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'Nation's Top Censorship Officer': Targeted NYT Journalist Rebukes Eric Holder over Press Freedoms


'Nation's Top Censorship Officer': Targeted NYT Journalist Rebukes Eric Holder over Press Freedoms

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Persecuted New York Times journalist James Risen accused U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder of being the "nation's top censorship officer" in a searing rebuke to comments made by Holder on Tuesday that the way his department handled the case of the now-imprisoned CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling should exemplify "how the Justice Department can proceed."


If Holder didn’t crack down on whistleblowers the conservative establishment would throw a costly tantrum


When Holder finishes packing up his office, do you suppose he’ll wear his brown shirt and Jack boots home, or discretely carry them in his gym bag?
We expected this kind of performance from the past scum that held the title of US attorney general. Holder was supposed to be better than the likes of John Mitchell, or Ed Meese, or that criminal bible humper Ashcroft. To be placed in this rouges gallery of American nazis is quite a legacy indeed.


Sounds like a systemic problem.


Mr. Risen, you can do the amerikan people a great service by not just fighting to fix press freedom in the US, you and other reporters can educate the american people on how Barack Obama and Eric Holder aided and abetted the too big to fail banks and the Wall St. elites to not only break amerikan banking and investment laws, but they allowed the banksters and the banks that they represent to get away without being punished at all. No bankster was forced to pay money from their own pockets to pay the fines that they received for the felonies that they committed, nor were the too big to fail banks forced to pay the government fines from the banks profits. They used money that in fact belonged to investors, to pay the fines of the banksters and the banks so that the ones committing the felonies paid absolutely no price for their wrong doing, no jail time nor any financial loss to themselves!
The government of Barack Obama and the DOJ under Eric Holder also helped the too big to fail banks perpetuate massive fraud on the amerikan people by allowing the banks to illegally foreclose homes on amerikan families. The DOJ also allowed the too big to fail banks to keep some 5 million foreclosed homes off the market. Had the banks been forced to keep those 5 million homes on the market, they would have had to mark them as losses on their books which would have shown the amerikan people exactly how insolvent the too big to fail banks were and are, After 4 years of QE and the Fed is stilling buying the toxic paper of these banks! It’s hard to see how anyone could claim that the banks are solvent!
Good luck to you and other reporters Mr. Risen. May you and your friends in the print media bring to light for the amerikan people all of the illegal activities of the Obama administration and the Holder DOJ! May your and others reporting lead to the eventual incarceration of Barack Obama and Eric Holder!


Would it surprise anyone to learn that Al Jazeera’s journalists were imprisoned in Egypt at US request to intimidate Al Jazeera into sticking to Washington’s official line?


The good news is that any search engine will provide many accounts of past administrations, federal and local, who have incarcerated or threatened to incarcerate reporters for not revealing their sources.


Go James. Post must be at least 10 characters. Go James.