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National Emergency? Here Are the Real Emergencies, Outraged Nation Tells President Trump

National Emergency? Here Are the Real Emergencies, Outraged Nation Tells President Trump

Jon Queally, staff writer

With President Donald Trump expected to issue a national emergency declaration as early as Friday in an attempt to subvert Congress and build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, the president is facing potent and angry opposition from all sides—with legal action almost certain, mass public protests being planned, and renewed talk of impeachment—as critics argue that while Trump has created a fake emergency to fulfill his xenophobic campaign promise about the wall, the real emergencies are ones he created himself and others he and Republicans continue to ignore.

Let us be perfectly clear here…the man is insane…a threat to our nation…and must be removed from office Now!


So , many people in the US are unemployed and underemployed and a few hundred or thousand at the border are our national emergency? This is a distraction for him and his ghouls - the real anger is because of the financial crash ( which was planned by Wall Street) and people have not gotten over this and never will.


One of the biggest perpetuating emergencies is the undue influence that the glow box holds over the citizenry. The lack of critical thinking is an existential threat to civilized society while critical thinking itself is an existential threat to the status quo. I am with Renè Descartes on this one, cogito, ergo sum.

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Do you think those in power ever really cared about anything else apart from themselves ?

Its the Cultural Story (Myth) folks …survival of the fittest mentality .Until we create a New Cultural Story nothing will change.
As beliefs create behaviours .

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We need to inhibit the Arctic meltdown or else Eaarth’s greenhouse gas number rises in time to about 1000 parts per million, which means catastrophic world food production problems. What’s for dinner?

We need the R&D that changes the Arctic tundra’s albedo back to normal, probably through wind-powered snow making machinery. Yes it’s a humankind emergency.

We need homes that run on stored solar heat in the winter. Storable coolness in the summer would also be progress. Oh, and if you’re a general contractor, you’re going to need that new nail gun for all the new work. We need progress on storable after-dark electric power. We need a new transit system. In general, look at major sources of greenhouse gases and displace them. Yes, we want R&D progress on enhancing carbon sequestration in fields, in forests and in peat bogs.

If Congress won’t do this, who shall step forward?

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Lamar Alexander (R -TN) is in process of ginning up ‘garnishment’ of college debt holders.
Like getting grape juice out of an orange…with a minimum or no job wage. Alexander says it will not be more than 10% a month. Hmmm, I suppose the students could get the money from their local pay day loan predator to prevent ‘garnishment’. One of the real emergencies in US is debt slavery. Not all prisons have bars.


My old riding jacket says “Cogito, Ergo Zoom” (“I Think, Therefore I Jam”).

Agreed that if critical thinking weren’t so threatening to the status quo of the predatory rich, it would be taught in the public schools.

I think I’ll go with “Dolor, ergo sum” (“I hurt, therefore I am.”) for my slogan. Seems to capture the spirit of aging.


You might appreciate a T-shirt from the JPCycles catalog: “Sons of Arthritis, Ibuprofen Chapter” with appropriate skeleton graphic.

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I hear you. But besides a bit of a gimpy arthritic knee, I live a very pain-free life save for the pain of emotional anguish and depression and occasionally, hangovers.

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You can’t teach common sense. You either have it or you do not. Example: Back in the day- I heard that people on welfare could buy a house with a loan! I remember talking to the dept and asking if that was true. The worker stuttered and said ( I am not making this up- " Well we should give loans to them because otherwise that is discrimination." Huh???

I hear ya except for the knee!

What’s wrong with that? Should we have survival of the biggest victim?

Maybe I missed it but I didn’t see it mentioned in this article where we have hundreds of thousands if not millions of people living on the streets in tents or RVs each night - homeless. Has anyone ever heard Trump mention the housing crisis in the US and the high number of people living on the streets?

We see them everyday but I’m sure if you just stay in the oval office, the presidential limousine, airforce one or some country club - you never see those people. Trump is like the King who doesn’t know or care what is happening to his subjects as he and his cohorts live a life of splendor. The time has come for us to end a kingdom in what is supposed to be a democracy!


We likely know all we need to know. Just remember Melania’s jacket.
“Do you care?”

“The fit are not fit until the all are fit.”

Survival of the fittest is a Cultural Myth we actually use as a principle to guide our civilization.

Its primitive and dysfunctional and can only lead to demise.You can’t just leave evolution to evolution.
We must conciously choose a principle to guide us ,this is called conscious evolution .
Humans have just arrived there.

We Are All One …would be a good start .
Just imagine if that was our main objective.

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Trump and Pence need both be impeached.


I assume that his so called national emergency will not interfere with Trump’s golf schedule.


No one is terrified of bag ladies. You can’t make them out to be murderers and rapists without being laughed off the TeeVee. If you could, we would be herding them into cages as we speak…

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