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Nation "Too Broke" for Universal Healthcare to Spend $406 Billion More on F-35


Nation "Too Broke" for Universal Healthcare to Spend $406 Billion More on F-35

Jon Queally, staff writer

The nation's most expensive weapons program isn't done showing U.S. taxpayers how much it will ultimately cost them, with Bloomberg reporting Monday that the F-35 fighter jet budget is now predicted to jump by a cool $27 billion.


I AM angry---but not surprised. This country is not "broke," but broken.


Reminds me of my professional life as a teacher. Every year an administrator would tell us, "We'd like to help you, people, but there's Just. No. Money." Then they'd re-carpet the offices and add air conditioning, plus raises all around for administrators.


Isn't this Bernie Sander's favorite weapons system?


Yeppers -- Vermont builds them ... and now we know why he has shut up again about Medicare for All. What an outstanding president he would have been -- maybe there was no blackmail at all to get him to capitulate to the harridan, his fellow senators probably just told him they'd find a way to get his state more money for the F[ucking]-35s!


"The U.S. bombing campaign in Iraq and Syria is now the heaviest since the bombing of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos in the 1960s-70s, with 84,000 bombs and missiles dropped between 2014 and the end of May 2017. That is nearly triple the 29,200 bombs and missiles dropped on Iraq in the “Shock and Awe” campaign of 2003."


15 years of war and shock and awe and the terror has grown exponentially and we are less secure, we even have to ban people and build a wall we are so afraid. War and moab bombs have only made everything worse. The success of radical fundamentalism in the world today is due to the failure of democracy to live up to the noble ideals and principles inherent in its system. Why are we doubling done once again on failure. Stripping 54 billion from spending on all things human and environmental to give to the military so it can crush humanity and destroy the environment worldwide is satanic. Making bank off of war and death is now as American pastime as baseball – and just as media friendly


If you look at our system closely you will discover, that THE top priority is sending people to their graves.
You can do that by preventing people to get health care as well as by taking the taxes of those of us who are still breathing to make killer machines to sell for or donate for profit for the .1%. so that they can sow death and destruction all around the globe.

If you can both in one swipe, so much the better.


The American Way: pay billion$$$ on weapons meant to TAKE lives while withholding and/or eliminating funding for LIFE SAVING programs like Medicaid, Medicare, and soon-to-be-targeted-AGAIN, Social Security; ending Heating subsidies for the poor and elderly, and the list goes on and on ad infinitum. This project is a boondoggle and as the saying goes, "It will never fly" nor go beyond the testing stages...so the money can continue to flow into the pockets of the MIC and in this case, Lockheed-Martin. People seem to be considered the "fly in the ointment" by the members of Congress, the Executive, and SCOTUS...toss them aside to be ignored or to wither away so these powers-that-be can continue to profit from the MIC from lobbying perqs to stock portfolios loaded with shares of the members of the MIC.


Except that Bernie has NEVER shut up about Medicare for All. Yesterday Bernie held rallies for Trump supporters in W. Virginia and Kentucky, explaining how repealing Obamacare would affect them and their families. At the Kentucky rally, Bernie announced that he will be introducing a Medicare for All Bill in the Senate when the Repub bill to eliminate Obamacare has been defeated. Bernie has never stopped saying that we need singlepayer.

Bernie explained that we need singlepayer (Medicare for All), and while we are trying to get Medicare for All passed, we need to keep Obamacare in place, inadequate though it is. Because if Obamacare is repealed, millions of Americans will lose their access to healthcare and to the services that are now provided through Obamacare and expanded Medicaid.

Bernie is doing his very best every day to improve the conditions of life for most of us in the U.S. But he's not a magician or the Messiah; he is ONE senator, and there are 99 other senators, all of whom are opportunists. Bernie is working 24/7 to wake enough voters to get progressives elected in 2018; without votes in Congress, Bernie can't get Medicare for All passed.


This is a similar story to the bottomless pit of the vertical takeoff aircraft V-22 osprey that Boeing has been bilking the gov for for ages ,, the troops i knew that flew in it were scared shitless ,, because of its terrible flight record .. so they will pay for another "upgraded version" while still risking the lives of those passengers ,,, evidently the pres has one ,, maybe he should use it more often https://www.wired.com/2011/10/son-of-osprey/ and much much more ,,, our tax dollars at work


No, the F-35 is not Bernie's "favorite weapons system." As Bernie said in answer to a question about the F-35, the decision about whether to buy the F-35 was not Bernie's decision, and it has been made. What Bernie decided is that he'd rather have the F-35 manufactured in VT than in FL, because people in VT need the jobs.

Watch Bernie's answer here:


Actually biomass is not the problem the questioner believes. Trees are in the surface carbon system. It is fossil carbon being added to the surface system that is the far greater problem. Also, rather than a biomass problem, a bigger problem in the surface carbon problem is the use of pesticides by industrial agriculture that inhibits the ability of the surface soils to absorb carbon. Deforestation of the Amazon for cattle production and clearing of the Indonesian rainforest for palm oil plantations which kill rich carbon sinks are also greater problems.


Cool non sequitur.

I just bet Sanders' bloated bank account is overflowing with Lockheed Martin 'donations'.


Wow, that's some great lengths you will go to to give Sanders a pass on this. If he had any integrity he would refuse the blood money from this boondoggle for his constituents. But as his voting record shows, despite his vote against the Iraq war, he has voted for every funding bill for that war as well as Afghanistan, and he supports pretty much every defense funding bill that comes across his desk.


Now I know what my next sign at the peace vigil will be here in Vermont: "No Money For Healthcare But $406 Billion More For F-35??".


Thank Heavens we have another hole to throw money down! Where would we be without Lockheed Martin!


It's not Liberals who are saying that Single Payer is impossible. The problem is the Corporate Dems, aka Third Way/New Dems, who are standing in the way along with their Corporate GOP cohorts. And that's why so many are confused about what Liberalism is. Many wrongly believe that Democrat = Liberal so when the corporate Dems do something that benefits the 1%, it's used against the Progressive/Liberal wing of the Democratic Party too. The Third Way/New Dems are Fiscally Conservative and Socially liberal (Small L). They work for Wall Street, not Main Street...


Lots of Blood $ for World-wide terrorist acts by imperialist amerika; and, very little to care for its own people!
The empire is evil to the core!


This won't stop until We stop voting for incumbents.