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Nationwide Rallies Push Back Against GOP's Looming Healthcare Attack


Nationwide Rallies Push Back Against GOP's Looming Healthcare Attack

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

In scores of communities across the nation on Saturday, people are holding rallies to protest Republican efforts to gut the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and other vital healthcare programs.


Just came back from a small rally for Single-Payer Healthcare here in Northern Vermont. Good support from neighbors and drivers. Let's make it happen! Margaret Flowers and the Green Party are talking about a five year program to make true Universal Healthcare a reality.


With Perez being the new DNC Chairman, don't expect any help from the Democrats.


Democrats sat around or helped destroy at least four democracies in their last eight years in office; Honduras, Paraguay, Ukraine and the Maldives. They didn't help much in Egypt or Brazil.

I can't imagine voting for a democrat who sat around while the party destroyed Bernie Sanders. Sure won't be voting for iTrumpet's party either.


I'd agree that Paraguay and Honduras were certainly joint Bush-Obama efforts - but I don't see how you can blame the situation in the Maldives on the Obama Administration.


Dr. Nafeez Ahmed again. Scroll down to number 2 and read the statement by the Heartland Institute This is what they are thinking.



Five -- you forgot the USA


Interesting article by Nafeez Ahmed (a good man who was one of the first to question 9-11). But this link I found from that web page is perhaps even more interesting/frightening:

The Rise of the Weaponized AI Propaganda Machine

quote from the end of part 2:

“These companies,” Moore says, “have found a way of transgressing 150 years of legislation that we’ve developed to make elections fair and open.”


You are correct that the US may not have been directly complicit. Even so the Obama administration approved the legitimacy of a destroyed democracy within hours. Resistance and condemnation could have been productive and definitely in service to democracy.


I did not forget it and I am embarrassed to admit that I did not write what I knew. Thank you for bringing this sad truth up.

Autonomous democracy may be the new form of democracy and it may be accomplished first in the US. Let's hope so.


Truly frightening. We have to try and keep our minds free and find our power as Dr. Ahmed suggests.



Yes indeed. Had the ACA been real health care reform rather than a 2600 page Rube Goldberg shell game topped with corporate welfare icing, the Democrats would not have lost control of Congress in 2010.

Yes, Rube Goldberg's fingerprints are all over today's Social Security and Medicare, however, both of those programs started out very basic and were therefore favorably received by the electorate post haste. Goldberg wasn't invited to those parties until later on, after the basic programs proved themselves.


There is a "reform" that would actually accomplish a great deal towards the supposed goal of holding down costs and--best of all--wouldn't affect the coverage of a single person presently insured by the ACA: reform the insurance and pharmaceutical aspects of the deal. Negotiate better deals with the latter and get the former the hell out of our health care. Of course, this will never happen so long as corporations can buy our elected officials through our current corrupt political system.


Maybe we need to continue to lower the costs of healthcare through preventative work as well, right? I have heard that through med pros as well. With many people in the US being overweight, and overfed, and on high blood preasure meds and anti depressants - is it any wonder why health care costs are so high? Plus many have diets that include a large amount of meats and sugars.
vegan for thirty four years.
Diet and exercise are preventatives. A government that focused on a high quality of life, getting rid of huge wage disparity, clean environments, environmental justice and less focus of war, profits, and constant use of technology would greatly increase the quality of life and health in general.
Denmark has been talked about as being the happiest country in the world. We could learn a lot from them.


Amen to that. A close friend from college wanted to open a Preventative Medical Center in his hometown after finishing internship at a VA hospital.

I still remember his quote "We let people destroy themselves their entire lives, then they come to us too late and say "make me well." Our system is totally against preventative healthcare."

He never could find support to open up his clinic.


What a bummer about your friend. Sounds like he needed an alternative approach perhaps in a bluer state.. At any rate is he a MD now? In the US we seem to not work on the total person just symptoms as you said.