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#NationalSchoolWalkout Protests Underway Because "Guns Don't Die. Children Do."


#NationalSchoolWalkout Protests Underway Because "Guns Don't Die. Children Do."

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Students walked out of classrooms across the country at 10am local time on Friday—the 19th anniversary of the Columbine school massacre—for the latest in a series of recent youth-led demonstrations to demand stricter gun laws.


Some benevolent genius is wondering right now -“How do I profit off of this?”


In defense of children everywhere, know your strength, speak your truth and never give up. Cheers.


I applaud the kids. I love their energy and their activism. So much so that I am hesitant to note that even with the rise in gun violence 1) most is not directed at schools 2) they still have more chance of being killed by lightning than a school shooter [I think those stats still hold] and 3) their drive to and from school is likely the most potentially-fatal part of their day, far more so if texting.
Similar for assault. I am glad they are active but bothered that they are not good at analyzing data to determine priorities for action. Which doesn’t mean this is not important otherwise they are going to get saddled with more guns in schools touted as “protection.”
My overall point is that there is not much rational analysis of threat profiles coming from anyone (students, politicians, etcetera) mostly instant, seems-obvious, declarations of “solutions.” I would like to think they will bring some needed progress and change, and I would like to see their efforts carry on further, but I worry they are expending themselves in this area and they’ll fade out after that.


Look at those kid’s names. Like they came from 30 years ago. It’s fake.

I’m against guns. I’m also against the massive rights grab that has little to do with guns coming from these school shootings. The mental health database these people have demanded covers half of the US - anyone who has taken an anti-depressant before. And it’s allows our gov to disappear you.

This is something the left should start focusing on. I posted a link on another article here. let me go get it:

David Hogg changed his story:

You can also check that he admits he’s an actor as does all of the loudest speakers. They’re taking all of our rights away. Wake up. It’s not about guns.

There really are mock events going on at the time of these shootings, of a shooting at the same place. The MSM reports them and then says what a coincidence. Start looking. the biggest shootings are fake and there is a massive rights grab after each of them. Gun rights are just the façade.


Click on the article and look at the pictures as you scroll down. It’s year book photos but apparently not from the same year book - half are black and white and the other half color. Do kids LOOK like that now a days? Their names are from the 80’s. Their hair is from the 80’s.


I love these kids and I wish them great success!


I’m for the stricter gun laws. Just look what else has come on the coat tales though. The mental health database is far to wide and allows homeland security to do far too much. It covers half the US population. This is a rights grab masquerading as a gun grab. That said, I’d hold a sign that says F the NRA.


It’s the columbine kids. I thought it was the Parkland Kids. Sane Progressive checked up on the Parkland kids on Facebook. Half said they’re in college and listed they died in the Parkland highschool shooting. She’s done a lot of work vetting these. She woke up when she saw her rights being taken away - she used to be a mental health nurse. She’s a former dem who exited when I did when Bernie didn’t get the nomination. She’s totally following the mental health database issue that’s come from these. They can take her away under the new laws because she’s had depression before.


Although I’m rootin’ for the kids, I mean there’s no Earthly reason a nutcase should have access to an assault rifle, yet it seems to me that an American head of a household should be able to defend his family from a physical threat whether animal or human with a trusty rifle or shotgun. I think a happy medium should be possible. If something underhanded is at work here, such as a plot to disarm America, this must be resisted in no uncertain terms.


“gun violence…[is rarely]…directed at schools…[students] have more chance of being killed by lightning than a school shooter…and…their drive to…school…students are not good at analyzing data to determine priorities for action.”

  1. Student activism against gun violence includes calls for a renewed assault weapons ban to reduce mass shooting fatalities. The last assault weapons ban worked:


  1. In addition, opposing military-style assault weapons is politically effective because - for students as an affected group - the movement is educative: first, it throws a spotlight on the ugly politics and mentality of NRA members, and power of the gun lobby; second, by educating and mobilizing students they become stakeholders, likely to vote when eighteen.

  2. The student-initiated, student-led anti-gun violence movement also has other themes - joining with young people of color in urban settings - where many kids are killed with illegally bought and sold guns - to demand social policies to curb this type of violence. Here it is not only a question of gun legislation, but of social programs to help low income people.


Hi baska,

I agree. I don’t think I was clear enough that I also believe the earlier assault weapons ban was good and we need it again.

My point was to the seemingly narrow focus of these great kids. I’ve seen other movements founder on issues which don’t expand or set up a more strategic base of governance (Vietnam protests through the Wall Street occupation). They seem to peter out and exhaust themselves while the “powers that be” oppose them but let them go on as a smoke screen device and a way of defusing efforts to go from protest to positions of influence. Once the protest is done, if you have no where else to go with it, the power remains in the hands of the same people you were protesting. It is very stubborn.

Also, although they are rhetorically including a wider idea than simply making schools safer I am constantly seeing pleas to make school safe, and to make sure they are not afraid of going to school and getting killed buy a shooter. This means they are working themselves into personal fears which are themselves damaging personally - and not because they wish to damage themselves but because they think they are saving themselves with fears not matched by the data.
(I recognize the pattern. I spent a couple decades + damaging myself with fears that were not reasonable from age 8 into my early 30’s. You go into a deeper and deeper spiral, convinced you are saving yourself but you aren’t. It took me a long time to see it. I really hate to see so many of these young people doing to themselves the type of personal fear damage I did to myself.)
There also is the assertion that they are going to vote for darn sure, thinking that voting is the power. It too seems to be more smoke screen while those in charge pretty much ignore voting choice, even though most of those choice are their own picks. That doesn’t keep me from voting. I too, make a point of voting because sometimes it does count no matter how much is it merely a pro-forma exercise. I wish voting was really the voice of the people but I do insist on voting anyway. These kids should too but with the understanding that they need to get into those elected positions themselves. I have a lot of confidence in their idealism and hope it translates to a change of the guard.


“This means they are working themselves into personal fears…”

Perhaps…guess I’m hopeful that - to extent that such feelings may be present - they are counteracted by protest and activism as empowering…


Agree mostly with RainyInSeattle about these shooting incidents. I think the Colorado theater, Pulse club in Orlando and Las Vegas shootings were all government contrived and controlled false flag events. The truth remains untold in these shootings where witness testimony was ignored. The Boston marathon, SandyHook and other mass murders are suspect also where doubt of the truth of the event is being censored and criminalized.


Someone has got to come up with a much better solution than Trump’s proposal that teachers carry or have guns in the classroom to protect themselves and others. Back when I worked with the students labeled as behavior, or conduct disorder they were a real challenge to deal with. Some special education classrooms had Teacher Assistant adults that were trained on how to use physical restraints. Then we had


This is good – if it’s picked up … like Every Saturday becoming “Stand Against
NRA and Gun Violence” day …

Mother’s Day – another opportunity.

Is it getting enough attention in the press so people know about it?


This summer go down to DC tie up the government! Tie up traffic! Keep the demopubcrats out of your movement. The two party pimps don’t care about anything but money! Capitalist and imperialist! Cash, war, racism, and desth!


dream –

There’s a disturbing “BUT” unsaid in your comments –

How much gun violence is too much for you?

Does it matter to you if even one school is attacked by someone wielding an AR15?

Does it matter to you if gun violence is creating violence in our societies and murdering
more than 30,000 citizens every year?

Every citizens knows that when you hear lightning you go indoors and seek
protection. There are no “alerts” about someone with a gun, however.

AUTOMOBILES are REGULATED FOR SAFETY and every automobile and owner is INSURED.
If you hit someone with your car, you will be sued and your insurance company will pay costs.

And that’s exactly what we need to happen with GUNS . . .
They need to be regulated as to design and all owners must carry INSURANCE
to cover any harm done by the gun or the owner.

If any gun or any owner does any harm to another human being, then there needs
to be insurance coverage.

What most of us see is that violence continues to expand all over the world
and that much of it begins with the US/CIA’s weapons-running, warmongering and wars.

Violence is a very broad subject which needs to come under review and for solution –
from top to bottom of our government. And, including male violence in our societies.

Any organization which works to increase violence locally or internationally must be addressed
and held accountable. That includes the NRA and our own government.

There shouldn’t be any level of violence in our societies which we consider TOLERABLE.
There shouldn’t be any level of violence which takes the lives of citizens here or elsewhere
that we consider TOLERABLE.


Hmmmmm? School gun walkout on 4/20?
Gun problem cured!
America is a strange and duplicitous place.


I let kids on my lawn. I don’t own a gun - never have. Stop your gun crap because it’s blinding you.

It’s a rights problem. It isn’t about guns.

Since when has any state enforced gun laws about who buys them? What about private sales? People who own guns think it is because they are paranoid about everything that looks like someone might take their guns away.

I see nothing changing with gun rights. These kids say very little about gun rights.

It’s all about your and my rights. The mental health database covers 1/2 the US population. VET IT and then take a look at what’s really happening.

People with mental health issues are more likely to be abused than abuse others.

It is a massive rights grab to legally disappear us all and it has nothing to do with guns.