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Nationwide 'Close the Camps' Demonstrations Announced to Protest Horrific Conditions at Trump Detention Centers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/29/nationwide-close-camps-demonstrations-announced-protest-horrific-conditions-trump

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Sigh. I was not going to do anymore fruitless protest but once more I to the breech I suppose. I, spouse and son will be at my idiot Senator Pat Toomey’s Lehigh Valley offices on July 2nd … I guess you just can’t give up when your country is viciously, deliberately starving, freezing, denying medical care and caging children…
I must say. I now truly hate the United States of America and that will never change. We are monsters. Children sick cold starving in cages… anyone who does NOT hate a nation who does this is morally bankrupt.


I made the suggestion years ago, when illegal border crossings were on the rise, that we should have state of the art refugee centers.

I’m with merf: oh fudge, I’m gonna have to show up for this one, goddammit!

But I’d like to add another demand: the same one Julian Castro articulated in the first debate: decriminalize border-crossing. The fact that relatively few Dems stand with Castro on this vital necessity speaks volumes about their long-term complicity in the horror, as it metastasizes.


Those are cruel premeditated horrific conditions void of any humanity and applied by a system that has lost its moral compass.


Opposition or support of legislation has not played any role whatsoever in American political life for decades now. It is, as it turns out, not possible to magically instill ethics into people who do not have any and never have had them. This is particularly true when the amoral individuals are completely insensitive to what the public wants, or doesn’t want, as American government officials and representatives long have been. There is one, and only one, way to resolve these issues, and burning up a few decades of time carrying around signs on occasion isn’t it. This independence day, (“Fourth of July”, to those of us who don’t understand it’s significance), I suggest you all read the the declaration of independence, dated on July 4 1776, and try to understand what it means, and its significance as it pertains to our current situation.


Glad about the protests and plan on finding one close enough to me to make it. That said, part of the strategy should be making demands on Pelosi who has such power to begin a process, to take actions to END this policy starting by public hearings where immigrants advocates who have proof of what is happening can present that evidence under oath to the US citizenry.

Will this be done? No. Ought the fight include putting pressure on these corrupt Democrats to fucking do something? Hell yes.

I know it isn’t much, but I make regular calls to Pelosi’s DC and SF offices and leave messages and also write letters calling her out on her tacit and in reality direct support of this fascist Administration.

I don’t pull any clucks.


Absolutely especially since you can’t be an “illegal” on stolen land, now can you?


May I also suggest that one can show up at any of these patriotic BS displays on 4 July with an upside down American Flag?

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The best one to attend would be the one where trump has a parade in his honor.

Trump is attempting to become a Dictator.

Thank you for posting this video.

Do you want to overturn the dictator? Then insist on impeachment hearings with his concentration camps and family separation front and center. Keep the focus on this month after month until the general electorate becomes educated enough to wake up and feel shame and readiness to do something about it. Can people become humanized through education? Don’t be so glib and cynical that you think not.

There are no rules and regulations for concentration camps, that is what makes them so profitable. the Trump/ Republican Billionaires Buddies love this.

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First of all they are asylum seekers presenting themselves at the border legally. Get that through your racist xenophobic head at long last…
Instead of buying gunz, making war and bloating our military machine we need to invest in the hiring of rational educated and properly trained people to evaluate our fellow human beings refugee requests quickly and efficiently releasing most into the country to await confirmation for or against their claims. If they are going to be refused I have zero issue with putting them on a plane and returning them at my tax money’s expense to their countries of origin. If a few must be secured in custody for a short time it ought to be in a proper dorm style facility with healthy food, hot showers, extra clothing and full medical care. And there should be family dorms as well to insure the family unit is kept together. Like you would want to be treated if YOU were fleeing for your lives… like human beings.
So stuff it pal. You need a morality transplant. And I will NOT be welcoming your kind of xenophobic hate to our community either…