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Nation "Too Broke" for Universal Healthcare to Spend $406 Billion More on F-35


Hello lamonet7, Just how many military projects last for 70 years? The 70 year bullshit was to bring down the cost on a per year basis!!!!!!!!! I doubt that you could comprehend what DDE meant (I'm paraphrasing) guns v butter!!!!


Troll-like comment.


Hello lamonte7, That is the exception to the rule. Back in the days when the B52 was built it was overbuilt! Now we barely build anything to last more than a decade or two as the contractors want more profits and don't really give a shit about the things that they build!!!!!!!!


That's a pretty low, disingenuous blow, Lrx. The production of the F-35 has been cleverly distributed across many states, including Vermont, making it hard to kill by many politicians because of the widespread loss of jobs.


That's it, in a nutshell!


Perfect insight.


Why should education,health care and "the rest of the stuff" be left to the states? Shouldn't it be left to the counties? Or even better, leave it to the neighborhood watch program! Huh?

So, then who pays for the interstate infrastructure? There's a whole lot of problems with how you think things should be.


So the idea is, we need to use our treasury to build destructive and useless killing machines, the projects can be riddled with waste and fraud, all in the name of creating jobs? Really? Think about what you are saying. Politicians like Sanders, who claim to be progressives, should work instead to divert these funds to projects that actually help humanity AND create jobs. Instead, as Sanders has done, they sell out to the MIC. It's the old "waste and fraud are terrible, unless of course they provide jobs for my constituents so I can get reelected." If that hypocrisy isn't clear, then we need to open our eyes a little wider and think beyond the status quo.


You're right, SkepticTank, ignore the DNC Damage Control.


The backlash against Johnson's Great Society legislation of the 60s that your party achieved huge congressional majorities and a black president just nine years ago.

Then they squandered their opportunity with neoliberal policies. And more people left your party, just as they'd been doing for decades. Decades marked by Dems never having faith in anything except Ronald Reagan's ghost.

Speaking of exploiting racism, who attacked Sista Soulja and super predators? Who ended welfare as we knew it? Who filled our prisons to the brim? Who stood for hard working white people in 2008?

A large component of your party's all-important minority vote stayed home in 2016, in case you hadn't noticed. But don't worry about them, because: “For every blue-collar Democrat we lose in western Pennsylvania, we will pick up two moderate Republicans in the suburbs in Philadelphia, and you can repeat that in Ohio and Illinois and Wisconsin.”

So who is the D-party base? Moderates in the suburbs or the crumbling working class across all races?


Of course Trump won the election but it still matters that Clinton got almost 3 million more votes. If it didn't matter Trump would not be obsessed at trying to change the popular vote outcome. He first claimed Clinton got millions of illegal votes and now has formed a commission whose main mission seems to be to come up with these illegal votes even though all studies show voter fraud to be almost nonexistent in the US. The claim of voter fraud is basically another part of the racism that now dominates the Republican Party. I agree with Bernie Sander's view that the Democrats are far, far better than the Republicans. I don't know how you cannot see that voting for Democrats in almost all instances is better than voting for Republicans. At least if one's views are liberal and not conservative. Anyone who voted for Hillary Clinton in the general election can easily defend that choice. Trump is a fascist, a racist, misogynist, etc. He is lost when it comes to foreign policy. He is trying to gut just about every federal government regulation he can find. He wants the rich to have a tax cut that would be greater than the Reagan tax cut. He wants to increase military spending for no obvious reason. He has not given up his businesses and is using the presidency for own personal financial gain. He may have colluded with Russia to influence the election. He is a climate denier and wants to increase the use of fossil fuels. And the list goes on.


ST, Good question, "Who is the Democratic Party base?"

I can only speak for myself but I was a part of it for over 30 years until 2003 when the NeoLiberals in the party agreed to give W his dirty little war and they turned our Military into murderers all because of Trumped up lies.

That was my "Come to my Senses" moment. And to think, I was majorly invested in the Vietnam Antiwar Protests for the 5 years leading up to it's end.

I am so ashamed of myself for being so blind for so long.

Many others most likely have a story similar to mine and just stay in the party because joining the Democrat Party was one of the first adult decisions they made, and to admit to themselves decades later, that they have voted for corrupt corporate politicians that have used their vote to go on and support Endless Wars, Death and Human Suffering of innocents all over the world, and the maintenance of a Murderous Empire which is literally killing us financially, economically, and environmentally.

Yeah, I was part of that 'base', and I will never be proud of it. Just the opposite.

That door closed, and another one opened for me.

A "Green" door to be exact.

People, Planet, and Peace over Profit!

I found a way to make things right, and I'm sticking to it.


Get over it. Sticks and Stones ring a bell?

Face it, your party is a "War" party, pure and simple.

Are you willing to spend the rest of your life justifying your support for a party that believes more in supporting corporations that profit from misery than peace and equality for all?

I may be a dreamer but there are many just like me that believe in making dreams come true.


This article was obviously not proofread before publishing. The grammatical errors were so bad I couldn't go through w/ reading it. The subtitle/description had so many errors that it boggled my mind. Get an editor or at least learn Elementary level English grammar...


Helen: Well-illustrated, thanks.
"Snowballing." Yes, that too.


Universal health care was never in the constitutional framework of our country.
Defense of the nation however is. Do you get it now.....Why should the taxpayer have to pay for everyone else's insurance?


Not only teachers and education...I called my VDOT office to report a dangerous road that has longitudinal cracks large enough to swallow my bicycle tire and kill me and I got the same story...no money...so sorry...watch where you are going and m..a..y..b..e..we will get to it by the end of next year. Nice.


My last response to you, Lrx:

If you spent as much time trying to help your party figure out that they:

Abandoned their traditional, working class base
Ran against Trump/Republicans instead of offering their own reform-minded policies
Rely on every excuse in the book (Russia!) to explain their epic electoral losing streak
Place their corporate puppetmaster's donations above all other considerations, and thus,
Would rather lose with establishment candidates than win with actual liberals...

You might be accomplishing something. Good luck, homie.


I am flattered....


Because it is the HUMANE and BLESSED thing to do...EVERYONE benefits from cradle to the grave...look at the highest standard of living in the Scandinavian countries to see how caring for your fellow human being pays off: good health, excellent education, 2--year maternity/paternity leave PAID so babies get a healthy, love-filled start in life, the people live longer, lifelong sense of security and the ongoing PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS!