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National Guard Spy Plane Monitored Racial Justice Protest in Sleepy Sacramento Suburb Where Commander Lives: Report

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/19/national-guard-spy-plane-monitored-racial-justice-protest-sleepy-sacramento-suburb

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Called the RC-26 because the actual recon activity is only 26 people looking out the windows at 

During the Korean War, areal recon could not see any of the 300,000 Chinese soldiers already inside Korea.

We do have better available. Heck a satellite can take your graduation photo!!

The sheriff has ample resources to check out his own community. Calling the Guard is political.

Rank has its privileges

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watcha gonna do?
who ya gonna call when the sheriff is the kkk clan cell leader?

been there in northern Alabama three genrations ago.
Now you have a west Michigan sheriff associating with white supremers.

Next month and until January 20, 2021, Trump will be willing to incite a race war against black peoples.

The long voting lines here, outside and in the rain should be a beacon of hope in american’s futures.

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If it rains on election day some of us should volunteer as umbrella holders.

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I am praying that nation wide, so many citizens vote earlier and earlier - and slightly more often (smile).

Trump is heavily behind Biden on election day itself. So far behind, that Trump cries, instead of us.

“It’s the hometown of California National Guard commander Maj. Gen. David S. Baldwin, who told the Times he couldn’t remember whether he had personally approved the surveillance flight.”

Same as ACB couldn’t remember if she had voted by mail.

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Just one more “public servant” who thinks that their position allows them to use any public resources they want for personal gain.

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The story doesn’t bring up the bigger question in my mind
why the hell does the CA. National Guard have access to reconnaissance aircraft?


Baldwin insisted the fact he lived in the town “had nothing to do with” the deployment of the two aircraft, which, according to state records, was requested by the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office.

Like the overwhelming majority( ttps://acleddata.com/2020/09/03/demonstrations-political-violence-in-america-new-data-for-summer-2020/) of Black Lives Matter and other demonstrations in the wake of the killings of Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and other Black and Latinx people, the June 4 protest (\ttps://www.sacbee.com/article243276166.html) in El Dorado Hills was completely peaceful.

Critics are asking why, then, spy planes were sent to El Dorado Hills instead of somewhere such as Oakland, where deadly violence (ttps://www.courthousenews.com/two-charged-in-murder-of-oakland-federal-officer-during-protests/)—allegedly committed by right-wing extremists—occurred. Still others wondered why the government is spying on protesters at all.

Would be a safe bet that the Corporate Caliphate Socialist Nanny State dba DADDY WARBUCKS is holding a seriously salaried do-nothing position for the non-engineering inclined career soldier doing his duty, namely Major General David S. Baldwin. Also, our corporate-captured broadcast media (commercial and so-called corporate foundation endowed Public’s Airwaves) are holding a place in their Golden Rolodex of Military and Police State Experts for analysis and commentary for the cookie-cutter News\Views panel broadcasts well beyond the current horizon in the never-ending Bob Dylan Tour, errrrrrrrr, Neverending Perma War

Kinda like the Neverending Corporation for Public Broadcasting Listener-contribution pledge breaks to provide some space between the programming announcements for access to the Public’s akkkhhhemmm
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Even if it represents the vast majority of U.S. providing the Aggregate Demand for all that imported sub-human wage slave junk. Predatory capitalism is all about next quarter’s earnings or thievery. Those with a long view need not apply for a seat on the board. Corporate America is definitely NO DEMOCRACY. Neither is it a republic. It is where most of U.S. Wage Slaves and Salary Humans spend the vast majority of their productive time working on Big Aggie’s Farm
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Make this General pay for gas and break him down to corporeal.

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The claim that:

The probe concluded that since the planes could not capture "distinguishing personal features of individuals," the flights did not violate the prohibition on military surveillance of U.S. civilians.
doesn't matter. It is a US military surveillance of civilians. Claiming some lack of an ability is no excuse and no way out of the fact that military is conducting surveillance of US citizens.