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Nation's Teachers and Pediatricians Demand Major Federal Investment In Schools to Allow for Safe Reopening

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/12/nations-teachers-and-pediatricians-demand-major-federal-investment-schools-allow


As a second generation public educator I can say this, Public Education is National Security Priority Objective Number One. Period. Do it safely, smartly, but not politically.


It’s time to hold this Federal Government’s feet to the fire.

Create a catastrophe, and you must pay for it.


All of you just got done voting for Biden, whereas Sanders’ whole platform was about making major investments in education, health care,climate, etc. Now those same people are asking Trump and Biden for investment in education, when Biden and Trumps entire political platform was standing squarely against those things. In the obviously rigged primaries, they told you such things were “impractical” and you rewarded them for their forward thinking, their vision, and their deep concern for the national well-being with your unanimous vote, remember? Now all of a sudden you want them to be just like Sanders? Please tell me your joking.


Shame ! Shame ! Shame ! on this country which refuses to take care of the most vulnerable, innocent and our future.

Citizens, Parents, Teachers UNITE and demand that our needs be met. Those greedy people in charge need to do what is right by our nation’s children.

STRIKE do not pay taxes, do not buy anything except food.


“Did you hear the one about the Jew and the Muslim that walked into a bar?”


“All of you just got done voting for Biden.” Surely you are speaking to dem. voters in general, not the people who follow CD.


There’s a surprising number who visit this site who are permanent followers of the democrat party, including some of the writers of CD articles. Its better here than most sites though. I was referring more to the crowd who is making demands in general, as if they were going to have any influence whatsoever with the current regime or the next one.


I wonder how nutty it must be around trump these days. There is no easy money to squander, steal, or give to butt kissers.
This fact must make trump pace back and forth in front of his Fox Noise program.

The fools running this country haven’t quite sunk the ship, but the ship is floundering in very rough seas if not a typhoon.
If we take a poll of how people voted in the primary, how many of us would say they voted for Biden?
I just don’t want people to get the wrong impression about the difference between Biden and Sanders.
While they are quite different, we are going to be floundering none-the-less.
You’re point about the helplessness of the country is noted Adam. I feel the same way.

The largest association of pediatricians in the nation just last week called for schools to be open this fall. So which is it?

And as for public schools, well, we are about to witness disaster capitalism 101.
Come fall, there may be no more public schools.


Excellent post.

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Are you talking about John Nichols and Thom Hartman Etc?

They are disinvesting in schools because they intend to privatize them and outsource the jobs to low wage countries temping firms. Right now some services like police and primary education are still exempt because they are considered to be “supplied as an exercise of governmental authority” but they are chipping away at the foudations for that exemption bit by bit.

“Services” are being liberalized, remember?

They are doing the same thing in dozens of other areas too. Their arguments are basically the arguments which have been made by the labor-supplying countries. Why educate when you can rent educated workers for much less. This ideology is now embedded in trade agreements. Unless we reverse the trend by getting out of these deals we’ll be trapped. Because we already have commercial schools. So public primary education is no longer exempt on the grounds that its supplied in the exercise of government authority.

I’m speaking of anyone and everyone who bought into the notion that democrats can be pressured to change into progressives. If they fit this mold, then yes I’m referring to them. I’m certain it refers to Sanders himself, to Noam Chomsky, and many others of the intellectual liberal elite, who seem conveniently capable of ignoring the fact that time has long since run out.


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Stop thinking along the lines of Democrats vs. Republicans now. Our whole country and planet is being STOLEN by the sklickest crooks in existence, ever.

Start thinking democracy versus fascism or corporatocracy.

The people who we thought were on our side werent.

They were working for the other side.

And still are.
Deal with it.


Just because people thought that democrats, or republicans, were on their side doesn’t mean I thought along those lines. I have known Since Nixon that this was not the case. If it takes another 50 or 60 years since then for 1% of the rest of us to come around, it does not justify anyone telling me to stop thinking along party lines.

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We might want to be careful here. Voters could be impressed by trump’s boldness in thumbing his nose at anything he personally objects to. An appearance of strong leadership was a part of why so many voters took a chance on him.
These agreements, like warranties, are only as good as the those offering the warranty.
My goodness, there is so much else to repair that these treaties are second shelf for a Biden, and no where in site of a trump.
Who is going to hold trump over a fire if he chooses the "thumbs his nose policy?

Vee de Noise can share some of her billions to get what she wants.

do you mean that our school children will be taught by south asians from India, Bangladesh and the Philippines like the nurses in major city hospitals? Oh Boy !

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