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Nationwide 'Marches for Truth' Take Aim at Trump's Destructive Fact-Free Rule


Nationwide 'Marches for Truth' Take Aim at Trump's Destructive Fact-Free Rule

Jon Queally, staff writer

Just days after President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the Paris climate agreement and with the testimony of fired FBI director James Comey scheduled for next week, U.S. citizens gathered for protests in cities nationwide on Saturday to denounce the president's penchant for lying, obscuring facts, and promoting alternative realities.


Come clean or resign might get the job done since it affords the orange one a way out once the increasing, crushing pressure becomes too much for even this pathetic incompetent to bear. And that moment will occur when he realizes there are no more defenses for his conduct, or not at all.


What a bleeding joke. Are the marchers seeking the truth about the Russia canard? Are they seeking the truth about US material support for jihadis in Syria? Are they seeking the truth about the destruction of Libya? About the downing of MH 17? About the fact that the CIA runs the country’s wars? About the collapse of Building 7?

And since Queally mentions Comey, maybe the marchers should demand the files be opened on all the pseudo-terrorist entrapment cases Comey’s FBI foisted on the citizenry during his reign.

This is just more DNC bullcrap posing as progressivism. If these people want more truth, they should be marching outside the offices of the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, NBC, FOX, and all the rest. I’m all for the truth, myself.


Hah…right…it’s just the DNC…because they have millions of people in it that talk to everybody in the country every day and it’s the DNC who’s making up lies and giving them to award winning investigative new agencies and all over the world who believe them. They’ll even come to your house and give you a ride to a protest no matter where you live because trump never lies and is making America great again and the DNC can’t stand that. Got it.


I’m no Obama fan nor a defender, but his lies seemed more acts of omission than commission. As for your parting shot, you clearly have no idea what progressive politics comprise. Progressive thinking (political partisan identification notwithstanding) is wholly and exclusively responsible for all social attainments in any society, hence the root “progress.” That is, of course, unless you buy into the load of horseshit promoted by GE and mouthed by that evil elitist Ronnie boy in the 1960s, you know, “at GE progress is our most important product.” At GE, progress over profits? That’ll be the day. But go ahead, list conservative social progress accomplishments, we’ll wait.


Are you guys serious?? Really??
If you want to expose yourself to the equivalency game, or even learn to read…you’re going to be really really embarrassed.


Once again, Clovis leaps to the defense of Trump/Putin. Not that he likes them or anything.


The idea that Trump is not different from Obama, or Clinton is the alt Lefts contribution to the lies.


Once again, Williamson promotes DNC mis-direction on what is actually wrong with the US power structure and political system.


Although people and organizations comprise most of Trump’s ever growing list of enemies facts, logic and evidence have also been added to the list, doing Goebbels proud.


Because this whole Trump//Putin thing is just a masterful DNC plot. We know how masterful they are. The DNC has even tricked the Trump folks into repeatedly lying about their contacts with entirely innocent Russian oligarchs and such. Only US oligarchs have evil intentions.

Otherwise this Trump regime has been a boon to all things progressive. The DNC is just trying to hide that profound truth. Misdirection it is.


Of course, that is not at all what i said.

You (and the DNC with their incessant hype of Russia-gate and studious inattention to more material matters) mis-direct from the ACTUAL DEEP STRUCTURAL BI-PARTISAN NEOLIBERAL NEOCON NON-DEMOCRACY that sells the USA, the people and the Earth to looters, war-mongers, and propagandists.

Dumping Trump DOES NOT ADDRESS the deep rot that has characterized the US system through numerous administrations. Ecological and social dis-integration, and looting and concentration of wealth and power, continue accelerating, as they have through multiple recent duopoly administrations.

Your parroting of DNC propaganda simply supports this deep structural rot.


Democrats are likely to maintain their losing streak through the next election. The DNC won’t die. Conservative Democrats and billionaire’s bribes keep it alive.

Direct Online Democracy


Do you mean the misdirection that points away from the fact companies like Apple have more cash reserves than some economically mature First World countries combined, yet don’t see the necessity of paying certain taxes. That misdirection?
And, you could make a list as long as an elephant’s trunk of Multi-National Corps. that are allowed to game the system through the tax code. Written, of course, by Democrats. With Republicans waiting their turn, to game the tax system for their Corporate masters. Back and forth, it goes. With the majority of Americans gaining zilch.
The Russian inquiries on Trump & Cos. alleged collusion will play out over time. It will inevitably be about $$$ or a policy; and again show our political system is gamed by wealthy individuals or countries, to change certain government policies to their personal economic advantage. And, you needn’t look any further than the MENA to get a boatload of examples of that.
The truth these protesters are trying to find is important. We desperately need a lot more transparency in our nation’s capitol. The larger issues and the other truths from that swamp will not be discovered from this exercise, though.


I don’t take these claims by leftists seriously but I realize many people do. The distinction between Trump and Obama and Hillary Clinton, as well as between Trump and George W. Bush and actually all former presidents in American history, is that Trump is an authoritarian. That means what we generally regard as the truth has no relevance to Trump or many of his followers. The only thing that matters is Trump’s view. His word is what counts. And if he ultimately gets his way people must follow whatever he says to do. Not obeying Trump eventually could mean arrest, deportation, or worse. By failing to make that critical distinction many people on the left are letting Trump off the hook. The sooner people realize the many people on the left have no idea what they are talking about when claiming similarities between Trump and leading Democrats the better. You can compare Trump to political figures like Assad, Hitler, Mussolini, Erdogan, Kim Jong-un, Sadaam Hussain, etc. That would be a fair comparison.


We the People, are going to lose longer, before we win! Unless, we laser focus our efforts on to the corporate connection to the Oval Office! I.e. “fascism”? Call it neo - proto - near - the words ‘fascism’ and/or ‘socialism’ - and many others - have been trained-out of us - self-censorship. The term American “consumers” was created by corporate America, the media part, the “Madison Avenue part.” Back in time and space, We the People, once referred to ourselves as citizens and ‘Customers’, (I was there, sixty years ago. The Customer was always revered as, “always being right”). The newly invented “consumer” was pushed back to the end of very long line, while “bankster middlemen” snuck in front. These “banksters” who would repackage any item for cheaper and cheaper and,and then sell back to a “Consumer”. The new name for Mr. & Mrs John Q. Public, would change from a proper noun to be now a gerund of a verb. The 50’s marketplace was driven by the ‘Buyer’ or ‘Customer’ buying the best-built, longest-lasting - for the best price. Oh. Has That Changed! We the People have been - corporatized in government, in place and in deity.


According to your logic, if you were against Bush’s Iraq war, you were for Saddam Hussein. Your binary approach to things lacks any appreciation of nuance and complexity.

There was no mention whatsoever of Trump or Putin in my post. I was addressing in fact the question of truth, and implying that the falsity in public discourse runs far, far deeper than the latest idiocy to emerge from the Cheeto-stained lips of Trump. To try to rally protesters around the extremely limited theme of Trump’s “fact-free rule” is the worst kind of political sheepdogging in the present situation. The lies for war in the current atmosphere follow so hard and fast one upon the other that it’s simply impossible to keep up with them. Thus any attempt to get people to focus on this one tiny little corner of falsity (when, for example, the lies of the promoters of the Russia canard loom at least as large in the real world) smacks of partisan red-herring manipulation designed above all to divert our attention from what’s really at stake, which is the future of the country, and the planet, under the current politico-economic system, which needs war, exploitation, and endless new markets in order to survive. Simply hamstringing Trump to grease the wheels for a smoother functioning of the death machine is not a “progressive” goal.


That is not my logic at all but it goes a long way to explain yours. That is the logic, or more truthfullly, the opportunist line of Hitchens, Cheney, and company. Unlike you, the anti war movement around Iraq did not find it necessary to defend the legitimacy of the saddam regime or the (ahem) peaceable purposes of any other regime. It is you arguing the legitimacy of regimes from Washington, through Damascus, to Moscow. For progressivism, of course.

“No mention of Trump or Putin”. The whole point of your comment, of all you comments, is to attack any article, such as this one, that mentions the Trump/Putin connections. Avoiding mentioning their names is simply a matter of calculation, not evidence your comment is about something very different.


I don’t think authoritarian identifies the line being crossed. Trump and the hard core that surrounds him seeks autocratic rule of the rich with the mass base for that rule, every autocrat still needs a mass base, formed around racism and bigotry. The idea the people wanted, or want, a strong man, just evades the depth of this struggle.


Take your tin-foil hat and shove it up you ass.