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Nationwide Day-of-Action Described as Largest of Its Kind in US History Has One Goal: Stop Kavanaugh

Nationwide Day-of-Action Described as Largest of Its Kind in US History Has One Goal: Stop Kavanaugh

Common Dreams staff

In what organizers say could be the largest nationwide day of protest against a U.S. Supreme Court nominee in history, hundreds of national and local groups, representing millions of Americans, are taking to the streets on Sunday to voice their profound opposition to the far-right jurist Brett Kavanaugh, President Donald Trump's pick for the life-time court seat.

Time to put our Country and our Children’s Futures before political parties loyalty.


Prove that it’s a child.


Kavanaugh is a done deal folks. He’s trumps final fuck you on his way out early next year. However, this may all lead us on the left to learn a valuable lesson. Stop depending on the courts, and, God forbid, start legislating again.


With all levels of Federal courts stacked with right wingers Congress’ power to legislate will be watered down to the point that 1%ers and corporations will challenge any legislation they don’t like, knowing that the right wing judges will always rule in their favor. The courts, not Congress will be the deciders as to what becomes law and what does not.

The POTUS has demonstrated his power to separate children from their parents without facing prosecution. Kavanaugh has been unequivocal in his drive to grant the POTUS immunity from ALL prosecution to the extent the POTUS will be able to go way beyond SEPARATING children, if you catch my drift.


Hara and other anti-choice crusaders believe they are on a mission from god and that heir mission includes spreading their anti-choice message to EVERY town and EVERY “site” they can find.

They are most accurately labeled anti-choice because choice entails 1) being educated on what your choices are long before the possibility of pregnancy occurs, and. 2) making choices that will make reduce the liklihood that you will ever be at the point that an abortion becomes part of your list of choices.

Anti-choice crusaders’ mission also includes preventing schools from teaching sex education other than abstinence, and preventing access to real birth control, resulting in a higher rate of teen pregnancies and abortions in locations where they control school boards. Yes, by preventing education and access to real birth control, the anti-choice crusaders INCREASE the rate of teen pregnancy and abortions whereas applying pro-choice principles decreases the rate of teen pregnancy and abortion.


What hole did you crawl out of?

You sure got that right. Hopefully before you go back to that energy source we all derive from you will conclude that religion is one of the great fallacies of man. E.G. Do you think a caring gawd would condone all the horrors being perpetrated on man by man?

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Single issue is bad enough, single person may be worse. When all the efforts to stop this one man are unsuccessful, what then? Disillusionment? If all this effort is successful, what then, when the next nominee is worse? Burn out? We need people out there for a more fundamental and systematc purpose, otherwise, when this issue is finished, what then?

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My only disagreement with you is Trump leaving early next year. Sorry but with how fucked up our political system is I don’t expect them shoving him out the door before his term is up. Hell the more I look at what the Dems are doing I will be surprised if Trump doesn’t make it two terms.


Ed –

How about the bodies of doctors at women’s clinics who were killed by your fellow
Christian crazies?

Or the bombings which were likely carried out by Church tax-exempt dollars which
also were used by the Catholic Church and Mormon Church to campaign against
the Equal Rights Amendment – or to pay for the bombings and violent protests at
women’s clinics?

How about the deaths of pregnant females now taking place in Argentina because
the Catholic Church has prevailed there in killing the right to reproductive freedom?

The Catholic Church has had a fanatical hold on the bodies and minds of it’s members -
also called brainwashing.

Catholic women disagree with the fascist insanity of the Catholic Church all over the world.
Just as many Catholic women – using their own personal conscience – have had abortions
as any other women.

This is a Catholic Church without conscience as we see from their 2000 yeas of sexual
abuse of children while claiming that they knew nothing about it.

This is historically a church of violence – setting new precedents of violence in every age.


How about some pictures of the dead doctors at women’s clinics killed by right wing
“Christian” crazies?

Or pictures of clinic personnel killed, bombed and maimed by “Christian” crazies?

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Agree –

but he may be forced to resign – so may the Pope.

Anything can happen in today’s chaotic political environment. It can be really desensitizing.

With a Congress consisting of more than 90% males and right wingers
it’s going to take much more than these demonstrations to get them to pay attention.

And who would profit more from an overturning of Roe than the Catholic Church?

“W’s” deal for the Catholic Church where he and the Supreme Court allowed tax payer
funding for the RCC’s “faith-based” religious organizations makes clear that they are
trying overall to reinstitute church authority over state.

And that attempt has been going on for decades.

“W” didn’t want Church criticism of his wars – which he called “Crusades” more than once.
And the Church needed money to pay for their the lawsuits for priests who sexually abused children.

When the Church began selling off parishes and schools, members turned out to push for
financial control over their parishes – they wanted to see the books.

RCC needed another way to raise money.

Yes, this march was about Kavanugh and the people’s control of government even more than about abortion. I rather agree with you regarding its effect on Kavanaughs appointment.

It reminds me of the marches against Iraq War on the eve of its inception. Bush was fighting low ratings, according to MSM. So he was obliged to start the war to appease, not the marchers, but the managers of MSM, who would shepherd his reelection.
Now, a similar situation with Trump.

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Ahhh, the unhinged, man hating REgressive pipes up with her second most evil thing in the world, that is, religion.I know very few sane Americans will read this but I also know you will and your seething hate for me is like an icy nectar on a scorching hot w Texas afternoon.You so easily attack the Catholic Chuctch but in all the screeching of yours that I’ve read, I must have missed your take on islam. I mean this is a twofer for you if there ever was one.A patriarchy and a religion(it’s more a cult) wrapped into one! Have at it. Men openly abusing women under the guise of their moon god and yet from you? Silence. HAHA!Bonus features(for REgressives) are gays being murdered, Jews being murdered, Christians being murdered, Hindus being murdered, women being murdered, women being multilated…why the list of islamic features are simply outstanding, aren’t they?fookin’ hypocrite and so much hate-Lord, how in the world do you relate to others? How do you even get through your days? I seriously hope you don’t have the means to inflict others with your illness.Visit Topic or reply to this email to respond.To unsubscribe from these emails, click here.

MM –

Don’t see that you found anything incorrect in my post on “Christian crazies” post and
their violence.

But you are right – I do detest all fascism – and that includes all organized patriarchal
religions which are based in male-supremacy.

Meanwhile, it’s still US “Crusades” against Muslims going on in the Middle East –
and CIA still stands for Catholics In Action.

MM –

What you’re trying to bring to Common Dreams is authoritarianism – fascism –
by way of your “god” –

and it would be a waste of your time to try to deny it.

And that kinda makes you part of the “Christian” craziness.

Fascist –

Oh, yes, the right wing fanatics do like to deal in gory pictures they
claim to be from abortions, but those pictures could have been from necessary
late term abortion because MOST abortions are carried out in the very early
stages of pregnancy –

What you’re arguing for is forcing women who need late term abortions to
continue on with the pregnancy though it may effect their future ability to have
a child - or may even kill them.

This is authoritarianism – fascism.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that you have free thought, free conscience and free will . . .
for which you can thank Nature (and any Creator you may fanaticize) for those gifts –
because neither Nature nor any Creator is a fascist and has given all of us those same gifts –
and we are expected to use them.

Further Nature has given women the power of life – not men.
And Nature has put its confidence and all responsibility for children in women.
Pretty much every cell in the human body is majority Mitochondrial DNA, from the female.

Nature also gave females/families the gift of plants which allowed them to limit childbirth
as they could be used as birth control, also to interrupt conception when needed – and to
abort a pregnancy if necessary. It is this female control over life which so enrages males.
Nature is Pro-Choice.

Likely reincarnation may give you an opportunity in your next life to show the world how
well you can do with all of those same gifts and responsibilities when you return as a female.

PS: It’s also rather slimey to try to deny the anti-abortion violence at women’s clinics.
It is well documented and acknowledged. And this violence has been the main tool of
anti-abortion fanatics. But, just in case you’re more youthful and uninformed than I think
you are – here’s a search page you can spend some time with.