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National Park Ranger Condemned for Attacking Unarmed Indigenous Man on Sacred Native Land

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/30/national-park-ranger-condemned-attacking-unarmed-indigenous-man-sacred-native-land


The indignity angers me.
Little man over compensating for something. I miss stories about justice being served. I miss Hammurabi & his code.

when our Justice systems no longer serve our weakest and most vulnerable, would vigilantes serve us better?

I know when I go to meditate in nature, that I always bring a paramilitary force with me. Those chicken shit park Rangers give us a wide berth.


We must stop this militarized over-armed authoritarian madness before the few get the population reducing conflicts they so obviously seek. The party of Biden isn’t likely to do it, just as Mitch’s party wont.


I worked for a summer at a national park in the West and I admit I was never aware of specific instructions to handle this situation. I wasn’t a law enforcement ranger but my trailer mate was. There is a problem with law enforcement on national parks that probably no one who has never worked at the parks would be aware of. Many seasonal rangers want to be permanent rangers employed year round but the only positions the NPS grants this in many parks are law enforcement rangers. So many people end up going to law enforcement school who don’t have the temperament for it. Of course many who have the temperament for it aren’t any better with respect to the problems here, but I still think it is a dynamic I’d like fixed (but I don’t know how yet - park service needs more money though).

I don’t know what extra rights being a Native American in a national park grants you - perhaps there are some. But in all parks normal people aren’t ever allowed to bring dogs on trails (in the car and a certain distance from the car is usually allowed).

Getting off the trail as someone walks by and then going back to the trail in this day of Covid should absolutely be tolerated for any visitor so if that was contributory, that is ridiculous.

Not being a law enforcement ranger, I have no idea what the rules on identification are. I never have an issue stating my name but I understand not everyone feels the same.

Being tased sucks I’m sure and I certainly am not claiming it was justified here. Glad Darrell House didn’t have a heart attack and glad he wasn’t shot. Hopefully the ranger faces the consequences of a bad decision.


The white man exercising what comes natural to him. Had it been a blond blue eye creature, tasing would NEVER have occured to him.

The white people have been taught since the early euro-trash invasion “Doctrine of Discovery”. This doctrine was pushed by the cathlic church, it states that white man is the soul and heart of humanity and that non-christian savages are not human.

In my history books in 4th grade, native americans were called savages and the white man would show them the way to salvation (murders/stolen land/ torture/genocide)


I am house sharing in Albuquerque with some long-time residents. Have been here four months and take long jogs around the city every day. Albuquerque is not like this. Everyone is congenial, lots of hellos from strangers, homeless are well-tolerated. All minorities are present and mixed around the city.

I’ll just bet this ranger is ex-military and not a local.

Another borderline psycho with a gun, badge, and taser. What these people need is a thorough and complete psychological evaluation BEFORE being hired! Not after they give someone PTSD or worse!


Fire the Ranger for starters, maybe convict him for assault and battery too.


I was thinking about this some more (I posted above) and I think other outcomes could be better. My choice (after due process which would appear at this point to find the ranger at fault for excessive force, but if found guilty of actual assault my comments won’t apply as this requires more serious penalties) is:

  1. A loss of law enforcement certification, and the commensurate loss in pay when moved back to a regular ranger.

  2. As a requirement to keep an interpretive ranger job (most law enforcement rangers I knew still came from an interpretive ranger initially):

a) Arbitration with the person harmed. Darrell House may have a creative way that the ranger can offer some form of retribution.

b) Agreement to make a video that can be used in training of future law enforcement rangers (or in retraining) so that others can learn from this mistake.

Probably won’t happen, but this would seem a better restorative justice solution to me.

Again, glad nobody died which is all too common unfortunately.


Here’s what we could do, reverse ownership.

If any corporation or individual who despoils the land, air or water the land would be taken of their care .

The quality of the biosphere would improve overnight if this was the case .
Let’s put the Indigenous peoples in charge of overseeing this guiding principle.

It’s not difficult its necessary for all of our survival as all of us are important .


the problem continues to be ugly ,nasty, vicious, racist white men—maybe we should consider banning them from law enforcement jobs–or maybe require starting and periodic sessions with psychologists trained to detect their basic disability-that they are full of fear and hatred that they lack the ability to act like decent human beings


Not just “public lands” the entire continent was stolen from the First Nations!


It is European Christianity, that includes Protestants, that have little or no respect for the planet. The notion is that only jesus, and only a white jesus, can save the world. Fuckin sky fairys.


Punishment for these rangers:

  1. Loss of jobs.
  2. Jail Time.
  3. They should be tasered.
  4. Public statement of their guilt and wrong-doing.
    This unpunished behavior is the acceptance of it and leads to more of it…

Give the power of these “non-lethal” weapons to boys and they will use it.


It seems as if there is the assumption (not by you) that the ranger did something outside of the orders they operate by. It would be good to know if he was actually acting within the job duties he is given. If so, it is the system that needs correction, along with the ranger.


The doctrine of discovery is still on the books at the vatican to this day!

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“I don’t want to ID myself.” translates to “I am not legitimate.” His boss should fire his ass on the spot. If armed, the assailed should shoot him for pretending to be an officer. If they want the wild west they should get it.

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As justified as it may seem reciprocal violence leads to reciprocal violence, and me thinks tho the indigenous are within their rights they would in the case of violence be on the losing end of the stick ,or taser / pistol , one question I have is when do the rangers actually have a real need of weapons ?? Rattle snakes ? Gila monsters ? Aggressive buzzards , ? If someone was walking off trail to avoid such an obstacle would they be tased ?? Protect and serve?? Jeeze


I wrote to the park service after watching the footage wondering what the hell was going on. Then I read their “were doing further investigation” email back to me and rewatched the video.

What I got was that the ranger was locked in to a process that was just not working in the situation that he was in. There was no human to human at all.

You are so right. This canned militarized response to things is just not working. There’s no decent human being energy at all.


There needs to be better communication between people that use the park so that we learn something other than violence and punishment. Think about what was missing there.