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Nation Mourns Tamir Rice Case as a 'Catastrophic and Pernicious Miscarriage of Justice'



Our police and their support organizations display a persistent reluctance or refusal to hold members of their police society responsible for crimes and bad behavior. The egregious miscarriages of justice associated with a small minority of police result in great damage to the reputation of all police. Unless there are steps toward implementing a system of independent prosecutors and a more just grand jury system, police must start policing themselves - stop protecting the few "bad" ones. No matter how difficult and dangerous their job, It's difficult to feel sorry for police when they allow their fellow police to commit acts that are so obviously wrong.


The police manufactured the murder of Tamir Rice when they drove to within feet of him and shooting him within one or two seconds! THAT was a criminal act and derelection of everything! The so-called "prosecutor" is complicit to the crime and murder by his actions to diminish and misrepresent the facts and actions of the killers! The "prosecutor" is an accessory to the murder of Tamir Rice an so many other "cops in suits" (prosecutors) are in their pre-meditated "mistakes" or ommissions before Grand Juries - they represent the police and killers, NOT the people and victims! ENOUGH!

When the people have finally had a bellyful of cowardly unnecessary killings and the intentional exoneration by "legal" means of cops trained to kill as their first response or the ordinary depraved killer-cop, there will be a reckoning that will benefit no one!






We have all heard of kangaroo courts and corrupt judges, but this verdict is beyond that! And is an insane miscarriage of justice!

What this pernicious miscarriage of justice does is give the police immunity from the cold blooded murder of an innocent 12 year old child and the travesty is the rogue cops now know they have carte blanche to murder more blacks at will because they will never be held accountable. Who is next?


We now we see why FDR didn't think allowing the police, prison guards and really anyone in this branch of our justice system, to be represented by a union. Whether it's the Teamsters or any other union; a total ban on them hiding behind superior rights afforded them by contracting with corrupt and/or cowardly political officials, elected or appointed. The entire system is now corrupted and equal justice under the law is derailed when the police and other law enforcement agencies investigate and punish their own members, with state granted inpunity. The larger issue remains; the ending of a " shoot first, shut up and suppress the evidence " legal stalling tactic used by every level of city, county and federal gov't and their sworn agents. Think Rahm and the Chicago P.D., here. But he is hardly the poster boy and may not be the worst of the rotten bunch. And, these tactics are used by our Corporatocracy, at home and abroad, to escape huge liability and criminal punishment for all sorts of nefarious things, as well. Which is no coincidence and is actually bragged about in elite circles as being a benefit of the capitalist, " unregulated free market " represented by our enemies on Wall Street and 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. We are all just grist for the 1%ers grinding wheel; manifested here, in the death cult which Tamir Rice found himself forced to play in. " No justice and no peace for the perceived " takers ", as usual. All hail the " makers ", however. So it goes and goes and goes......... until it's stopped.


Ku Klux Kops


Calling our justice system "justice" is like calling our defense department "defense". Both words have been corrupted beyond all belief.


1) The police exist primarily to protect the status quo. As such there can be no reasonable expectation that individual officers will be held accountable. All attempts to hold them accountable must therefore come from outside the existing system. Citizens' groups raising hell, marching, suing, posting videos, applying political pressure. Perhaps in time We The People can take control of the police.

2) In the southern civil rights movement of the 50s and 60s we were told the struggle would be easier to win in the South than in the North, because in the South blacks and whites routinely fraternized, whereas in the North the color divide was absolute. I found that difficult to believe at the time, but history has proven it to be true. Not that the South has turned into any sort of paradise of diversity, but look at the locations of these police killings of blacks - Chicago, NYC, Cleveland ..


That's what I said to my husband about this MURDER -- he should've taken a couple more seconds to really size-up the situation, but all he saw was a black kid [nothing but his color mattered]! My husband brought this up after the chi-town blueshirt killed McDonald in cold blood: all the cops we've ever known (my husband used to be one) have worn BULLET-PROOF VESTS; ergo, there is no cop anywhere in this country that is truly in fear for his life! Unless of course they are shot in the head, but that's really not a big deal b/c the cops I see in this country don't have a brain up there anyway!


The biggest tragedy in all of this is that no one is calling for a complete over haul of how cops are hired. Generally the people who conduct interviews for the police confuse "trigger happy" with being courageous. Real cops don't need guns (But should have them nearby if the situation calls for it) but rather excellent social skills necessary to defuse a situation. Too many cops that are hired are racist, insecure and dying for the chance to power trip. Even white folks see it when they're pulled over for a traffic violation or are determined by the officer to be "white trash". Instead education, social skills, critical thinking skills, a second language and other useful attributes are ignored as long as the police applicant has never smoked pot, shows a willingness to shoot a weapon and promises to never question orders no matter how heinous the order may be.
Of course not all cops are like this, but far too many are. Until civilian review boards are set up with the power to strip unsuitable police officers of their authority are in place, nothing will change.


Justice system is an oxymoron for morons! Likewise, the defense department should really be called what it is: THE OFFENSIVE WAR AND MURDER DEPARTMENT.


So true. Cops have always been a problem in the US. In the old wild west, if you read the history, there were a bunch of lynchings, done by "citizens". The greatest majority of these murders involved hanging sheriffs and other "law enforcement" folks. The usual issue was long rights. For example, much like the Indians, the early settlers did not really get much into surveying. It was easy for some other person to claim property, and then get the Sheriff to enforce the law", stealing the land. Times really have not changed that much. Certainly we need a new concept of policing. Each time I go to Japan I see a workable system. There are small offices, every block or two, where there is a cop working, working a shift that keeps those offices open 24 hr/day. The police live where they work. The police has other tasks like visiting every dwelling on their beat, at least once a year. They search for vermin, for fire hazards, for bad plumbing, for elevators that don't work. These cops are the ones you go to when you have a problem, and they are trained to protect and serve. They may have a bike, not a car. These cops know who lives on their beat. To the best of ability, cops should be assigned beats that cover places where they were raised.
We should never expect much from a District Attorney's Grand Jury. These hearings do take up lots of time and effort. However there is just one opinion, only one side presents what passes for evidence. The "verdict" judges on the ability for the DA to get a guilty verdict. Clearly, when cops are licensed to kill, there really is not much to consider, is there. I think we need to start over. For one thing, every cop who kills anyone for any reason should be immediately screened for drugs. Drugs are pretty rampant among law enforcement types, so access is simple. Obviously, a cop who is high when on duty should be instantly dismissed. The rest of the problem is not simple. The Nation is awash in guns. The country of Australia, arguably far more sane than the US, recently had a buy-back program for hand guns and long guns. Anybody could bring a "piece" and get cash for it, no questions asked. Bring in the gun, leave with cash. That program cost the Australian government a couple of billion of dollars, but got very many guns out of circulation. If you pay $100 gun, one billion gets ten million guns removed from society. Other countries are taking positive action. Meanwhile, every day about 109 Americans are shot and killed. This is 39,785 people each year, dead. Some murders, some accidents, some idiocy. Obviously shooting one kid is horrid. But what can you cay about killing 40,000 people. Seems like guns are doing very little to make us safe.


I often wonder how many new hires on police forces have served in the military in our supposed "war on terror". It is a pretty scary thought, don't you think?


I have read different studies, but the percentage of policemen hired since 9/11 that were ex military lies somewhere between 70 and 80%. And by most estimates a full one third of gulf war veterans suffer from some form of PTSD so that tells you that our modern cops are a violent unhinged breed.
There's an awful lot of cops out there that were trained to keep shooting until the clip is empty or the "enemy" stops moving.
And of course there is also the problem that steroid use seems rampant among police officers as well.


This is the formula prosecutors use to get cops off for murder:1- release positive information about the officers involved to the media. 2-Attack the characters of any person even a child killed, portray the victims as worthless. 3-Remind the public the a video of the incident does not tell the whole story, Don't believe what your eyes see. 4- release more heroic information about the officers involved. 5- Always blame the victims for there own death, subject did not follow orders, he was reaching for his waist band and the favorite I thought he had a gun. Qualified Immunity Indefinite paid vacations courtesy of the taxpayers. The police have special privileges to kill anybody for any reason and not be held accountable, they are above the laws of the united states.
Over one billion dollars paid out for police murders and other crimes.


Trashing one more of our constitutional rights is not going to solve any problrems.

The beauty of the second amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it. Thomas Jefferson


A couple of things....
First, it does not matter at all whether Tamir was simply holding his pellet gun, or aiming it at anything.
The fact is that it shouldn't have mattered even if he had a FULLY loaded AK-47, since we all know that
it is now routine for white men and teens to carry a firearm, even in states with no legal "open carry"
policy (talk about lunacy). Do these white people carrying firearms in parks, on the streets, get killed
in seconds, on being spotted by local police? They do not. Do they get arrested? They do not. They
hardly even get approached by police, our so-called protectors of the community.

Also, where are college/university students in all this and other actions? In the sixties, such students
were some of the best primary drivers of activism: Civil Rights and desegregation, Vietnam War protests,
and much more. We need to find ways to involve them, even though the powers that be have neutralized
their tremendous political potential energy for change, by ending the draft decades ago.


I gave you an up-vote, but calling these abominations "pigs" is an insult to all porkers on the planet.
I have never heard of a pig murdering anybody, guilty or innocent.


I have much the same feelings Golestan. The depravity of the crimes by killer cops against citizens is out of all control and training is to blame beside individual murderers. Prosecutors act to protect cops NOT for justice or citizens!

Police of good conscience and the top brass must change utterly the mindset of us against them, and training to kill as the first and only response in far too many cases. The failure to bring such change brings disgrace and complicity on good cops and good policing.