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Nation "Too Broke" for Universal Healthcare to Spend $406 Billion More on F-35


Wait! I know how we can pay for the F-35 and still come out ahead! Enact HR 676, "Expanded & Improved Medicare for All"! In his 2013 funding study of HR 676, Professor Gerald Friedman of UMass-Amherst estimated it would save us almost $600 billion in its first year alone! That's enough for one and half F-35 programs! (All we'd have to do is tax up all the savings and not waste them on useless stuff like infrastructure, scientific research, education, housing, and food. If we asked Lockheed Martin, Boeing, General Dynamics, Raytheon, et al., I'm sure they could come up with productive uses for the extra $200 billion a year!)


Please read what happened to empires throught history and what hey did to others.


Hogwash, men ... er ... an' women, I guess. It's patt'nly obvious we gotta keep the lid on them damm Talifans. Who else but god-fearin' Dogfaces, Marines 'n' Seals can git the job done, anyways? Where it counts ... onna ground, uv course! Oh, sure, we gotta have th' air boys along for th' ride. 'Spose ... hmmm.

But, goddammit, when th' crap hits th' ceilin' agin, what's gonna be left? Who's gonna pick up the bot ... er, battle, 'n' carry on? Ain't gonna be them cowboys on high. No sir! And, jes why ARE we there? WHY, fer gosh sakes? Well, for good ol' USA bidness, that's who. Now ... now .., I ain't gonna git inta wrangle 'bout the rights 'n' and wrongs of jes why that IS so. We just gotta do it. It's our patriotic dooty to he'p keep the USA on top of .. of ... well, you know it all, right!

But ... I will say this: it's a helluva lotta moolah to shell out all them billions for them fancy aircraft that jes keep doin' stunts here 'n' there. Onna ground, we do more'n stunts - we kick butt alla time, up close 'n' personal, know what I mean? 'Stead of jes shillyshallying 'round 'n' all...

So, me ... ev'body, how's 'bout callin' up yer Congress rep, yer Senator or whatever, 'n' tellin' 'em to give alla that money t' me 'n' th' boys who really need it? What d'ya say? That's all....

Thank you, and god bless America.



Which of the historical empires had enough nuclear weapons to destroy the entire planet?


all thought they had overwhelming power. That did not seem to make a difference kind of like how badly we are currently doing in the Middle East the last fifteen years. The world is littered with the graves of those who thought they could control the world buried right next to their collateral real damage.


"I can't pay my doctor bills, but Whitey on the Moon. . .


I will feel very safe to have these jets protecting us against the evil forces in the world that want to kill us. Socialist health care is substandard to private healthcare except for those that don’t work.