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'National Day of Mourning' Protests This Week to Condemn GOP Failures Amid Mass Suffering Caused by Covid-19

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/18/national-day-mourning-protests-week-condemn-gop-failures-amid-mass-suffering-caused

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"Summer’s here and the time is right, for, Dancin in the Streets" !!

The Government is getting ready
Federal Government Buys Riot Gear, Increases Security Funding, Citing Coronavirus Pandemic

The federal government has ramped up security and police-related spending in response to the coronavirus pandemic, including issuing contracts for riot gear, disclosures show. The orders were expedited under a special authorization “in response to Covid-19 outbreak.”

The purchase orders include requests for disposable cuffs, gas masks, ballistic helmets, and riot gloves, along with law enforcement protective equipment for federal police assigned to protect Veterans Affairs facilities. The orders were expedited under a special authorization “in response to Covid-19 outbreak.”


“…to protect Veterans Affairs facilities” ?!

Uh huh


This kind of nonsense is not helpful. How have the Democrats done anything to improve the situation? The House has done no better job than than has the Senate, Supreme Court or Executive Branch.

It’s not the Republicans who are the problem, it’s the government in Washington DC.


Yes what does that mean? Veteran’s affairs facilities.

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Very sad there is no honor nor commitment to Veterans and their needs. Using it as a cover for the conflict the Trumpers will start making sure they have all the equipment they need to behave like ICE against Vets or anyone they target is upsetting to anyone connected to Vets who fought for this nation.
But not a surprise. Look at their behavior in Wisconsin and Michigan.


This chaotic horrific situation has nothing whatsoever to do with Majority Leader McConnell and his Goons.

This failure to legislate help for the Millions of Americans that are facing Hunger, Eviction, and the permanent loss of their Jobs is the result of Speaker Pelosi and her sidekick Chucky Schumer, who failed to get appropriate help for small business owners and the working class in the very first aid package.

Progressives were clamoring during the first round of negotiations with the Republicans that the people that needed help the most were being left out of the Bill.

Either Nancy & Chuck are both suffering from Dementia, are too stupid to negotiate for their Constituents or were complicit in ensuring that the Large Corporate Donors to both Parties were satisfied First and Quickly.

Nancy screamed back at the Progressive protesters “Calm Down”, how dare you question my negotiating strategy we will take care of the poor and needy in the fifth aid package.

Yeah right, Nancy & Chuck cannot be that stupid?

Is it possible that they did not realize that they lost their leverage to bargain with those nasty, greedy, heartless, Republicans when they gave them Everything they wanted in the first 4 aid packages??

Hello, not only did they lose their leverage but they lost the opportunity to help Millions of Americans struggling to pay their Rent and trying to find Food Banks to satisfy their Hunger.

This was not an error in negotiating skills this was the attitude of Corporate Puppets neglecting the Needs of We The People intentionally.

It is too difficult to comprehend that the Democratic Speaker of the House and the Democratic Minority Leader in the Senate thew away their leverage, which would have forced the Republicans to Negotiate a Deal in the First Aid Package that would have helped those on the lower rung of the ladder in addition to their Puppet Masters on Wall Street.


I see it as a BS redirect. They don’ give a rats ass about veterans or those facilities. They just needed an excuse whether it makes sense or not.

see @LillithMc reply above.

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“This was not an error in negotiating skills…”

Exactly, spot on. Their last failed bill, proves this point without a doubt IMHO.


I pick door number three, Monty.


The Government(both parties) aren’t afraid enough of us. So they throw crumbs, arm themselves just in case it turns out to be a repeat of the long hot summers of the mid-60’s, and spend billions on stuff that goes boom and kills people. And business isn’t scared enough of us, either.
We tried, back in the day, we tried. All it did was bring in Nixon’s and the GOP’s Southern strategy and the ennui of the 70’s, when stagflation reigned(and disco…god, don’t forget disco!).
However, the times we did scare both government and Big Business was the Progressive Era, with the Trust Busters, and the 30’s, when we were within a whisker of going either full-bore socialist or full-bore fascist.
Who’s up for some Trust Busting? Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Finance, Big MIC, Big Energy. Find me a big stick!

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I’m in the “Distant Thunder” chapter of Laurie Garrett’s Coming Plague (1995). Quite a read! Like a virus-eye view of world history since the ancient onset of metropoli. Anyhow, the “Distant Thunder” is the time of foreshadowing: advance warnings of the AIDS scourge, coinciding with a worldwide, jet-setting explosion of “contacts” in (occasionally quite impressive) multiplicity, keeping one’s eyes peeled for dance partners on the disco floor, just before the deluge.

why GOP? Last I checked the Democrats own the House and the first stimulus bill that issued a blank check to the treasury for $4.5 trillion was unanimously passed in the Senate, which means by Democrats too. Heck, the Heroes Act that the House proposed contained bail out for LOBBYISTS and Dark money groups and debt collectors but nothing in terms of paycheck protection or healthcare for people.

The media really needs to do a better job at reporting on these issues because yes the Republicans are scum but if anyone here thinks the problem is just them and that somehow the Dems are clean and on our side, they are mistaken and wrong. The problem are the elites on both sides D or R, We should be protesting failure by our government period, not just by the GOP or Trump alone. If you want to know who one of the biggest and most corrupt parasites in this nation is that needs to be removed look no further than at Nancy Pelosi! Last I checked, she has a D next to her name.


I’m pulling for Bernie to actually get some improvements through the Senate bill. It’s a long haul, (and maybe a long shot) but he does keep fighting for us.

Agree, but that’s not what this is about.
This is about republicans using the Vets (yet again) as an excuse/ decoy to do something that has little of nothing to do with Vets

You are correct.
Posted to the wrong story.
Will delete from this one.
Thank you.

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the Republican response to the virus should put the end to the Republicans–and it would be so–IF the Democrats weren’t so incompetent, feckless, and themselves corrupted by the same forces that control the Republicans-as showed by their abject FAILURE to stop ANY of the privations, horrors, or even the massive number of illegal activities surrounding this presidency-that they have-- in fact-- voted for the corruption EVERY SINGLE TIME during this crisis(and before-see votes on war and budget priorities) while promulgating policies that WILL NOT help most of us,refusing to support the policies that would help(M4A) through this crisis-and then putting out a bill that they KNEW would be dead on arrival(because they have already given up any leverage they might have had with their first few votes for this corruption)–and it looks like one more massive gas light by the Democrats --AGAIN–they are proving their uselessness in stark terms–the same set of conditions that gave us Trump–with friends like the Democrats -who needs enemies


Okey doke, then … I’ve admired young Jake Johnson for a very long time, for his talent, and for his potential. But I finally gotta admit it. This young man has chosen, in a calculating and self-aware fashion, to be what many call a “presstitute”, a media whore.

It’s not like he was forced into this, as some unfortunate women are forced into the ‘oldest profession’. He has other options. He chooses to be a media whore, just like the glamorous sock puppets in their pancake make-up, choose to be media whores.

His mind is so deranged that he thinks being a media whore for the Democratic Party is somehow ‘better’ than being a media whore for any other faction of the Elites that rule over us.

“You’re gonna hafta serve somebody. It might be the Devil, or it might be the Lord, but you’re gonna HAFTA serve somebody.”

He could serve Truth, or he could serve Lies. But Jake has clearly made his choice. Serving the Democratic Party, which we ALL know is no more than a major faction of the Elite power structure that rules over us, while pretending to serve Truth, is one of the very worst kinds of lies.

Jake Johnson is a pitiable person. He’s clearly made his choice. Yea … “A working class hero is something to be” … Well … so is a “presstitute”, I suppose. A media whore is something to be.

He CHOSE to be this.

The entire 2017 - 2020 years should be declared as a Period of Mourning as some of our darkest times…


It’s not just the GOP: lack of universal healthcare has worsened the pandemic. However, a bitter irony, this vast emergency gives fence-sitting Congress members a unique chance to make the pivot toward universal healthcare, aka Medicare for All (M4A).

Please contact M4A-resistant Congress members. Let them know that their constituents perishing in the pandemic need not die in vain. Lawmakers can help protect the living — prevent tragedy upon tragedy by co-sponsoring HR 1384, the Medicare for All Act.

What better way to honor the dead?