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National Democratic Party – Pole Vaulting Back into Place


National Democratic Party – Pole Vaulting Back into Place

Ralph Nader

So what’s the plan for the Democratic Party? Looks a lot like the old plan.


Here’s my cynical take on the difference between Republicans and Democrats. WARNING: this is deliberately vulgar because it makes my point.

Republicans are straight up and in your face. They flat out promise you, “I’m going to poke your eye out and skull-f*ck you.” Then, they work hard to do just that.

Democrats, on the other hand, promise to make sweet, kumbaya love to you. Then, they poke your eye out and skull-f*ck you. And ask for money.

Apologies for any offence caused.


Doesn’t it amaze you that 95% of the voting electorate likes being skull-f*cked?

Their indifference f*cks the rest of us.

Apologies for any offense.


No offense taken. Neither party is there for its constituents.


Oh, good. We’re being vulgar. This is my vulgar take on our political process.

There is an old joke about a rookie sailor who asked the captain when they would be getting to shore because he really needed a woman. The captain said it would be at least two months, but that he had a solution.
The captain took the sailor down to the bowels of the ship, showed him a barrel with a hole in it, and said come see me when you’re done.
After he was finished the sailor told the captain he felt better and thanked him.
The captain said the sailor could use the barrel anytime except Friday nights from 6-12 PM. When the sailor asked why not Friday nights the captain said:“Because that’s your turn in the barrel.”

In our political system we are in the barrel. While the Republican is having their turn the Democrat says to us when the Republican’s turn is over you’re only choice is to give the Republican another turn or to give the Democrat a turn, but the Democrat says that if you give the Democrat a turn they will supply some Vaseline to ease some of the sting.
So people say well if that’s the only choice I’ll take the Democrat. So the Democrat gets in there, applies a little Vaseline and it’s not as bad for a minute.
Then we say that we could use a little more Vaseline and the Democrat says “Sorry I had to put down the Vaseline to steady the barrel.”
The next thing you know the Republican is standing next to the barrel holding the Vaseline saying “If you give me another turn when the Democrat is done, I have a way where you might be able to get your own Vaseline.”

I say it’s time we got out of the barrel , hit the Democrats and Republicans over the head with it and throw the Democrats, Republicans and the barrel over the side of the boat.


At last! I have found my community! Thanks for a barrel of laughs…


I would point to the DLC as a factor, if not the decisive factor, in the demise of the Democratic Party. The brainchild of Al From, with Bill Clinton and Al Gore as early acolytes. Wild eyed hawks such as Scoop Jackson also played a part on the foreign policy front. The aforementioned turkeys, under the guise of The Third Way, still control the party, and so it goes.


The D-Party is not interested in winning elections. Rather, they are interested in raising corporate money.

Thus, if you’re a leftie putting your support behind the LOTE because you remain under the impression that you “have no where else to go,” you are part of the problem.

Grow a spine, use your imagination and get off the 2 party merry-go-round.


Two words: STOP VOTING.

Do not participate in this sham of a democracy until corporate money is taken out and all that reside in Congress are booted.
Voting just encourages them to keep up the same old, same old. And frankly, unless you are part of the moneyed class you are not represented. The only time the Ds look the working class’s way is when they want them to vote, period. It is an attempt to prove to the world the US is a “vibrant democracy” – we are anything but.


Thats it precisely. I hope Bernie is reading your comment. (yes, I still have hope for him, and no, I no longer have blind faith in him)


It’s no longer a party. It’s now an empty, soulless fundraising machine whose only goal is to keep it’s deeply entrenched corporate loving leaders in power. The party continually stresses that it has no litmus test to join, but that’s not true. To be a successful Democrat, you need to show you can raise the big bucks. We don’t need no stinking ideals or principles, just show us the money.

Going into 2018 … nothing has changed. Same old, same old.


and the winners of 2018 get to control the Census of 2020. Depressing…


Meanwhile, locally, we are working to beat a teaparty troll in my red district that voted for the worst tax “reform” in history. I will be voting–it matters. Not a single Democrat voted for this garbage in the House and none are in the Senate.


Two words: STOP VOTING.

Do not participate in this sham of a democracy until corporate money is taken out and all that reside in Congress are booted.

I get your point, but for the life of me I don’t understand how you expect to boot anybody out of Congress if you don’t vote for some other candidate.

If you want to send a message to the morally bankrupt two-party system, you have to work at the local level to support alternative candidates and work to get them on the ballot.

Boycotting elections plays into the hands of the duopoly.


No. Not voting is exactly what they want you to do if you won’t vote for either side of this awful bad penny. Instead, please join me and millions of others who have had enough and have moved to the Green Party as the truly progressive voting choice. We work from the bottom up, we are run by us, the members for we, all of the people, not the rich and powerful. If we fail, it’s because not enough people care anymore, and then we deserve our fate. Please help us make a last stand for representative democracy and come join the Greens, participate and run for something. We are the only ones who can bring about the change we are looking for. Obama proved that we can’t sit back and expect anyone else to do it for us. #Demexit to the Green Party 2017!


STOP VOTING is not the answer. It will do nothing to get the Big Money out of politics.
The answer is to stop voting for Big Money candidates and start voting AGAINST them.
Citizens that want small contribution candidates can join with other citizens that want small contribution candidates to demand small contribution candidates by participating in the One Demand campaign financing approach.
Participants can register now that in 2018 they will only vote for small contribution candidates in the primary and general elections. Citizens commit to casting a write in vote if there are no small contribution candidates on their ballot to register a vote against the Big Money candidates and to create and demonstrate demand for small contribution candidates in the next election cycle and/or part of the current election cycle.
Not voting only allows the supporters of the status quo to maintain their control of our political process. The One Demand approach throws a monkey wrench into their process and makes it work for us instead of them.
Just 20% national participation could be successful in 2018 in some small contribution candidates winning a primary for one of the Current Major Parties possibly even BOTH CMPs in the SAME DISTRICT or for a small contribution independent or third party to win or get enough votes for one of the CMPs to win in a district gerrymandered for the other CMP in the general election.
This could expose that these gerrymandered districts are not set in stone and all incumbents are vulnerable which could get more citizens to participate in 2020 and with each subsequent election reaching a point in few election cycles when the majority of districts have competitive small contribution candidates.
And whichever CMP does the next gerrymandering this would make it much more difficult.

See the Ralph Nader petition in my previous comment. and


The democrats simply don’t understand that betrayal is by more the most powerful emotion that moves the electorate. That is why they lose.


I don’t get why a third party person like Nader is telling the Democrats what to do. Why not leave it to the Democrats and tell the Green Party what to do. Isn’t that Nader’s party? He ran for president on the Green Party ticket.


Last time I checked, we all enjoyed freedom of speech.

In which case, Nader can give your party all the advice in the world.

And my fondest dream is that you and your party will refuse to listen and stay on your current course. That way, you’ll enter the dustbin of history all the faster. Good riddance.


You do understand that Lrx was doing precisely what you claim to defend, exercising his freedom of speech and giving Nader and his party some likely unwelcome advise. As you exercised your freedom of speech when you criticized him for exercising his freedom of speech. Should we go around again?