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Nations' Climate Pledges Set Course for Disastrous Warming: Analysis


Nations' Climate Pledges Set Course for Disastrous Warming: Analysis

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Greenhouse gas reduction pledges nations have submitted to the United Nations set the planet on a path that keeps global warming beneath what is seen as a critical 2°C threshold simply out of reach.


One of the pledges that we need from your state is a pledge to develop local renewables jobs by working with inventors to develop renewables products. Follow the oil trucks around and follow the fracked gas pipelines and you'll see what fossil fuel applications need to be displaced by local jobs:
1. Electricity after dark and on cloudy days, either through solar thermal storage or through hydropumping are leading candidates, but listen to the inventors come up with other options.
2. Building heat at 5:00 a.m. on winter mornings when the older building needs to heat to 68 degrees.
3. Building hot water too.
4. Building air conditioning.
5. Growing local food in the winter.
6. Commuting

Note that your local university probably signed exactly this pledge, to work with local inventors to solve climate change, when they signed the Greenhouse Compact. Your local institution of higher education then conveniently couldn't move an inch because they had gum on their shoe and it was hard to walk anywhere. For some reason a number of people with rather modest intellectual integrity received tenure despite this personal character flaw of theirs.


The public was introduced to Global Warming in 1957 --
However, scientists could see the negative impact on Nature from
the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in the late 1880's . .
and it was then that we begin to see the RISE in temperatures.

Btw, Jimmy Carter had solar panels installed at the White House.
Reagan had them removed.


Global Warming was introduced to the public in 1957 where the
Global Warming model was show to and explained to the public.
At the same time we had Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" and
Earth Day -- all concerned with the health of the planet and the

Obama has allowed off-shore drilling despite a 26 year ban on it.

All of our presidents have been protecting corporate interests because
Elites have had undue influence and control over our government and
its agencies from the beginning. We have a schizophrenic Constitution
which had little to do with "equality" except for rich white males to whom
the government immediately began doling out land grants and privileges.
Also see: Brig. Gen. Smedley Darlington Butler/"War Is A Racket!"

Our military has long been used to support the interests of the wealthy
all over the world.


I support every effort to alleviate the impact of Global Warming --
HOWEVER, we must all understand that the effects we feel today of
GW are based in our human activity 50 years ago. In other words,
what we are feeling of the effects right now are based only on human
activity up to about 1965. !!!!
Every year will be hotter than the last no matter what we do.
It is wise however to try to act to save the planet and whatever can be

Oil is now "National Security" issue .... No Oil/No War
At least until they learn to fly bombers on solar energy
And move tanks by solar energy



All of these things would have an immediate and positive impact.

  • At your library, you should find a film called "Who Killed The Electric Car?"

Also, beyond heat, Global Warming has the power to change weather systems --
wind, gulf stream, oceans, floods/droughts --

Near 600 across the planet --

These nuclear reactors are not only dangerous in themselves, in CA some are
built on faults -- two are built on Lake Erie, a source of drinking water.
They are subject to floods/droughts/earthquakes.

Global Warming will bring increasing numbers of (and more sever instances of)
hurricanes, cyclones, tornadoes, floods/droughts, lightning strikes, earthquakes.
Earthquakes, due to the changing pressures on the tectonic plates from melting
of the glaciers. No one can say how all of this will compound.


That sounds great, but all those newly invented innovations, will have to be "manufactured" and will it be with renewables? or with fossil fuels, on a mass scale, in order to be provided to the public. To me, this is all 'round and round we go and right back to the same place. REnewables are fine, but WHY TO HELL are we not RESTRICTING people, by law, from participating in various luxury oriented activities, EVEN JOBS, when we are staring down the barrel of catastrophic climate change? ....and when I say "restricting people" I mean "rich" or even somewhat, upper middle class. If you make over 150, 000 a year, you are probably able to put renewables on your home without too much problem to your pocket book. Flying should be restricted, professional sports should be curtailed and the public weaned off them... I mean, these are just examples.... we are playing RUSSIAN ROULETTE WITH OUR CLIMATE... making statements about what to do is not gong to mean it gets done. Each year that goes by and emissions STILL CREEP UP ... means we are ever closer to annihilation.


Sorry, Robert, but I very much disagree --
Obama is a corporatist -- so is Killary.
So is Biden.

Everyone up for election -- including the two parties --are corrupted by
the organized wealthy/corporations.

This is why we have war -
Why our government is support wars of aggression all over the world.
Not only very profitable for the rich, but behind war they gain undue control
over citizens and populations.
This is why we do not have National Health Care --
This is why we see attacks on Social Security funds to move that money
to the Wall Street casinos --
This is why we see attacks on Medicare --
Why we have off-shore drilling after a 26 year ban.
And why Obama is pushing a "new generation of nuclear reactors."
Why we have such vast income redistribution to the already wealthy --
Why we have Citizens United --
This is why we haven't seen those who created the depression of 2008
put in jail -- rather they were put in charge of the recovery by Obama!
Obama's own advisors recommended assistance for the economy which
Obama ignored and permitted only 20% of to be enacted. Later, it was
reduced even further. Obama has put right wing destroyers in charge
everywhere across the government.
And the attacks on the sick, the weak, the vulnerable continue on via
this government. Very little has been done about homelessness, for instance.
Barely a mention.
Spying on citizens continues on.
All of that makes clear this is a rightwing government acting in the interests
of the wealthy.


I'm a little baffled by your response. Are you agreeing with me?.


Because I thought I gave some good examples as to how to fix it.


You are intrinsically deceitful. They care do they? Did they? Carter wanted to make us free of dependency on foreign oil. He advocated alternatives and even placed solar panels on the White House. That was caring in real terms. You may be right in technicality but not reality. Hell, even Jeb Bush and the repubs care about it... just not enough to do anything about it. What do you get from playing the liberal but shoving these petty deceptions at people? You do it a lot you know.