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Nation "Too Broke" for Universal Healthcare to Spend $406 Billion More on F-35


I'll admit it was the Democrats who got us into the Vietnam War. That spit the party. But it was the Republicans who got us into war in Iraq which proved to be disastrous. Quite a few Democrats voted against that war including Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd so I would not indict the whole party on that one. Although you might not realize it this is a dangerous world an our country has enemies. Right now a large network of violent jihadists are enemies of the US. Supposedly progressive candidate Bernie Sanders said we must defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria. I agree with him on that. But you can't do it without weapons. So what is your plan? Do you disagree with Sanders? Would you refuse to fight against ISIS because some manufacturers are going to make a profit. Is that what your foreign policy is based on?


Interestingly though, Hillary voted "FOR" it. Says a lot, doesn't it?


Thank you :sunglasses:
I wouldn't feel so negative about it if they had actually managed to get it off the ground, but it is just abhorrent to me that they keep throwing billions at it when it hasn't even worked!


The US military's wasteful spending surpasses many developed nations annual GDP by huge margins yet for some strange reason it's not debated in the US congress. It is a blatant crime against the US taxpayers and humanity in general. The US and Israeli governments have been spreading death and chaos across the middle east and elsewhere for decades. Some action is urgently needed to address our run away military waste.


The only solution to this that i can see now is a big war, a war that would make the US think twice about use of force anywhere in the world. The MIC is so embedded itself in the American psyche that at this juncture it is impossible to win with logic or common sense.


Let me try to help you understand why most progressives and socialists don't like her: http://www.thefiscaltimes.com/2016/09/01/7-Hillary-Clinton-s-Biggest-Flip-Flops

Hillary is a lifelong Republican/Dixiecrat. Her life's goal has been to move the Democrats to the right, and she and Bill have been very successful at it. Politics has also proven to be very lucrative for the Clintons. Getting into bed with corporations has never made a politician poor...


What a RETARDED opinion that is so typical of the FAKE NEWS media. I expect more from the online community.

(1) Medicare and Medicaid spending topped $1200 billion in 2016. That is approximately twice the total defense spending of about $600 billion and over 100 x the $11 billion spend on the F-35 in that year. $406 billion is the total program costs which includes all the acquisition, maintenance and operation of the F-35 over its service life of about 40 years. If you want to talk about program costs, the unfunded liability of Medicare and Medicaid are $80,000 billion and $30,000 billion respectively, totaling over $110 trillion.

(2) For Healthcare to be affordable, some people must do without it and some of them MUST DIE! Got it? Sounds harsh? That's the unfiltered truth if you can handle it. If there is always an ability and willingness buy something regardless of price, it'll never be cheap. Why will I sell a car for $15,000 if everyone will buy it at $150,000? If society will find a way to pay for Healthcare regardless of the costs, healthcare will NEVER be affordable and ultimately when you run out of other people's money, society will go broke! It's that simple.

(3) The problem with Healthcare isn't that some Americans do not have Health Insurance. The problem with Healthcare is that Healthcare is expensive! The goal of any reform should not be to insure more people or to subsidize healthcare for those who cannot afford it. The goal of any reform should be to make Healthcare cheaper so more people can better afford it with or without insurance. You will NEVER accomplish that with subsidies, entitlements or nationalizing the industry. Since there are so many MORONS who like to bash defense, let me give you a simple analogy you can identify with. The US Government is, and has always been, the SINGLE PAYER for DEFENSE procurement. Has it made the F-35 cheap or affordable? Think about that and realize the stupidity of the Liberal logic.

(4) The ONLY WAY to affordable healthcare is to make it an INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY and limit insurance to catastrophic payments in excess of tens of thousands of dollars. If you have to pay for every doctor visit, for every pill prescribed, for every bit of lab work, for every MRI and for every surgery out of your own pocket with insurance (if you have it) stepping in only if you have spend more than $25,000 a year, what do you think will happen? $19.95 office visit signs will pop up in front of clinics because the other clinic has a $24.99 sign up. Nobody will sell $200 a pill drugs because nobody will buy them. Labs will post prices and hospital TV ads will advertise $14,995 flat fee Heart Surgeries with no money down and interest free payments (maybe even a get well cash back offer)! That is how you lower costs -- price awareness, price competition, no blank check.

(5) My 8-point Healthcare Reform idea is very simple:

  • Repeal the ACA, Repeal Medicare, Repeal Medicaid
  • Limit Health Insurance deductibles to a minimum of $25,000 a year before anything is covered.
  • Make ALL Healthcare expenses and up to $25,000 a year into Health Savings Accounts tax deductible
  • Make Federal Loans of up to $250,000 per lifetime available to all US Citizens if they need it for Healthcare
  • Federal Health Loans are collected as a tax lien at up to 10% of income or from the estate of the deceased
  • Make Medical School (MD) 5-year program you enter upon leaving high school like in many countries
  • Make Nursing School a 2 year associate degree
  • Permit re-importation of FDA approved drugs from any country if patents have expired

You do that and Healthcare prices will plummet like the price of LCD TVs, cars and smart phones.


Get to your classroom!


Excellent article, especially when combined with this article that was linked to the article you linked: https://www.counterpunch.org/2015/11/13/bernie-and-the-jets/


There it is folks: Only morons want to see poor sick people have health care. For health care to be affordable only those who can afford must be able to get it.

And we have "single payer" defense spending, which is the same as single payer health care, so health care would be as expensive as defense, which is currently half the cost of health care, which...

Never mind.


Do give Mitch a call. By the way, I think you have 9 points. Take off your hat.


Think of the jobs being created. Imperialistic never-ending war is a growth industry. It will keep the country running until every other country is bombed out, then we can go to Mars, set up colonies, and bomb them, too.


That door leads to a closet.


Paying off our debts (to ourselves ) with worthless dollars would not be wise.


Clinton ran an awful campaign. She did not appear to believe in much of anything. Still no excuse for electing Trump.


That must be why, though it took fewer than 300 dollars to buy an ounce of gold in 2000, it now takes more than 1200 dollars to buy that same ounce of gold.

The truth is that gold always maintains its value, while the dollar steadily plummets. An ounce of gold will still buy what it would buy in 1900, while a dollar will only buy 1/60th of what it would buy back then.

That's because the "Federal" "Reserve" (which is neither Federal nor a Reserve) does, in fact, make money up out of thin air, loans it to the government and charges interest on it. And that, in fact, does cause -- and is causing -- inflation.


Neither Trump nor Hillary were good candidates. It's shameful that either candidate became their Party's nominee. Trump beat 16 other lousy GOP candidates to become the GOP nominee. The Democrats actually had a fantastic candidate who would have revived the Democratic Party, yet because the Party elite decided that it was "Her Turn", we nominated Hillary and paid dearly for that choice. Trump actually won using Obama's Hope and Change strategy that Hillary lost to in 2008...


Paying off debt with "worthless" US$ is actually smart. You don't want to have to pay down that debt when the US$ is at its highest value anymore than you would want to take out loans when interest rates are high...


No -- it was not.

Eisenhower, at Nixon's urging, sent the first US troops to Vietnam in 1954, in order to split the country in two and to prevent the nationwide elections scheduled for July of 1956. Both of those goals were direct violations of the Protocols to the Geneva Convention of 1954, which the US did sign.

Go to Washington, D C and visit The Wall. There you will find that the first two names are those of U.S. Army Master Sgt. Chester Ovnand and Maj. Dale Buis who died on July 8, 1959, when their compound was attacked by Viet Cong fighters. See panel 1E, Row 1, at the apex of The Wall.

That was a year and a half before JFK took office.


The US Constitution was never meant to be an all encompassing document. It provided a framework on how to move forward with very few limits. In the Preamble, it clearly states that the federal government should promote the general Welfare. That's in the very first sentence in our Constitution. Switching to a Single Payer system would greatly reduce medical costs and protect families from bankruptcy. It would lower the costs for every single American. Unless you can guarantee that you will never get sick and never require medical help, you would also benefit from Single Payer. Unless you like paying far too much for medical care for too little benefit, it only makes sense to support Single Payer like all other industrial nations have done. If you like being fleeced by your for profit, private health insurance company, then I can understand your reluctance to change course...