays for membership.

6.Women having access to birth control doesn’t affect their lives either, especially women they complain about being teenage single mothers.

7.Blacks are not “lazy moochers living off their hard-earned tax dollars” any more than many of their fellow rural neighbors. People in need are people in need. People who can’t find jobs because of their circumstances, a changing economy or outsourcing overseas belong to all races.
8. They get a tremendous amount of help from the government they complain does nothing for them. From the roads and utility grids they use to farm subsidies, crop insurance and commodities protections, they benefit greatly from government assistance. The Farm Bill is one of the largest financial expenditures by the U.S. government. Without government assistance, their lives would be considerably worse.

9.They get the largest share of Food Stamps, Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security.

10.They complain about globalization, yet line up like everyone else to get the latest Apple products. They have no problem buying foreign-made guns, scopes and hunting equipment. They don’t think twice about driving trucks whose engines were made in Canada, tires made in Japan, radios made in Korea, and computer parts made in Malaysia.
11. They use illicit drugs as much as any other group. But when other people do it is a “moral failing” and they should be severely punished, legally. When they do it, it is a “health crisis” that needs sympathy and attention.
12. When jobs dry up for whatever reason, they refuse to relocate but lecture the poor in places like Flint for staying in failing towns.

  1. They are quick to judge minorities for being “welfare moochers,” but don’t think twice about cashing their welfare checks every month.

  2. They complain about coastal liberals, but taxes from California and New York cover their farm subsidies, help maintain their highways and keep the hospitals in their sparsely populated rural areas open for business.

  3. They complain about “the little man being run out of business,” and then turn around and shop at big-box stores.
    They make sure outsiders are not welcome, deny businesses permits to build, then complain about businesses, plants opening up in less rural areas.

  4. Government has not done enough to help them in many cases, but their local and state governments are almost completely Republican and so are their representatives and senators. Instead of holding them accountable, they vote them into office over and over and over again.

  5. All the economic policies and ideas that could help rural America belong to the Democratic Party: raising the minimum wage, strengthening unions, spending on infrastructure, renewable energy growth, slowing down the damage done by climate change, and healthcare reform. All of these and more would really help a lot of rural white Americans.


Agree with you on your action point, disagree on the other. I went to my first progressive democratic club meeting last night–it was great. The main speaker was a lady from the local indivisible group who helped get out the word, and made local news, for the town hall events here. The club has opened its doors so that indivisible and other groups can use its facility for meetings. Apparently, the indivisible meeting was huge. Everyone recognizes it’s going to take a concerted effort to boot our tea party congressman out.

It was great to see good people trying to do good things.

Score another negative (in my long list of them over the years) for NPR’s coverage of this event. This morning it sounded as though this was a great meeting with enthusiastic supporters (a given, though I don’t recall a headcount) but totally failed to mention this counter meeting/protest. From NPR it sounded as if Nashville was all in with Trump, cheering him enthusiastically. They had a number of “actualities” (sound clips) of participants and they were nearly breathless. NPR has been putting its tail between its legs for the last 20-25 years at least but it has gotten much worse recently. Should be called Yes-SUR for Suck Up Radio.


Good points, 4thefuture, no need for them to be blunted by Dem Party apologists.

Thanks for excellent, informative Post.

Exactly, NPR uses Corporate Framing.

The only one that seems off is the “deny businesses permits to build”. I’ve never heard of that happening.

Excellent oldgoat!

people lack health insurance, they receive no primary care and no preventive medicine. When their problems become bad enough, the go as a last resort to the local emergency room. The ERs, being overwhelmed by the amount of uncompensated care that they give, shift the costs to the insured in the form of increased premiums, co-pays and deductibles. As these rise, more people and businesses drop out to send more people to the ED to shift more costs. That is why about 10 years ago the Institute of Medicine, the medical branch of the National Academies of Sciences, whose mission is to advise the Congress on science matters, said that the health care system is unsustainable in the 21st century. The solution, a publicly funded health care system analogous to Medicare for all Americans, like every other industrial nation on the planet. Even with the Affordable Care Act, there were still 27 million who had no insurance. That is why premiums were increasing so much. That is why the process will continue with Trumpcare.

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So right you are about the failed, corporatist Democrats. They are already trying to co-opt the Indivisible groups in my area.

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Rural white christian Americans, hypocrites the lot of them.