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Nation "Too Broke" for Universal Healthcare to Spend $406 Billion More on F-35


No one needs to inquire about your gist.


Although the establishment candidate received almost 3 million more votes than Donald Trump. Donald Trump was a loser, he was bailed out by the out-of-date electoral college. Hillary Clinton was the winner but not in that strange place called the electoral college where the votes in smaller states count much more than the votes in larger states. The same place that Al Gore lost to George W, Bush even though Gore got almost a half million more votes. Without the electoral college there would not have been an Iraq war. Never stop reminding people that Trump did not get a majority of the votes. That matters. That is why he formed this faux commission to try to substantiate that Clinton received millions of illegal votes. His last chance not be the loser. But I am glad to see the ACLU is trying to stop this attempt by Trump to emerge as the winner. Clearly this bugs Trump that he lost the popular vote to Clinton. He can't put it to rest.


A living wage isn't, or shouldn't be, a federal budget issue. It would actually generate revenue and economic activity generally. And help pay for infrastructure, healthcare, education.... The fight for a living wage needs to move in step with the fight for healthcare.


Yes, he is. But he doesn't walk on water.


Slavery too.


The F35 is a 70 year project? That is a joke.


He was never much different from Clinton on foreign policy. He voted for the endless, boundless war. The AUMF that still undergirds our supposed anti terrorism adventures.


Yep sounds about right, rail failing, hiways failing, bridges scary, the fall in Amerika is Sad, Then there Fcc and Fia third world countries Amerika will be stopping by while move 4th world.

Yes bernie loves his weapons or failure


Holy Macro, Mr Doyle. Tell us more!


Please resubmit in original language. We'll get our own translation.


The popular vote win must be a nice consolation prize for you establishment Dems.

However, Donald Trump is president and your queen is still intent helping to keep your moribund party in the political wilderness. Where it belongs:


O ye of little faith - and lesser common sense.....who are the leaders out there? Sure, its up to "us" to be active, fight and demand change, - to get our bodies out into the streets, but we are fighting a hydra of many heads and true evil...
Then there are the bash Sanders shills for...for what? They never say what they advocate except some fantasy BS! The Sanders bashers are serving something though and as far as I can see it is not for real achievable change or building any winning coalition of people or supporting any stated direction......they thrive on divisive blather and accusations.


So, what's changed? A blip in the twentieth century, that's about it. We started with: Slaughtering Native Americans for their land. Then slaughtering imported Africans for their labor. Later, slaughtering everyone (but especially women and children) during the industrial revolution, which segued into the Gilded Age, which segued into WWI then II. The Unites States is one big killing field. The problem is they tell people it's not. It is violence ground zero. Never kid yourselves otherwise.


I like how you incorporated the F-35 at the end.

That's precious Ann.


Lrx, Will 'you' ever put it to rest?

Hillary lost, for the second time, and Donnie won.
It appears he cheated better. The parties of the Duopoly always cheat. They cheat the American people of a representative government. I'll never understand how anyone votes for either of these two morally and ethically corrupt political parties. Then, eight months after the election, these same people are still defending their choices.

Very sad indeed.


As you defend and advocate for yours. Are you the hall monitor?


Yeah, 66,000,000 votes does afford some comfort. If we are all in the political wilderness,where are you? You seem rather pleased with the result.


What? Hall monitor?

Speak English!


It' a matter of economics 101:
- If you give the Donald and ilk a Dollar, they will add it to their hoard where it fizzles out and at best drives up the price of some investment.
- If you give a Dollar to poor and needy persons, they will immediately carry it to the baker, who will carry it to the butcher, - to the cobbler and so on and so on.
This is how economic activity will be created, which in the end also will benefit the corporations and the country as a whole.


This news just demonstrates how much of a fraud the US government is and how everything in this world revolves around money and power.