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Nationwide Protests and State Boycotts Planned Amid Wave of GOP Attacks on Abortion Rights

Nationwide Protests and State Boycotts Planned Amid Wave of GOP Attacks on Abortion Rights

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Supporters of reproductive rights are fighting back against Republican politicians' latest wave of attacks on abortion rights by organizing nationwide protests and boycotts of states that have passed restrictive laws to challenge the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade ruling.

This is a matter between the woman and her own conscience not for the males to decide for us. If you oppose abortion then work for a just world, a sustainable future for all and stop judging women who are the co-equals of men.


I am not understanding the mentality or minds behind all this. Don’t these people have Grandmothers, Mothers, sisters, daughters, women in their lives? Were they hatched from eggs in some sort of nest? Are they aliens from another planet? Is it the water? Or air pollution? Poor potty training? Something caused this. That is the issue that has to be addressed. This is but very sad example of the BS that is tearing our country apart. This hate for the other, it has to stop.


Don’t call them “pro-life.”

They are pro-birth, but after that they don’t believe in health insurance, so that if you don’t have money, you can die as soon as you get sick.


I adore Abrams, but I’m very disappointed in her public reaction. Other issue protest boycotts have worked in other states, and the same pressure can be brought to bear on these benighted “pro-life” idiots who don’t even know what they’re voting on or talking about. Same goes for Bateman. Talk and Walk boycott now, not after court processes. Pinch the rich S.O.B.s where the string-pullers are.


Sanctions and boycotts were very effective in the fight against apartheid in south Africa. I can understand Stacey Abrams objection to boycott on her state however the cost of these new restrictive laws is much more dangerous than loss of revenue.


The boycotts are an important component of this outrage. The protests would be even more effective if the organizers included, upfront, the ongoing assault by the present occupants of the White House and their enablers in Congress on both the U.S. Constitution and Nature itself. There are no single issues anymore.


usually these elections are just picking one of the great culture war issues. this one’s going to be a whopper! I think we’re going for the full buffet!

god, gays, abortion AND guns!

So just as the Democrats were about to hand 2020 to Trump, it appears the GOP is, as expected, poised to return the hot potato back to Democrats. This silly little spree of insanity will mobilize women like we haven’t seen in years. Just in time for president…Joe Biden!

That is, unless, courts strike all this ridiculous nonsense down as they almost certainly will. When Pat Robertson is twitchy about right wing overreach, you’ve pretty much conceded your laws ain’t going anywhere.


reminder: this is another class issue -the wealthy will have access to safe abortions even if they have to fly to NY, London…its low income women who will have to resort to the back alleys or b forced to bear children against their will


In terms of polling data and there isn’t that much difference in the percentages between pro and anti choice between men and women (https://news.gallup.com/poll/244709/pro-choice-pro-life-2018-demographic-tables.aspx). There is a big difference across age range but I don’t know how much of that stays with people as they grow older vs people changing as they get older (I haven’t changed my mind on any big political issue like single payer, abortion rights, war, education, or trade though I go back and forth on my nuclear power). A huge difference is due to religion of course: 75% of people who go to services weekly are in the anti choice camp.

So many of these men are likely connected with female members of their family that feel the same on the issue though perhaps not on the details of these recent draconian laws.

If I ever find a finer grained poll that asks questions on what legislation people are willing to accept I’ll have a better feeling of my idea (actually @Trog 's idea) that a measurable percentage of the anti choice side would be willing to vote Democrat if our position was basically that of Scandanavia - no restrictions up to at least 18 weeks and growing restrictions after (with medically needed abortions allowed at any point). If 5% of the anti choice side that currently identifies or leans Republican could be peeled away that is 50 x 0.7 x 0.05 = 1.75% (it’s more or less 50-50 between Republicans and Democrats in elections nationwide and the poll had 70% of the Republican side as anti choice) and could affect many close elections.

Note: I have been persuaded here not to use the term pro- life as it is a misnomer like healthy forest initiative. So I will use anti choice going forward. I still don’t feel that way about the term global warming over climate change (which I use). Maybe I’ll adopt climate catostophe as Ralph Nader likes to use lately.

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Throughout the Obama years the Dems lost over 900 state legislative seats throughout the nation due to Obama’s and the Dem’s neglect of state races.

Then in 2016 the Hillary-DNC machine used the state Dem parties to funnel money to the DNC for Hillary’s campaign, losing even more state legislative seats and governorships.

And now the nation is reaping the consequences of the Dem’s neglect.

Abortion is just the most pressing issue of the day. Just wait until enough of the Republican led state legislatures sign on to holding a constitutional convention to amend and/or rewrite the constitution.


This is exactly what’s on the horizon.


A good part of the answer is fundamentalist religion. Dividing the world into saved and damned begins the journey toward a consciousness that fears the other in theological terms. And if you are fundamentalist in your understanding of good and evil, simple divisions work for you…complex, nuanced realities cause cognitive dissonance and so are avoided.

And there’s also the need to feel good…to be saved. So finding a cause like ‘the right to life’ gives you purpose, meaning…a sense of piety. Those women who choose abortion must be bad…evil…in need of saving.

Its part of tunnel vision thinking. But darker elements are involved also. Perhaps your question is really “where does the meanness come from?”

It may be unavoidable in black/white, right/wrong thinking…a dichotomy too simplistic to include justice or compassion. But misogyny? Hatred of women? That fits rather well.


Yep. And that scares the $*** outa me, especially after reading Dark Money.

Thanks for that it is a clear thinkers like you who will make the difference.

“Reproductive Rights”, really? What about the reproductive rights of the babies being murdered by selfish women who put their convenience before the lives of their unborn children? What about them? If you don’t want the child then give it up for adoption. We will overturn Roe v. Wade and we will return the rights of the unborn.

Ever has the South been a reactionary drag on the social progress of this nation. Last to free the slaves, last to abolish Jim Crow, last to enfranchise women, last to unionize, last in state programs to help children, minorities and the disabled, economically the most dependent on govt while contributing the least to govt. Last to abolish the death penalty. The South has been a ball and chain on America anchoring it to the 1800’s. No abortion bill like Alabama’s, Georgia’s or Missouri’s would have made it out of committee in a free state.

I don’t think you know what you are talking about…but you do make the usual assumptions. Selfish women? Convenience?

Can’t help remembering a wonderful quip from a New York taxi driver, female, made years ago during the initial struggles for reproductive rights:

If you are correct, it would mean the deleterious effects of slavery last many generations…and I suspect that is the case. Believing you can treat other human beings as chattel creates a culture deeply callous at its core. Projecting that lack of empathy and generousity onto those with the least power, enacting pious cruelties supposedly dictated by a jealous god…would all follow…and the thing is: You’d have to agree to much of this nonsense, in order not to fall into the categories of the ‘fallen’…so your meanness of spirit would be protected, seen as virtue in action.

Caring for the unborn, demonizing the poor, feeling contempt and fear for people of colour…it all kind of follows. From Slavery…and the belief some humans were born to that condition.

Fred 54, for some reason my lengthy reply to your comment won’t print properly. I can send it to you if you want to give me your email address. Or maybe someone can explain how to edit my comment.