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Nationwide #TaxMarch Rallies Planned to Demand Trump 'Stops Hiding'


Nationwide #TaxMarch Rallies Planned to Demand Trump 'Stops Hiding'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Tens of thousands of people are expected to take part in more than 100 Tax Marches on Saturday to demand President Donald Trump release his taxes and to highlight the need for increased minimum wage.

As many have pointed out, every president since the 1960s has released their tax returns, while Trump himself promised to do so on the campaign trail—and has thus far failed to deliver.


No, he's not looking out any window with real people in view, already off to Mar-al-Ego, at huge public expense and inconvenience to those who care for him or are his neighbors. And in anticipation, he's drawing the curtain tighter. WaPo reports a new policy of not releasing most WH visitor logs. Nope. We don't even deserve to know who he's seeing now, in our executive mansion that doesn't have enough gilt for him.


To me, the fact that Trump has put up such a fight about not releasing his taxes, must mean he knows he has a lot to hide and is guilty as hell!


He didn't really put up a fight. Nobody, including the President of the United Stated is required to make their taxes public. I am kinda puzzled why this is such a big deal. Does he do a good job running the place? Don't know yet, even tho looking at the the MSM they are expecting a shitload to be done in 3 months.

The one he made he did make public (tax year 2005, either willingly or not) shows he paid about 25% taxes, not counting the $100 mill he claimed as a loss. My guess is, he's gonna release them piecemeal like that just to mess with the press.


It appears that since it is not a requirement for public office that one release one's tax returns, then Don is opting to not do so.
Reminds me of good ol' Beau Sessions perjuring hisself during his confirmation hearing, and yet taking the office of AG.
Nothing to see here folks (go shoppin' or sumpin).


I'm actually on the fence about this protest. Is there something Trump is hiding in his tax returns, and that's why he isn't releasing them? Well, maybe.... If there isn't then I'm afraid this is a huge waste of time. But if there is, chances are we won't see them so we couldn't confirm it unless they are leaked somehow.

Really the thing is, the whole protest has this air of something like... wishful thinking about it. People want there to be something incriminating, and they want it to be public. But everyone across the political spectrum, from all walks of life, knows that the only people who know what's in his tax returns are Trump, his accountant, and probably a lawyer of two. Is a protest over his tax returns a good way to fight him?

More pointedly, wouldn't protesting about something like the massive cuts he has proposed, which will negatively impact everyone, be better? Or any of the hundred horrible things he does or has proposed to do? Focusing on his tax returns seems like going for such a longshot, like more constructive battles can be fought.


For me, it's his hiding in general, pretending to be for us when he's really just for himself and his dynasty.


Seems like you contradict yourself throughout your post.


It has been the custom for Presidents to release their tax information. As holder of the highest office in the nation, you owe it to the people, who you expect to follow your lead, that you have a record of integrity and are not influenced by foreign influences to the detriment of the nation you lead.,
With Trump's holdings in various potentially hostile countries, he is susceptible to influences counter to the nations interest and security.


With all the death and destruction being meted out by the American empire this protest seems silly.


I agree completely, jamb. There is no such thing as a pro-war progressive.

While marginally legitimate concerns, such issues as Trump's tax returns are being used as red herrings by the DNC folks to distract people away from the biggest issue of all, the wars, because they are the principal cheerleaders of these wars, along, of course, with the Republican establishment.


That's just what they are saying. If that really was the issue, a confidential committee could look at his taxes, and company records and clear it up. The real reason is a certain segment is hoping he deferred taxes and are going for the "Aha, gotcha, you tax evader" moment.


No, that is indeed "the issue," and djt refuses to show his records to anyone.


Seriously, you might wanna talk to the two guys that wrote this new gem of an article. Here's a quote:

"It'll turn into 'the art of the steal' unless we know what taxes he pays and what breaks he uses."


If I choose to go read that article, we can discuss it there. Let's stick to this one here.


Oh, you definitely have o read it. It starts with the claim that many of us pay 30% fed taxes and 50% in total taxes. Not sure what circles those authors run in, but i have yet to meet someone who pays more than 10% in federal taxes.


To be technical...
There are plenty of progressives who ARE willing (or say so) to take up arms in the cause of the people's revolution to overthrow our existing system...


That's another matter. I'm talking about imperial war.


The article takes two not quite related topics and glues them together, and provides so many angles for discussion...

On Trump's taxes. The left wants the taxes of certain people made public. For Republican candidates for high office, the left wants it to make news-points and campaign slogans that the candidate didn't pay enough taxes and his (or her) life is devoted entirely to their self-interest.

More generally, such as wanting the tax returns of Goldman Lloyd Blankfein, it is to make the general slogan that tax rates should be (MUCH) higher on the richest among us. Many of them fondly recall the >90% tax rates of the pre-Kennedy "A rising tide lifts all boats" era or Britain's pre-Thatcher "One for you nineteen for me"* era, when many rich left the country. Some are fans of Fidel Castro's 'maximum wage policy', and of Che Guevara shooting the rich. Some approve of news reports of some rich getting assessed >100% on their income taxes. Some are quite honest that there shouldn't be anyone rich or high-earning enough to make or have more than yy x what others make.
* = George Harrison, Beatles, 'Taxman'.

On 'The fight for 15', I am reminded of 'The High Wage Doctrine' that was popular during the 1930s. That was the era of "That's a nice job, if you can get it."

The law says that an employee has to be paid a minimum wage, and the current fad is the higher $15/hour. (I am waiting to hear the first bid for > $15...) But, Humphrey-Hawkins' proposal aside, the law doesn't guarantee that you can find a job paying that much.

Presuming that there is such a law mandating a much higher than market rate of pay. (Market means that there is someone willing to work at $7.25/hour...), then a few things are evident.
- Certain low wage workers won't be able to find jobs...
- The only jobs certain low wage workers can find will be illegal ones paying less than the high minimum... This happens a lot south of the border.
- Or those workers will have to go into business for themselves, going door to door selling something, or standing on street corners washing windshields and holding out their hand... This also happens a lot south of the border.
- Or find some generous out-of-the-workforce government program, like SS Disability that has had a lot of abuse in the past few years, or Britain's dole.
- Or emigrate.
** Back c.1993 I saw and clipped an article that the future will belong to illegal immigrants, who know how and where to find paying work in spite of government regulations that obstruct the workers.
** -- Recall that the Arab Spring began in Tunisia, after such a denied worker committed a very public suicide in protest at police obstruction of his efforts to earn a living.

BTW, those who say that people can't live on $7.25/hour forget that most of the world lives on $7.25/hour or less. So we should ask "What makes it so hard to live in America on $7.25/hour?" Is there a green consume less lesson here?