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National Fracking League: On Protesting Bank of America During Monday Night Football


National Fracking League: On Protesting Bank of America During Monday Night Football

Dustin Axe

Midway through the third quarter of last night’s Monday Night Football game between the Carolina Panthers and the Indianapolis Colts in Charlotte, two fans used climbing gear to rappel down the upper deck of Bank of America Stadium. It was initially unclear what their motive was as they slowly lowered themselves down towards the fans below.


'“This war is so fucking illegal.”' RIP Pat Tillman knowing that you scared the shit out of many of the motherfuckers also known as war profiteers.


"But the message of the banner risks being overlooked during Tuesday morning water-cooler discussions that will certainly focus on how reckless the protesters were for endangering the lives of people sitting in the lower deck. The protesters will also be criticized for choosing an unrelated event—a Monday Night Football game—to make a political point."

I've been noticing this new form of message inversion no doubt dreamed up by Karl Rove or Frank Luntz. Its method is that of focusing the critique on how individuals REACT in order to take the spotlight off of WHAT they are reacting to.

Suppose it's an anti-fracking march, something about the marchers or who organized the march will be placed under the opinion-shaping media microscope in order to draw attention away from the THING being protested.

Astute readers should look for this in ANY commentary as it's becoming a pervasively utilized tactic.

Note how often the behavior of the individual attacked by robo-police (usually in response to BEING placed under attack or arrest) is what's critiqued rather than the ACTIONS of the cops. That is but one example.


Having lived in Gainesville, Florida... an uber: fundamentalist Christian Bible belt town with a virtual idolatry shown towards the Gator Football team, it was not lost on me that impassioned football team loyalty lends itself to a similar team approach to war.

"Concealed under the headline-grabbing story of deflategate and Tom Brady’s subsequent suspension, it was reported in May that the NFL received 5.4 million dollars from the U.S. Department of Defense between 2011 and 2014. Fourteen teams accepted money to salute war heroes through various advertisements and promotions. This is all part of the Pentagon’s attempt to permanent war propaganda into every aspect of American life. The message is obvious: football and militarism are one and the same. If you love your favorite football team, you love America."

Football is a MAJOR rite of passage for boys, and boys who are on the football team always have prestige. This is the beginning of a massive cultural programming process that places macho sports high on the list of things worthy of applause, celebration, and chants of greatness.

Naturally, football and its emphasis on aggression, team loyalty, and following orders is a natural segue-way into the military; and many young men from lower income areas indeed graduate from H.S. football teams to "careers" in the military.

These days, girls wanting that same adulation or sense of "you've come a long way, baby" pride (as defined by patriarchy and its dominant players) also seek entrance into the M.I.C's expanding theaters of warfare.


Great article that discerns the rancid underbelly of society.


Although only mentioned once and towards the close of this article, I still appreciate Mr. Axe pointing out what's obvious to Feminists and sociologists who are NOT under thrall to Mars rules:

"There are certainly resemblances between football and war, such as hypermasculinity and traumatic brain injuries, but it is egregious to think they are anything but two very distinct things."

Hypermasculinity... with so many guns, missiles, torpedoes, rockets, and other KILLER paraphernalia purposely resembling phallic extensions; and "being a man" purposely coupled with a willingness to wear a uniform and follow orders TO kill.


The NFL is an obvious expression of the militaristic and fascistic tendencies of the US. Those who watch and support this "pasttime" must be aware of this.


"so many guns, missiles, torpedoes, rockets......purposely resembling phallic extensions..." I suppose you could make a torpedo in the shape of a breast;; or a gun might serve a more useful purpose with a u shaped barrel. While a vagina shaped rocket would have certain advantages on those long submarine cruises, their targeting efficiency would likely suffer.


Funny that George Carlin used this analogy in his comedy routines (although I didn't notice this until long after it was obvious to me), as does the social commentator, Helen Caldicott. I am hardly alone in recognizing the obvious.

Also, while I don't know the quote--verbatim--a man I dated who was recruited into the Marines during the Vietnam era told me that in training he and others were taught a chant equating the bayonet with their dicks.


Illegal procedure

Ethical effort