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Nasty Women Get Sh*t Done


Nasty Women Get Sh*t Done

Trump may have made an incoherent mockery of American democratic tradition by declaring the election only counts if he wins, but he also helped concoct this Halloween's hottest costume combo - Nasty Woman and Bad Hombre. Above all, he further mobilized already righteously enraged women with his wildly uninformed abortion rant and infamous "nasty woman" crack, which quickly sparked a flood of brilliant memes, perfumes, t-shirts - and the fervent vow that "Nasty women vote."


Wwoooww.... Good stuff... and love how they used Michonne.... That.. is one great character... love it... and ... she gets the man...


love this, getting my day started on a up note


Great, but who are these people? Please Abby, for those of us not into popular culture, inform us (Credit Where Credit's Due).


Here's help with one:



You have taken the low road and the Gatling-gun approach to vilifying your targeted candidate. And like all propaganda, much of it is specious and outright conjecture. Also, incorporating profanity weakens your assertions not unlike Cheeto man's throughout the campaign.


When did she do that?


IMHO Trump has tried to throw this election from the time Bill talked him into running.
Both Trump and Clinton disastrously underestimated the sheer number of rightwing wackjobs inhabiting this country. Trump cannot do or say anything that would turn these people away.
Trump has FAILED to throw this election. Even with the entire MSM and every pundit worldwide aligned against him, Trump is still in a statistical tie. Are we seeing a rise in anti-establishmentarianism?


HI Seattle watched your awesome public school teachers took a day to wear #Black Lives Matter at School shirtsand teach about instatutionized racism...good on them democracy now


What do you think a No-Fly Zone in Syria means? It means shooting down any planes flying over the zone except USA planes. Who else is flying over Syria? Russian planes.

In other words she wants to shoot down Russian planes. They have made it clear if the USA does this that they will fire back.


Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Trump was right. Hillary Clinton is a nasty woman.

But I guess that's sexist because he didn't call her a 'nasty person.'

I am so sick of all this feigned being offended by the Clinton campaign and all the poor deluded folk out there just taken in by the griff.

This woman is worse than nasty. She is a monster and a war monger and her being president will be a disaster. Trump would be rotten, but she'll be apocalyptic.

Vote Stein in 2016!


No it does not. It would need to be passed by the UN Security Council. Which includes Russia.


I'm a woman who doesn't see what the problem is with calling Killery a "nasty woman." She's a nasty human being who happens to be female, and the fastest way to say that is "nasty woman." It's demeaning to all that decent, hardworking women go through to pretend that calling her "nasty" is an insult to all women. She's a woman who gets a kick out of dropping bombs on women and babies in other countries. She's a woman who's flirting with the idea of war with Russia, "regime change." Those things are far beyond nasty, they're inhuman and far more dangerous than Trump's boorish, uninformed rhetoric, which I believe Congress and Americans could deal with. Preventing Clinton and her warmongering "advisors" like Henry Kissinger from starting a nuclear war may not be possible.


Don't hold your breath waiting for an answer from Seatower,
I'm still waiting for him to respond to my explanation of what he/she insulted me for last week.
Likes to drop bombs and run.