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National Suicide Point?


National Suicide Point?

Laura Flanders

After a few weeks overseas, away from the daily drip of US news, I’m home and horrified and thinking about Karl Polanyi.

One of the 20th century’s great economic historians, Polanyi wrote about economics, but he started with humanity. What does it take to create a willing worker, a follower, a servant? What makes a person pliant?


The “only” thing which this nation must separate, is the heads of Republicans, from their necks.


Oh the US is still here and still throwing its weight around, blackmailing, threatening, hypocritically criticizing others for doing what it does daily, but America suicided decades ago!


No accountability, none. We’ve been doing this dance for several decades and it just keeps keeping worse and we continue to march, protest, write emails, send letters, sign petition and nothing moves these power brokers or politicians. Only a few good politicians that have our interest at heart but that is not enough to vote for democrats any longer.

Yes, i am severely disgusted and downhearted.


Pity the poor right-wingers. With Trump as their leader, it’s getting hard to hind behind their pet slogans such as moral majority, family values, fiscal responsibility and more. Their support for Trump reveals them for the hateful, racist phonies they’ve always been. They and their Republican party have nowhere to hide, now. And to think that the Democratic party has moved hard right to attract these people. Madness. National suicide point, indeed.


Capitalism has go to go. It’s really that simple…


Mention socialism to these capitalist pigs or even hint at it and face the full onslaught of brainwashed fury. As evidenced by the recent article on Eugene Debs treatment. The present trillions of dollars military kill state-police state setup indicates and ensures change will not be forthcoming.


You know that capitalism has raised more people out of poverty than any other economic system?


It is not indefinite detention. Under immigration law it can be 30 days to whenever there is a determination made by civil administrative law. There are also hardship exemptions. Lets not make this worse than it is, it is bad because the normal procedures are over whelmed. Immigration has worked fairly well for hundreds of years. Each person still has a right of due process.


It has also put more people into poverty.




Capitalism does both, that is why the U.S. has been better than some because it includes socialism of some aspects of society. It actually pays some people not to participate in the economy but still survive.


Again you make it Republican/Democrat and propagate the myth that the one side of the duopoly is better then the other, instead of two sides of the same coin. As long as you believe such nonsense you will forever be a prisoner of your own mind. The social programming is deep…but if you ever want change this is the very first mind fuck you need to break PonyBoy. It is not a little thing…


You should be. The Republic is dead and we didn’t lift a finger to stop it. Now we are fully in an Orwellian Corporate State…while the masses still live in a false manufactured reality, slave to their own minds. We are totally fucked my friend. I see no light at the end of this tunnel…


Tell that to the 60 percent of Americans that are so poor they can’t afford a $400 car repair without going into hock. Such fucking bullshit…another willing brainwashed slave…


No matter what anyone says you are right. However , volunteering with groups and getting together with community is always available. Marching and signing petitions is not enough. Also, politics is all about money and always has been.


Well, we are all ( here) using computors so we probably are either in our homes, at the home of a friend or relative, or at a library. In other words, we are doing this rather than begging for food on the streets. Many are doing that now.


That aspect of society does not pay people to not participate- it’s just that there are programs that might give people a little leg up- it’s not really surviving. Until, people stop populating, taking away from the land and other species, and vote for people who only care about the rights of the unborn like a cult - we will be in this sticky mess. look up population connection.


“crushed, defeated, overwhelmed” and might I say, thoroughly demoralized.
All the expressed hate and anger won’t fix us. Commenting on this site doesn’t change anything. Protests are hidden from the population or falsely portrayed.
We’re on a sinking ship with ever higher waves of hopelessness breaking on our consciences.


Oh Danny Boy, when it comes to the dissolution of the Duopoly, I am an equal opportunity Hangman.