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National Day of Mourning Slams Trump and GOP's Failed Covid-19 Reponse as US Death Toll Nears 100,000

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/20/national-day-mourning-slams-trump-and-gops-failed-covid-19-reponse-us-death-toll


Trump and the GOP alone? So, the Democrats too aren’t worthless, corrupt and not pushing for policies that are at the same scale of the challenges we are facing? Come on now, the Democrats are corrupt and worthless, and the left flank in that party is still weak and has no power.


If these groups insist on making their protests empty exercises in partisanship, they will continue to self-marginalize and fail.

This is #McResistance at its most feckless. (What’s next? Moscow’s to blame for the pandemic?)


gee, you’d think the 3 handout bills to the masters were passed over the objection of the Democratic party instead of the near unanimity of the votes.

Partisans gonna partisan. That’s where the cash is in the outrage business.


Sadly these were damned if you do, and damned if you don’t bills.

This country absolutely freaked out at the deaths of 3,000 people at 9-11 in NYC.
100,000 covid’s not so much. Is the whole country numb, preoccupied, or do we have little empathy?
Compared to 9-11 we should be crying and running around screaming in the streets with this disaster. But we are not.


Or, a large segment of the public has given up on this rotten political system, a large share of the public doesn’t vote and thinks that their vote doesn’t really change much? We have a pandemic, as many as 40 million people can lose their often crappy private insurance, and the people in power haven’t moved an inch towards single payer. And they have spent decades lying about single payer too. We have a pandemic, with massive economic repercussions, and both the parties have effectively told working people, small business, as well as state and local governments to drop dead. One party does so proudly, the other lets you know that they really care, they really value virtue signaling. Tim Ryan’s worthless as gets up and puts on a show, lets the world know how much the right is serving the rich, and then he goes back to serving the rich. The most we get from his zero party is virtue signaling, and crappy policies. Those even more right wing toss around words like freedom and liberty, and happily march us to collective suicide. The country sees this, and most have already checked out. Now, throw in what the less right wing party does when left candidates run in their primaries, and only the left is really serious on policy about addressing society’s largest issues.


Marginalized seems to be the key word here. To me, it takes on the theatrical and “hollywood” syndrome of the USA.
Here in Spain (a socialist country with a remarkably less population) we have endured one of the most rigorous lockdowns in Europe. However we did not see gun toting thugs threatening the local mayors; refridgerated vehicles filled with decaying corpses outside funeral homes; presidents advocating suspect cures/preventions. That is not to say we have been 100% correct in our response. But we have maintained a sense of solidarity (as has Italy) and hopefully contained the contagion. We are not out of the woods yet. We are in phase 1 of several phases. And as from tomorrow, it is mandatory for everyone above the age of six years old to wear a mask in places where social distancing is difficult. There is also a two week quarantine regulation for all arrivals into the country. I hope these severe measures have proven beneficial to the citizens of Spain, even though we have suffered (along with the rest of the world) economically and psychologically. I have great respect for our prime minister Snr. Sanchez and our king Felipe.


We’d better be ready for the next pandemic because it’s coming soon.

And the next batch of “worms and germs” might be man-made.

Forget about flying airplanes into buildings, or nuclear dirty bombs.

Think spritzer bottles and with the only symptom, death except for those already vaccinated. Oh wait, the Russians already used that method to poison those two people in England.

PEOPLE - FFS! Every government must stand-down its war machine. Let’s just chill out for awhile and spend money on healthcare and quality of life for everyone. Don’t be paranoid that everyone is out to get us.

Vote for radical peace.


Memorial Day, May 25 2020 100,000 Americans have perished from Covid-19. But there is no official memorial, no moment of silence, no prayers. Who are we?


Hi Gandolf:
I think it’s the way humanity is. People know that each person in the world will die someday—but for some reason, no one thinks it will be them. : (

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What about the 4 deaths in Benghazi? Republicans will never let that go.

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The Abbott virus test is a failure, so far.
The Michigan State University test is quick and does not use reagents.
But, has no publicity, because it is not from pharma, harvard of CDC.
The trade off of lives lost for opening small business has already been made.
The states will not shut down again, but may have certain hot spots receive
increased tests.
We need to be wary of long term effects such as kidney disease, heart damage,
and relapses.
Rest homes need a vigorous cleaning, new air handling thinking and patients not crowded
10 into a small TV room.


Obama-Biden-Geithner-Summers-Holder-Duncan-Pritzker were more dangerous as political animals in the TARP BAILED-OUT Reform Presidency’s 2008 Cabinet of Wall Street Apex Predators than Trump’s erratic term and rotating team of dodgers of criminal prosecution like Treasurer Mnuchin and resig-Nation appointee corporate cronies like Rex Tillerson of Exxon, Fiona Hill former Sr Director NSC for Europe and Russia among the plethora of security state defections. While Obama-Biden held the record for most criminal prosecutions of Whistle Blowers; 'twas and 'twis Trump-Pence-Barr-Mercers-Putin-Xi-Bolsonaro-Bibi-House of Saud who command the longest firing line of doing the job Public Service Watchdogs On Public Interest Duty, rather than on errands for the cronyocracy.

However, the damage that Trump’s handlers like AG Bill Barr vis a vis continuing efforts from Obama-Biden TPP and Trade Promotion Authority attempts at concentrating powers in Executive Branch and Treasury’s Mnuchin with Carl Icahn in background of current COVID19 Quarantine Lockdown of E-CONomy Bail-Outs will likely edge out Harvard Constitutional Professor Obama’s institutional warp and woof under White House Gatekeeper from back to the Reagan-Bush administration and disgraced Harvard Executive Chief Larry Summers. Don’t blink as newly minted Opposition Presidential Candidate Status Quo Joe Biden has already hired Summers to be his Chief E-CONomic advisor!!!

Compare today’s immediate headlines of outrage with 2008’s TARP banker bail-outs intended rhetorically for Main Street but tapped by Wall Street thanks to the holes in drafting the terms and conditions of transferring public wealth to private profiteers losses and debts to public treasury.

Not to sleight Trump campaign backer the bulk foreclosed property converter of housing stock to Rental stock, Thomas Barrack, whose fortune on the financialization of housing (see Aaron Glantz report on International Center Investigative Journalism’s REVEAL or read his book on the Renters’ Crises and National Housing Emergency or U. of Tube his public speaking often in benefits for community radio like KPFA Berkeley). Trump backer Barrack bought up the parts of the previous House of Clinton through House of Bush foreclosures and bad mortgage lender paper that Black Rock, LLC and Blackstone LLP didn’t corner. Anti-Trust enforcement? Trump-Pence-Mnuchin-Icahn no worse in non-enforcement than the FTC, Justice and Treasury were in similarly comatose administrations back at least half a century to the bad ol’ Washington back-room client state days of the Dulles Brothers.

Or, rarely sourced by corporate-captured U.S. business news media Columbia Prof. Saskia Sassen’s work on global speculation and financialization of real estate that results in often empty luxury condo towers encircled by encampments of Hoovervilles of Homeless. It has been Prof Saskia Sassen who has coined the phrase “Safety Deposit Boxes In the Sky” (for Unfettered Global Capital) for these empty speculative newly constructed mainly vacant condo or leasing towers way above Wage Stag-Nation market prices in rapidly redesigned urban cores as global capital show-rooms for safe havens in a world with the reserve currency losing its credibility fast…

Dr Saskia Sassen and other non-welcome in Golden Rolodex academic investigators of the Financialization of Real Estate on Global Housing Displacement Patterns were sourced in this Swedish TV documentary in English that never got to open in U.S. before COVID19 Quarantine. Here’s what the Toronto Star opined of the film when it addressed Canada’s own Normalization of Homeless and Housing National Security Threats caused like lead-poisoned waters from Flint, Michigan to Rust Belt Ohio to Public Schools of Portland, Oregon not by Islamist Terror cells, but by deregulated or self-regulated Market Forces.

Or the utter failure of HUD under another crony in the natural choice for Housing Urban Development Czar in Age of Displacement, a brain surgeon from Johns Hopkins Medical (and a fine one by all reports)!

Dr Ben Carson said not one word in his 3 years as counter-intuitive HUD Czar on links between normalization of homelessness and the National Security Threat to the Public Health of the blossoming of Hoovervilles of Homeless either prior to COVID19 pandemic quarantine or since.

Here though is where Trump’s teams and mavericks become even more dangerous than Obama-Biden’s cabinet of Privatizers In Chief and Zombie E-CONomic advisors along with conflicted interest opportunists like the Uber-izer Daniel Plouffe and assorted other Neo-Liberal E-CON wiz kids like 3-time White House Chief of Staff turned Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Check out this hustle to help resolve homelessness coast to coast that had yet to become a presidential campaign issue raised by any of the corporate-captured and accredited news reporting multi-media pool:

Something about this latest sketchy institutional entrepreneur in Texas Robert Marbut. In North Africa’s indigenous culture of mystical Islam the marabout was the equivalent of a deep south U.S. tent revival faith healer or Snake Oil Salesman…

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Shifters and Song Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
Media Discussion List

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And we now hear where that upsurge in new cases are coming from: South America. All those deported refugees from US America who were known to have contracted COVID-19 did not help.

Global coronavirus cases surpass 5 million, infections rising in South America


(Reuters) - Global coronavirus cases surpassed 5 million on Wednesday, with Latin America overtaking the United States and Europe in the past week to report the largest portion of new daily cases globally.

It represents a new phase in the virus’ spread, which initially peaked in China in February, before large-scale outbreaks followed in Europe and the United States.

Latin America accounted for around a third of the 91,000 cases reported earlier this week. Europe and the United States each accounted for just over 20%.

A large number of those new cases came from Brazil, which recently surpassed Germany, France and the United Kingdom to become the third-largest outbreak in the world, behind the United States and Russia.

Cases in Brazil are now rising at a daily pace second only to the United States.

The first 41 cases of coronavirus were confirmed in Wuhan, China, on Jan. 10 and it took the world until April 1 to reach its first million cases. Since then, about 1 million new cases are reported every two weeks, according to a Reuters tally.

At more than 5 million cases, the virus has infected more people in under six months than the annual total of severe flu cases, which the World Health Organization estimates is around 3 million to 5 million globally.

The pandemic has claimed over 326,000 lives, though the true number is thought to be higher as testing is still limited and many countries do not include fatalities outside of hospitals. Over half of the total fatalities have been recorded in Europe.

Despite the continued increase in cases, many countries are opening schools and workplaces following weeks of lockdown that have stemmed the spread.

Financial markets have also been boosted slightly by promising early results from the first U.S. vaccine trial in humans.

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And from NNU:

we have some disturbing results to share with you.

For the last month, NNU has been conducting a nationwide survey of registered nurses. More than 23,000 nurses filled out the survey about their experiences working during the COVID-19 pandemic and the responses are loud and clear:

While it’s been months since COVID-19 struck the United States, our employers and the government are STILL not protecting us nurses and our patients.

Despite having months to produce more PPE, the Trump administration and Congress have refused to get us the protection we need to stay safe on the front lines of this crisis. Some 87% of nurses reported having to reuse a single-use disposable respirator or mask with a COVID-19 patient.

Here are some other troubling statistics about nurses’ lack of safety from the survey:

  • Over 33% of nurses reported that their employer requires them to use their own sick leave, vacation, or paid time off if a nurse gets COVID-19 or is exposed to COVID-19 and needs to self-quarantine.
  • Some 84% of nurses reported they have not yet been tested and, of those who have been tested, more than 500 nurses reported a positive result.
  • More than a quarter—28%—of respondents had to reuse a so-called “decontaminated” respirator with confirmed COVID-19 patients.

We can’t allow nurses to continue to work in these conditions, leaving them vulnerable to the virus and putting their patients at risk. When nurses aren’t safe, patients aren’t safe. That’s why NNU is standing up to fight for the highest level of protections.


Dude, I don’t possess the attention span to read your long post, so can you break it down into a salient point or two? Sorry.


I bet the MIC is viewing the results of sending our pathogen bombs in the form of expelled human beings to South America with intense interest.

With a population on the elderly side (about 20% > 65) coupled with a societal tendency toward sedentary lifestyles and obesity, it is a wonder more haven’t died. An average death rate of 1.5% in that demographic would leave the US with about 1,000,000 dead before vaccine becomes available in a year or so. I’m old enough to remember when the vaccines for Swine Flu and Hong Kong Flu were rushed to market and the many deaths with a raft of other health problems caused by that 'damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!" mentality. Perhaps Americans need to accept that bad things are going to happen and not every problem has an immediate solution.

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If anyone actually named those who have been confirmed as dying of the Corona Virus at one per minute (1440 minutes per day) it would take more the 65 days to read 100,000 names. Unless of course, my math is wrong though I reran the numbers a few times in different ways and still came up with that number.

The actual number of Covid19 deaths, as reported by the CDC as of May 20, is 68,998 with 30,317 listed as “Pneumonia and Covid19”. The MSM combines the two totals without qualification to gin-up the fear mongering and scare the public. Since Pneumonia and Covid19 share many of the same symptoms, it is dishonest to report them as only Covid19. We also have 87,444 Pneumonia deaths, a contagious disease, without demands for a shutdown of the economy. Nor did we shut down last year when we had 80,000 deaths from the H1N1 flu. Expanded testing is indicating an approximate infection rate of 14%. When projected on to the general population, this translates into a .16 mortality for the Covid10 virus, not the 3.4% claimed early on by the WHO, with epidemiologist Neil Ferguson’s claim of 2.2 million deaths in the U.S. Although off by a factor of 25:1, they were the rational for the shutdown of the economy.

The shutdown seems to be motivated by politics, not health concerns.