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Nationwide Rallies Denounce #FakeTrumpEmergency and President's Anti-Immigrant Agenda


Nationwide Rallies Denounce #FakeTrumpEmergency and President's Anti-Immigrant Agenda

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Hundreds of rallies are underway in communities across the nation on Monday to show widespread rejection of President Donald Trump's national emergency declaration—an "illegal power grab," say critics—to fund his proposed racist border wall.



Yes an illegal power grab, but why no reporting on what tremendous powers Trump now has by declaring his canard of a national emergency?

As one poster wrote: " States of emergency can also be used as a rationale or pretext for suspending rights and freedoms guaranteed under our country’s constitution."



It’s not only about hate . It’s about trump keeping his base loyal which translates into reelection which translates into fulfilling the need of endless attention.
He is also an angry hateful person but that is secondary to needing adoration. When he doesn’t get his ego stroked on a daily basis , then the anger comes up.



What a silly diversion; Those protesting trump’s beautiful wall should stop and think about the bipartisan alliance of democrats and republicans that has slaughtered 21 million completely innocent people since the end of ww2.

Only three brave female congressional representatives voted against recognizing regime change in Venezuela. Not one male representative had the cajones to resist united states world dominion through terrorist attacks on weaker countries.



Since Trump is already in Florida playing Golf, what are these Rallies supposed to accomplish?



The US has used these tactics abroad to install fascist regimes around the world and been planning to launch authoritarianism here in earnest since Reagan I.



Have to ask, who benefits most monetarily from the building of this wall or fence?

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Ask that question from a member of the 1% elite, they shiver in their boots when people gather in any anti establishment rally/demonstration, etc…The least it will accomplish is connecting the ordinary Americans to each other which is very verboten by the establishment elite.



The fanatic Christian community all across the USA have been wanting a “christian” dictator for decades. They argue it will be good to clean up America, bring back old fashioned “family values”, slavery racism blah blah…bullshit.

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Oh please. How are these people to fight for rights in their own Country when the USA sends its Military in to bomb and destroy those Countries , or sponsors Coups in the same whenever Government tries to do that very thing?

Way back in 1954 , Jacoba Arbenz , duly elected President by the peoples of Guatemala tried to nationalize lands held by US based banana companies so as to redistribute to the poor. one Foster Dulles, owner of shares in the United Fruit compnay sponsored a coup and the US funded, armed and trained a Government to replace Arbenz that slaughtered over 200,000 people. This would be the equivalent of 20 MILLION Americans being killed by their Government. I kind of think if that scale of slaughter happened in the USA there would be people fleeing.

This same process occured in Haiti, Panama, Chile, Nicaragua, Cuba, Uraguay, El Salvador ,and a list of Countries too numerous to mention. Get the fucking USA out of those Countries and allow them to elect the types of Governments THEY want and you might not have migrants fleeing those Countries.

In Africa Libya used to have the largest refugee population in all Africa. Libya was the richest Country in the region until the USA and the Nato allies stuck their noses in because THEY wanted control of Libyan oil and destroyed that government. Now desperate Libyans try and flee the violence there and people like you in Europe complain out the migrants.



Yeah exactly it will take a huge effort on the part of the progressive community to organize and become a formidable force against ignorance and violence of the fanatic mainly “white” or wannabe white racists.



Yeah, like I have posted in the past, since the U.S. government has installed fascist regimes in many countries around the world, it will just be a matter of time until it is installed here wrapped in the flag by Amerikan, tyrants and christian, fascists.

The only thing I would dispute is not since Reagan, but since 11/22/63.

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Probably Chinese steel mills and Mexican cement factories.

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I have absolutely no proof but I would not be surprised if Trump has a piece of the action. Several billion $$$$$$$$ is just too tempting for Trump not to have the wall contractors in his pocket!

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Sorry dude. It ain’t so.

Sorry. Wrong again. That would be Republicans, not “Illegals”, who have rolled back union gains.

Only a really insecure and easily frightened person would believe what you are saying.

Take your silly xenophobia somewhere else. It’s not welcome here or anywhere else where rational people dwell.



“Migration is a human right”.

Birds and animals migrate when available resources become scarce, habitat is overpopulated and polluted, when disease, parasites and predators increase, when competition becomes war and when natural diversity is destroyed.

Human animals migrate when available resources are glommed by a few parasite oligarchs and predators making us go to war against each other, when overpopulation pollutes our habitat and the commons is destroyed.

All life migrates.



So outsourcing manufacturing, killing unions, rare adjustments to the minimum wage, and automation had nothing to do with stagnant wages over 5 decades? And with unemployment under 4%, wages are still barely rising – gee, it’s almost as though there was a plan by oligarchs to keep the working class under their thumbs.



One must wonder on what pretext a president could claim a “national emergency” that would cause the Congress to immediately vote to stop the declaration from taking effect? Why declare a national emergency to obtain a policy objective and further disrupt our society when most of those with an informed opinion say there isn’t one; “because I say so”!

This is amazing! We are witnessing the fall of representative democracy and the republic in one act. This declaration must not stand (to paraphrase a president). A disaster for wildlife and communities along the border indeed; and that isn’t all.

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NO election observers can find ANY votes by non-citizens. NONE. EVERY honest assessment of the economic impact of undocumented persons in the USA finds they contribute far more to the economy, and to the tax rolls, than they take. You are spewing undigested BULLSHIT that you eagerly eat up. Enjoy your stinking meal, but none of us here are eating your SHIT.



Not a single thing you said is correct or true, you’re like a wrong-acholic.