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National #BoycottIndiana Movement Drives Lawmakers to Backpedal on LGBTQ Discrimination


National #BoycottIndiana Movement Drives Lawmakers to Backpedal on LGBTQ Discrimination

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Indiana lawmakers are scrambling to backpedal as a fierce backlash has taken hold against Republican Governor Mike Pence since he signed into law legislation that effectively permits discrimination against people thought to be lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer.

Under the handle #BoycottIndiana, LGBTQ activists and supporters across the nation are vowing economic retribution against the state.


The article says that the statute defines "person.’ Does it also define ‘religious belief’?

The Arkansas Senate approved a similar proposal Friday

We aren’t hearing any complaints about this state because no one wants to visit Arkansas anyway.



some Ind repubs may be backpedaling now but will they repeal or change the law. No!

Maybe the good people of Indiana will think about the pure discrimination rife in this bill and vote out the yayhoos who keep passing this tripe. Probably not, but maybe, unless they are not just people.


The problem is those Indiana legislators didn’t go far enough.

The Bible clearly contains numerous prohibitions against race mixing, which for some reason the Federal Government has chosen to ignore. As a matter of fact, they don’t just ignore God’s word, they prohibit God fearing Americans from following it!

Write to the Indiana legislature. Tell them religious freedom doesn’t just mean people can refuse service to LGBTQ people, but also to those of other races!

On edit: Never mind. On closer reading it looks like Indianans can refuse to serve anyone the bible prohibits. Praise God!


I guess it’s good that conservatives love money even more than they love hate.


:Never anticipated the hostility"? Do brain dead politicians ever anticipate anything resulting from their foolish actions? Pence and his ilk were voted in by the electorate of Indiana and now they are getting what they deserve!


Which one is Mike Pence and which one is the Nazi tank commander?


Hint, the Nazi tank commanders eyes look a little less threatening.


OK, here’s another chance to redeem yourself if you missed the first photo contest.

Which one is Mike Pence, and which one is General Jack Ripper, who launched his B-52s in a preemptive nuclear attack on Russia in “Dr. Strangelove”?


Hint, Pence did not say he was protecting our “Purity of Bodily Essence”, but only our Religious Freedom to Discriminate.
And General Ripper looks more like a kindly grandfather.


There is no god, there only is. The god meme is brain washing and mass delerium. All broadcasting is psyops and neo-royal propaganda. Tonight they double down with more christo myth and subliminal messaging. Sheeple around the world will succumb.


Glad to see NCAA mentioned here - and on THAT topic John Oliver has some history to air - students, yes students and the NCAA. The more I look at the ‘student’ as defined by loan/commodified extractive meme of 21st century ponzi masters, anticipating the whack of bludgeons surprisingly (or not) similar to this knuckle dragging sling fest, maybe we should all just come together for a comic whack-fest and consciously and intentionally leave real life to be lived in full integrity and respect.


We cannot allow the communist infiltration of our prescious bodily fluids.

One of the men in your shared pictures is a narcissistic megalomanianc with an absolutely unhealthy fear of his own homosexual tendencies.
The other is Sterling Hayden.


And what if one’s personal religious beliefs require human sacrifice? A lot of this religious nuttiness is a prop used in the political theater of the absurd trying to distract from the fact that the world is held hostage by failing economic model.


Is there any way the good people of Indiana can recall Governor Mike Pence from office? I do not live in Indiana, but I would donate $ to that movement. This Republican Governor Is nothing but a repugnant, bigot!


A day prior, in an interview with the Indy Star, Pence said he would support legislation that clarifies the “intent of the law,” adding that he never anticipated “the hostility that’s been directed at our state.”

Guess what you Goose-stepping azzhole gov Pence? It’s too late. Our children love the cartoon “Turbo” with the Indy 500. But because of this Nazi behavior of yours, We’re never going to watch or buy or visit the Indianapolis 500 items again.


Should we be surprised that a predominantly white, male Republican legislature chose to let fear be their guide rather than the Constitution? That’s pretty much been going on in the US since day one. Outrageous? Yes. But, just like every other recent “religious freedom” bill, it will eventually be struck down by the courts. Equally disturbing is this passage: “The definition of “person” includes religious institutions, businesses and associations.” We are wading into very deep waters when the definition of a person includes anything other than a human being. Human beings have rights under the Constitution. Institutions, businesses and associations are constructs of human beings (known as corporations) and should have no rights other than those held by the individuals in those “legal fictions.” In this case, the Indiana legislature has endowed businesses, organizations and associations with the same Constitutional status as the people in them. This is how corporate rule works. Divide the populace around divisive issues, pump huge sums of money into the election around the divisive issues so the corporate-sponsored candidates win, pass corporate friendly legislation. When bills contain language defining a person as something other than human, it only follows that humans will suffer for it.


If you are going to embrace the Old Testament, let’s go whole hog, or, I mean, whole some other, non-banned, animal. Enough with selective Bible enforcement. Although, I am opposed to capital punishment, maybe it’s time to apply it where it’s really needed and put a stop to those men engaging in the sinful act of wearing mixed fibers.


No. It does not. Defining religious belief is damn tricky business generally avoided, for the most part, in order to avoid 1st Amendment conflicts.
The law does, however, define “exercise of religion”:

Sec. 5. As used in this chapter, “exercise of religion” includes any exercise of religion,whether or not compelled by, or central to, a system of religious belief.
(emphasis added)

This essentially “creates a system in which each conscience is a law unto itself.” (Scalia, Oregon v Smith)


If Pence didn’t anticipate a backlash against such a bigoted and UN-American law, he is as stupid as they come. He and other politicians who were responsible for disgracing the good State of Indiana should be removed from office.Until they are, and until this law is overturned,people should boycott the State of Indiana. No ball games, no vacations,no business investment,and no purchase of products or services from that State.


Hobby Lobby led the right-wing religious zealots to think they could discriminate against those they dislike: women, browns, blacks, gays or anyone different. Claim a religious right and free speech for businesses and the wealthy… The only effective response is a business boycott. Hard to reign in the SCOTUS with a life-time appointment willing to destroy our values and the Constitution.


I have a right to not be around you.