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Nation "Too Broke" for Universal Healthcare to Spend $406 Billion More on F-35


Its the fuking neoliberals stupid!


And never mind that drones make fighter jets obsolete.

Direct Democracy, because all the people can't possibly fuk things up worse than politicians do.



There has been a lot speculation and discussion about how the world would disconnect from US$ yet the broad consensus is that it's highly unlikely to happen anytime soon. The strength and stability of the US economy guarantees that it will remain the currency of choice long into the future. China is an up and coming economy and perhaps it will make inroads with Western Democracies eventually, but don't count on it, Even with Trump at the helm, the US$ will likely remain the safe investment for the vast majority of civilized nations. Unless you're predicting a Soviet Union level collapse of the US, there's very little chance in the future that would change the monetary status quo. Monetary policy for the global economy is based on predictability, stability, and trustworthiness. Republicans could ruin it for the US if they choose to default on our debt as they have clearly tried to do in the not so distant past. I don't think that they're that suicidal just yet though. Wall Street would turn against the GOP if it allowed the US to default...


Corporate Dems = Neoliberals


The first F15 was operational in 1975. The US is planning on building them until 2020 apparently.

Military programs are usually expensive and make for good headlines, until you divide that cost by the lifespan of the program.

Los Angeles class attack boats, commissioned in 1976. Still going.

Wanna talk M2 Browning? Almost 100 years.


Guess what, the interstates were built so that military can move equipment around faster.


Plus a few hundred billion to Blackwater and fellow mercenaries.:


Yes, most corporate Dems, aka Third Way/New Dems, are also neoliberals/neocons. Corporate Dems aren't Liberal Dems though. They're Fiscally Conservative and Socially liberal (Small L). And they usually have to be pulled to the Left by Progressive challengers to support Liberal Social issues. Liberalism is an unnatural/uncomfortable state for them, which is why they can't be trusted when they do "evolve" to the left...


Not sure what you are referring to BWilliamson.

Are you talking about the closet that you haven't "come out" of yet?


Lrx, It must be hard for those who support the NeoLiberal/NeoConservative policies of the Warmongering parties of the Duopoly to understand the concept of Peace.

I swear, it makes me sick to my stomach every time I hear someone making excuses for our government and offering support as they prepare to send more of our Military to 'Defeat ISIS' or 'Fight Jihadists' God knows where in the world.

The United States of America is not the Fucking Policemen of the World. The Duopoly has been organizing this for many decades through building an Empire, comprised of 700+ Military Bases which by itself is destroying our way of life here, by burning more fossil fuels and spreading Death and Human Suffering around the globe. The United States of America through the maintenance of Empire, the massive sales of weaponry used to murder innocent men, women, and children, and the Endless Wars have created so much hate, that it qualifies easily as the biggest Terrorist Organization in the world.

What would I base Foreign Policy on?

How about "Peaceful Coexistence."

First of all, after dismantling the Empire of the 700+ Military Bases worldwide and bringing our people home, I would establish a dialog with all nations. No threats, just honest communication.

We would never return to the "Policemen of the World". Never. A coalition of hundreds of nations would be formed and asked to join a Quick Response Team to intervene in places around the globe where help is needed to quell violence or help with famine or disease.

A move for all nations to disarm and destroy Nuclear weapons, and a Worldwide Peace Treaty would be necessary.

I don't have all the answers Lrx, but I know that if humankind is to survive Climate Change, Overpopulation, Oligarchs attempts to rule the world and make the poor pay for their lavish lifestyles, we must create change that benefits the masses.

We must, Give Peace a Chance.


So who did you vote for? Like any of the other totally 'capitalist' candidates were any better.....phk this circular firing squad!! You could have had Sanders or........something completely phkd up, ......like we got. geez folks, this is serious sh*t.... we either get with the 'be here now' program or we have to scuttle the whole deal....which is less violent?....not sure myself. In a world where NO ONE wants to be responsible, chaos is the absence of rules....I'd rather live with the absence of 'rulers' or anarchy....In that,it would be more secure than this bunch of stupid hogwash that passes for 'civilization'. Capitalism will BE the fall of humanity if we don't sh*t can it, mark my words. We may be already past the tipping point that this planet can take anyway, but you still have to go for 'excellence' in your personal life with relationship. Yeah, I'm in a rant mode because the 'stupid' is really getting to me. They say you can't fix stupid, well we better or we'll have nothing left after the idiots befoul the entire planet.....and don't think that we haven't all been pressured into being idiots, idiots for war.


Holy Sh*t Pony Boy, you've hit the nail on the head and win the Internet today!! Where do we sign up?.....When a nation spends more than half it's allowance to kill people and have the arrogance to say we're the best, my blood boils and I have to go meditate for while, sometimes a good long while. Geez freakin' Louise!


Thanks Larry. Stay tuned for further instructions on the forming rebellion.

Oh, and by the way, who's that cute girl in the picture next to you?


That was only one reason the interstates were built and its not nearly the most compelling reason behind why they were built.
In case you haven't noticed, the military isn't the sole user of the interstates.
They were also built because GM lobbied Congress.
Do you think the automotive industry would have been what it became if the interstates weren't built? So don't bullshit me.
So, how's that neighborhood-watch health care program going to work since you have all the right ideas and are here to tell everyone how it should be, Ms. Oh-so-smart?


Because, Bernie, $379 billion was just right, but $406 is too much?! Nice political words,but Bernie Sanders (my so-called "progressive" Senator) supported the F-35 in 100% of congressional votes, under the guise of "jobs", when even the US Air Force says that NO F-16 jobs in VT were in jeopardy if the F-35 basing went elsewhere, and that the F-35 would have created NO NEW JOBS, since it would have replaced the F-16 in Burlington. Bernie could have supported South Burlington and Winooski in their efforts to get noise data that everyone knows would have prevented the F-35 basing in a dense suburban area, and he acted sheepdog for the Air Force. A familiar role for Bernie, we now know, after the Hilary debacle... woof. Woof?


Very easy to stop the terrorists. Stop voting for them.


This makes thing much simpler. We can just label the tens of thousands of Americans who will die as a result of the "replacement" for the Affordable Care Act is "collateral damage to the F-35 program and get on with our lives. We won't have to actually deploy the cold-war-type, useless-in-today's-warfare fighter at all. Now, wasn't that easy?


A good friend recently retired from the Marines as Lt. Col. - a real top gun fighter pilot, flew in Iraq war and now sees the madness. As a REAL fighter pilot, his POV, the F-35 is a complete waste of money - no use in today's world. Think about it like this - take $409 billion (far more likely to be well over $500 B), and flush it down the toilet. It has nothing to do with military needs - it is ALL about profits for the war machine companies - that's it!!


We can thank the Republicans for that. They have always favored business over people. War over peace.


Without the military and war, there is no American economy. We are fully dependent on the MIC and need to bomb and kill to keep Wall Street afloat.