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Nation "Too Broke" for Universal Healthcare to Spend $406 Billion More on F-35


Well, this boondoggle continues to grow more expensive every day. Even the pilots don't like it much. Military procurement contracts are insane. ( remember the $ 1800 hammer from the 80's?)


The Federal government is the only one that can create money out of thin air so it's the only one that can take care of all of the people in need. Passing this down to States, Counties, and Cities that can't create money limits the amount of money that they can spend on those in need. It's difficult getting people to pay more in property and sales taxes so that they can take care of the needy. The Federal government doesn't have that restriction though since there is no limit to the amount of money that it can create. Anyone who tells you that the Federal government is going broke either doesn't know anything about our monetary system or they're lying for political reasons. The Federal government is the only government entity that has all the necessary financial resources to help everyone in need. If the politicians choose not to help people, it's not because we don't have enough money to do it. It's because they don't want to help those people...


Yes, the US can create money out of thin air. WE have a Fiat Currency, not a currency based on finite resources such as gold, silver, lead, or dirt. There is absolutely no limit to the amount of money our Federal government can create. WE do control how much we create to avoid unchecked inflation or deflation. But if we really wanted to, we could create 20 one trillion $$$ coins tomorrow, pay off all of our debt, then destroy the coins. If you believe that the US can go bankrupt, then you would have to believe that their is a ceiling on the amount of currency that can be created, which I would hope you could share...

Almost the entire world ties their currencies to the US$ so it is in their best interests to keep us healthy. If we catch a cold, they catch pneumonia. If our currency became worthless, the entire world would go into a deep depression...

In the early 70s, I earned $1.60/hour. I ordered a brand new fully loaded Roadrunner for $4900. Today, you would be hardpressed to find a decent used car for that price. The value of the US$ has changed greatly since I ordered that car, yet few people even notice...


The objective is not to save money or to get the pilots to like the plane or even to get the damn thing finished and in the air.
The real objective is top use it to funnel our tax dollars to the corporations and into the pockets of their owners.
And that is succeeding spectacularly.


The popular vote margin for Clinton is more than a consolation prize. It affects what Trump can do. He was elected with a minority vote. That means he doesn't represent the majority. That matters. I think Trump feels he lost the election. Which in a sense he did as he won on a fluke somehow losing the popular vote by a much greater margin than anyone who lost the popular vote but still managed to win in the electoral college. People should not dismiss Clinton as simply a loser. She defeated Sanders by about 4 million votes and got almost 3 million more than Trump. It would be stupid to simply dismiss the appeal she had to many voters. The numbers do not say that the voters rejected her. I think we should try to understand what appeal Clinton had to some voters and why others did not like her. She seemed to be very popular at the Democratic convention which was a very successful convention compared with the Republican convention. That is something to consider. There are a lot of decisions to be made going into 2018. There clearly are no simple answers for the Democrats.


The US has always chosen its Presidents using the Electoral College. WE knew that before the election and nothing has changed afterwards. No matter how often you stomp your feet and scream, neither Party is going to eliminate the Electoral College. It would require a Constitutional Amendment and bipartisan support. Since one Party will always benefit from the EC, there is never going to be bipartisan support for a Constitutional Amendment to dismantle the EC and switch to the Popular Vote...

Hillary lost because she ignored the reliably Blue Rust Belt States. Hillary was a lousy candidate in 2008 and again in 2016. No matter what, it wasn't "Her Turn". The Democratic Party made a huge mistake nominating her in the most important election in our lifetimes and we're paying a huge price because of it. Hillary was the only candidate who could lose to a the KKKlown because she had way too much negative baggage to overcome...


As soon as the rest of the population of the United States realizes what you just stated here as truth, this country can then begin to purge this legalized Corruption and install a truly representative government.


That well is about to dry up, as 1/3 rd of the international trade is already bypassing the USD and being conducted in direct currency exchange. Now mostly between Russia, China, Iran and various developing nations in Asia and South America. Notably even Canada has a direct exchange agreement with China.
But if you look at the membership of the China initiated AIIB, you wonder, when the dyke will break and the Greenback will be completely sidelined.


So let's see. Trump won by a fluke.

And the House was lost in 2010 by a fluke.
And the Senate by another fluke.
And your party holds the fewest seats in state government since 1920 by yet another fluke.

Trump is running roughshod because it was her turn to be a fluke.

Stay the course Democrats. By some weird fluke, you'll soon cease to exist.


Tank, Some find it hard to accept defeat and refuse to accept clear and simple truths about the politicians they support.

I hate to say 'you're wasting your time' with these individuals, however, I believe that you may be.


Trump's America First policies will certainly turn the world against us. But it's unlikely that the world will disconnect from the US$ any time soon since it would be overly disruptive for the global economy. When Nixon pulled the US from a gold backed system, it sent shock-waves throughout our economic system. It took nearly a decade for everything to calm back down. On a global scale, it could take many decades for the shock-waves to subside once the world disconnected from the US$. The world just wouldn't tolerate that much of a shock for that long...


PB, you speak words of wisdom: I don't think Lrx is convinceable on any level, but I respect his/her civility.

That said, a little jousting might just win a convert or two to the 'there is an alternative to the Ds' camp.

I'm not going to give up on that crazy dream. Because it's looking less crazy every day.


The Democrats are having problems at the state level. That led to the gerrymandering that gave the Republicans control of the House. The Senate is divided almost evenly. I think the problems that the Democrats are having is mainly due to racism. In metropolitan areas where racism is the least the Democrats do very well. In more rural areas where there is most racism the Democrats are not doing well. The problem that the Democrats have with racism can be traced all the way back to the 1960s when Lyndon Johnson signed civil rights legislation but it probably now has much more to do with Barack Obama being elected president in 2008. There has been a tremendous backlash because of the election of a black president. Trump supporters want him to reverse everything Obama achieved. While his supporters can't wipe out the fact that America had a black president they are trying to do next best thing and erase his accomplishments. I think the Democrats need to keep trying to convince people that we will all be better off if we are tolerant to people from all races and ethnic groups but that is a tough sell in many places. The bad news for the Democrats is that there are no easy answers in a country with this much racism and an opposing party willing to exploit it. The good news is that the Republicans are coming across as being so mean that there may be enough people willing to give up on them and vote for a party with programs to actually help people who need help.


I love these lines and want to use them. Hope you don't mind.


How much do you understand about it already? Try this as an intro. [Videos and YouTubes don't download];


Nixon converted the Dollar from gold into the Petro Dollar by allying with Saudi Arabia and getting their commitment to only accept payments in USD in exchange for protection. That created a domino effect with all oil (and other) transaction subsequently paid in USD. That reestablished the stability and the value of the Greenback, but it took time and there was no alternative in sight. This time it is different with the Yuan lurking in the background, China has a lesser GDP than we but is much more liquid and therefore a more powerful force in international economics.
The phasing out of the USD as the Reserve Currency is more comparable with the take-over by the USD from the GBP at the end of WWII, only that this time China has no ambition to take over that load, but advocates using a basket of currencies as valuation benchmark.
And that is mostly shocking to the USD, which would lose value with a lot of them floating around as a result of overprinting.
The only reason, that this has not happened yet is, that China has a mountain of USDs and would lose a bundle in the process


Actually no. They plan to use them until 2080.

The venerable B52 has been in use since 1955. Here we are 60 years later.


Time to OUT the principals behind our weapons systems. The NYT does a great job of propaganda for the MIC. Why does anyone not know that 911 was a govt op to ensure MIC profits for the next 100 years. Who benefits?Not the average dodo in the 99%. Keep singing God bless America at ballgames while the bandits loot the treasury.


"Always been that way", yeah, but from my point of view its snowballing."

I think back to other empires that overextended themselves militarily. Hmm, there's Napoleon. His escapades got stopped by France itself. There's Rome. Seems like Nero thought he could stop fighting for a bit and enjoy life, play a tune on the fiddle. Hitler? Wanted everyone for his enemy. Fail! China went from extrovert to introvert in the 1400's and survived, thanks to God, who sent an omen in the form of lightning that burn down the royal palace with the emperor's favorite wife inside. Alexander's Greece? Never to appear again beyond a tiny quiet country. Atatürk? Persia? The Moguls? A lot of those old greats let the offspring handle their kingdoms...Hmm Sounds kinda familiar... And then talk about in-family, Poor Cleopatra, being stuck with her brother in the kingdom...Hmm...

You know , old HGWells thought he had proved that regimes can't last beyond 250 years. We hope there's a path beyond that.


The F-35, the fighter which killed more people in their (sick) beds (at home) than "warriors" in action.