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National (In)Security and the Pentagon Budget

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/14/national-insecurity-and-pentagon-budget

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I look forward to articles by Mandy Smithberger. Thank you.


Trump, Inc. will never deliver close to what we want this nation to be. Biden/Harris would only if pushed liked hell. Two steps: elect, push like hell–we Progressives cannot forget that second step!

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From the begining of the 20th century, the “might makes right” theory of government has prevailed in the U.S… McKinley’s Spanish-American grab of the Caribbean and Philippines under Manifest Destiny, Wilson’s sneaky entry into WWI for fear of losing out on the victors’ spoils in the ME, Truman dropping those bombs on Japan unnecessarily, JFK and LBJ and Nixon flexing muscles for some “dominos” in Vietnam, both the Bushes, and so forth and so on. Now we’ve come full circle with applying “might over right” in our country that is nakedly exposed and rightly opposed for the first in a long time. This is new, but the hypocrisy of old old is hanging on for dear life.


Good luck with that. Biden has already said he wants a bigger military budget:


And his economic team has already talked about having no choice but austerity – yet there’s always deficit spending for bombs:



I didn’t have the time to read the whole article. Did she mention the $21+ trillion unaccounted for in Pentagon spending over the last 3 decades? I get nothing from the military, and never have in my 66+ years. Just perpetual war. I was born into the Cold War(1954) which lasted "officially’ until 1991. Then the 'Nam, then the Gulf War I, then the Balkans, then Afghanistan-- to this very day–, and Iraq. For what exactly? Profiteers? Fuck that! I’m sick of war and it’s high time the US Empire fell, which it is BTW. I’ve got several guns and knives under my PC desk for my security. The military didn’t protect us from “The Big Lie”, the attacks of September 11,'01. I see them as a terrorist organization, directed by psychopaths. I do feel for the enlisted personnel as they were tricked into “serving”. All the upper management, the directors of US violence and terror–the generals, President, and high level civilian functionaries-- that can rot for all I care.


Its not the “Pentagon budget” that is the problem, its the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) budget that results in the best Congress money can buy serially (during the past four decades) loading up the “defense budget” with more money than the Pentagon requests.


The only people who can push Biden are the people who have always pushed him: the banks, Wall St, and the MIC.

What leverage will progressives have on him after he’s elected? NONE!

He already spits in our faces (he’ll veto Medicare for All, increase military spending, cut Social Security, etc.).

The only thing we can hope for is that he’ll have a massive stroke or heart attack and drop dead just after the inauguration. Pray for it.

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How is that hope? Harris will gladly pick up the MIC baton and run. She is after all who the MIC wanted in the first place.

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Well said, Olhippy.

This country has been in a war or has invaded some country for its entire history except for 13 years.

I almost had leave the country to avoid going to Vietnam. Even as a teenager, I knew Vietnam was immoral and based on lies.