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Nationwide and in Nevada, Sanders and Clinton Neck and Neck


Nationwide and in Nevada, Sanders and Clinton Neck and Neck

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are in a dead heat both nationwide and in Nevada—the next Democratic caucus state and a supposed Clinton stronghold—two polls released Wednesday find.


Go Bernie, the people speak and this is our moment, we all need to come together in our communities for Bernie.


The youth in each state need to compete with each other to see who can get the highest participation rate for their state caucus/primary and then for Nov. 8. Stay focused youth, this is your future at stake.


In Nevada? If those are national polls, that too is exciting, a closing of the gap, and it is only February.


Is that a chance of winning or the percentage of the margin of victory?


With Hillary getting so many superdelegates, there is almost no way Bernie can win, unless some of those superdelegates switches candidates.


Indeed he has, and it isn't over. There are still people who haven't heard of Bernie. Hillary should be afraid, very afraid.


Everything on the ground belies any landslide for Hillary in SC. Look at this crowd at a long established black college, Morehouse, in Atlanta. I wouldn't bet on the Nate Silver approach.


The more people, voters, contrast the differences between Sanders and Clinton (I will not include R's), the more they support Sanders "yes we can" (and must) vision for the future and calls for transformative change, the more they shift from Clinton's incrementalism and "no we can't" stay the course message.

Trust is a huge thing clearly seen in Sanders "authenticity", his words, and issues advocacy for the 99%. Posturing and shifting positions based on criticism from Sanders, polls, or focus-groups, as well as history of representing the 1% are also seen clearly. Both conditions are written all over the faces of politicians and there is little or nothing they can do about it........
The loyalty given the Clintons by Black Americans, mostly of a certain age, is not deserved many say based on Bill's actions as prez and Hills support and her own actions...or lack of action beyond just empty words. The more Black Americans know the Clinton history, the more they, along with Latinos, will shift to support Bernie Sanders; Sanders record is clear and steady, working for all the 99%.


A new USA Tdoay/Suffolk national poll has Clinton ahead by 10 points. That seems more in line with the various state polls that are out there than a 2 point lead. An NBC on-line poll also had Clinton ahead by 10 points nationally,


Don't worry, no one else sees what JohnEllis "sees"...


I'm all for Sanders. But there isn't much need to focus on these primaries (or what the hell ever they are). He wins, she still gets his delegates...or SUPERDUPER delegates. It's really kinda silly at this point--isn't it? We know how this thing will end anyway. It'll be The Witch vs The Banker. Either way you lose.


So you're saying that there's no chance of a Republican winning at all? That level of "certainty" sounds like famous last words. Most of your other posts have a similar ring. Mere mortals are not so infallible. Opinions are one thing, but out and out declarations of a "sure thing" are suspect ...


MSNBC is reporting Clinton 49% / Sanders 48% in Nevada. Didn't see what poll they were quoting, if any. Last I heard pollsters are avoiding Nevada since the Nevada primary is a very recent event and they don't have the historical data to make a guess.

Meanwhile, I saw a clip of Clinton at some rally. Her voice had an affected emotionality in it as she stated how it's time to take up the cause of racial discrimination and make a good start at dealing with that. I'd say she's about 60 years behind the times. The Civil Rights movement was going on while I was in grade school. Guess she missed it.

In another spot she was talking about how politicians can't show up the day before an election and expect to gain the vote of the poor. It was amazing to watch her flapping her lips without realizing the things she was saying applied to her more than they did to Sanders.


So we can skip the election, and just crown Hillary? Somehow I seriously doubt that. I doubt if Nate Silver, whom you seem to swear by, would make that claim either ...


Superdelegates are certainly a force of un-democracy, but to be clear they represent 15% of the total delegates at stake (according to yesterday's folks on Democracy Now!). Even a 13% unfair advantage for Clinton can be overcome by a landslide for Sanders--and that 13% (or slipping to 12, 11, and counting) will only stick out more as anathema to the public if Sanders continues to do well with the popular vote. And let's not forget that this game is rigged from the get-go, too, with the duopoly shutting out other parties, with the corporate control of the media, etc. Still, I do hope this fire for what Sanders represents will catch and start the cleansing and re-fertilizing process.


Trump versus Clinton would be two walking, talking scandals colliding. It would be the vomit election: which of these loathsome creatures makes you less sick?

Fortunately, Jill Stein voters don't face this dilemma.


What's your age, John? And Nevada? Who really CARES about Nevada? Hey, again, I like the guy, love to see it work out. I'll work help elect him should he (someway) cross the rubicon of the Democratic Party. Don't know about you, but I've been there..done that. Just say'n, don't get all worked up about all of these little primaries. Hillary's gonna clobber him. Should she not, she'll still take his sh*t and laugh about it. That's your history right there. The fix is in...believe it--or not.


Bernie's proposed revolution would be complete if he criticized the violence and futility of U.S. foreign policy. Simple things like disavowing drone warfare, standing against destructive bombing, discontinuing arms sales, cutting the military budget and closing foreign bases. That's why Jill Stein remains the best candidate regardless of the poll numbers.


You might want to read Nate Silver's criticism of polls after the 2014 election, particularly PPP. See