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Nationwide Walkout Planned to Show Solidarity with Sexual Assault Survivors as Ford Reaches Tentative Deal to Testify

Nationwide Walkout Planned to Show Solidarity with Sexual Assault Survivors as Ford Reaches Tentative Deal to Testify

Julia Conley, staff writer

Women and men across the country are planning a national walkout on Monday afternoon in a show of solidarity with sexual assault survivors, as Dr. Christine Blasey Ford prepares to testify regarding her allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

This is a “walkout”, not a strike…big difference.

On the eve of the centennial of the the first general strike in the US (that happened in Seattle in 1919) a general strike is long overdue.


"Will you join in our crusade?
Who will be strong and stand with me?
Somewhere beyond the barricade
Is there a world you long to see?

Then join in the fight
That will give you the right to be free!"

[Songwriters: Alain Albert Boublil / Claude Michel Schonberg / Herbert Kretzmer / Jean Marc Natel]


Grooming Assholes

two articles.

First one by a man who was on the short list to be groomed by Generals and he dropped out. He talks about the Grooming of Brett

Grooming Brett Kavanaugh: From prep school to the Supreme Court was a straight line — and crooked as hell

Ordinarily, when you think of the word “grooming,” pets come to mind. A poodle, say, or maybe a Westie. Then a Supreme Court seat becomes vacant, and you start to see that, at least in Republican circles, people need grooming, too. People like Brett Kavanaugh, who as legal commentator Jonathan Turley informed us in The Hill “has long been viewed as someone actively groomed for the court by supporters in the Federalist Society and conservative legal circles.” But Turley didn’t stop there. “Short of being raised hydroponically in the basement of the Federalist Society, he could not be more carefully constructed as a nominee in waiting,” Turley continued. “He has, literally, spent decades being developed within conservative circles for this moment.”

Isn’t that something? The idea that this little hothouse flower known as Brett Kavanaugh needed “grooming?” Well, that opinion is quite widespread. On the day Kavanaugh was nominated to the court by Trump, The New York Times informed us, “All of the years of vetting and grooming and lobbying and list-making by conservative legal figures frustrated by Republican appointees who drifted to the left arguably has come down to this moment, when they stand on the precipice of appointing a fifth justice who, they hope, will at last establish a bench firmly committed to their principles.”

Second article which contains tweets of a poly sci prof, editor of corp that runs Foreign Policy mag, etc and he used the term Asshole Culture in his tweets. The article about this uses the same title

Asshole Culture

In summary, Brett was groomed by the asshole culture to continue their power


Hi Dan_Harris,
but Dr. Ford does have proof. In 2012 it was discussed with her therapist and really, who in 2012 ever knew Kavanaugh would be person nominated for Supreme Court? The proof is there in the old notes of the therapist!

Ms. Ford also has people from her school who knew about this attack and of course, a person can look at the yearbooks, and club outtings and see that both Mark Judge and Kavanaugh were pretty heavy into drinking and building up their “elite” muscles ( muscles which sadly are not located in the brain. : )

Besides, in high school----gossip is royalty—sadly a lot of adults don’t get over it-----but Kavanaugh and Judge both had reputations as heavy drinkers in the blackout sense and not being so kind and fair to others . However, the therapist notes are supreme. proof.

Don’t forget that it is a TRUTH that women are often not believed, or they are blamed for what they are wearing------------ remember what the father of the Stanford swimmer said when his son was convicted for raped? He said something along the lines of …he gets jail for “20 minutes of action.?” Wow, it makes you wonder if the father ever raped anyone?
Ireland recently passed a law making abortions not only legal but they are now FREE so that women do not have to travel far for help.

I don’t know if women wearing black and walking out at 1 p.m. will help--------but sometimes the only freedom people have is the right to their own bodies--------why would anyone want anybody to lose that right???

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Hi Dan_Harris-----but written proof is not hearsay and if this derogatory political awfulness continues, from the GOP , I do not think that the Kavanaugh person will fare well, even if he gets in.

Hi Dan_Harris—oh thank you, what an interesting article. Justice Scalia is dead and still the "Argle Bargle, or whatever Scalia said lives on and on.

OhOH—my evil twin is rising and she says:

Since women are dissed about their looks so often----she feels that we should take a look at the hot house flower Kavanaugh/suspiciousus bloom. : )
He does look rather soft and malleable. Wide eyed when the cameras on, but oh this views when he’s caught unawares-------------trollish and devious about the mouth and the eyes squint just like Grassley’s----but in a flash the demonic side evaporates having caught it’s own emergence.
Definitely a pig from the ANIMAL FARM book…and so many in America appear set to be delivered to the glue factory like the sad horse who believed in the pigs----oh well, that’s as mean as evil twin gets today--------but she does believe that Ms Ford is like the Incredible Hulk-----you would’t like her when she’s angry-------but evil twin sees a champion rise to go beyond what Anita Hill had to suffer----------and sadly, if the hot house flower
is confirmed, someone will probably shoot him----after all this is America.


I hope it will be better than that. Given the time frames dictated by TPTB, there wasn’t much time to plan. I received an email notification regarding the walkout at 1:25 p.m. on 9/22/18. At that time, I believe, Republicans were still insisting that Ms. Blasey Ford testify on Monday or Tuesday at the latest. Not much time to plan regardless of the medium used to disseminate the information.

C-span is running the Clarence Thomas Hearings –

They’re just up to Prof. Anita Hill’s opening statement.

Recall also that the female Reps. of House walked over to the Senate in order
to ensure that Hill’s charges would not be buried or ignored.

Very much hope that they show ALL of the GOP questioning –

Which is exactly why the GOP is railroading her, preventing an FBI investigation.

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There is an entire culture of “Blame women for their own rape” in India, with that same mentality occupying much of the status quo in the USA.


This coming out party for women who have been assaulted could be historic if it is followed up with strong leadership, and perhaps a new organization to carry the weight.

I don’t approve of Kavanaugh because is a known and proved liar. But the reality is that elections have consequences and we are paying a big price for the 2016 election. It not only got us Trump, but also a rouge congress that is legislating for themselves, not the people. I guess we got a double dip. If “no more Trump” voters stay home expect a huge transformation of ideals and priorities. America will be lost to the 1% type of American for as far down the road as you can see and beyond. Had to get my cynicism sandwich for the day.

HI just breathe:

I have no idea why women would ever want to visit India---- I wonder about the reason for religion’s goddesses if women in real life aren’t respected. I remember reading about the lady and her date who had seen a movie and then took a bus to go home. The men on the bus felt free to attack her, rape her and throw both he lady and man off the bus.
I suppose that the caste system creates this inequality too. People at the bottom of the social pile are then not the lowest-- since any man will always have any woman on a level below him.
Actually, when I look at most religions, there is a built in sexism----and that’s one reason why religions can’t seem to solve problems-----it’s hard to transcend the inequality exposed by gods who are so ungodly! : )

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When, oh when will people learn to check in with Mr Johnson before engaging in these silly acts of resistance?

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Oh stardustIBID you took the words, as they say. And what amazes me is we have an entire culture of rightwinged nationalistic Christians who are certain the USA was built upon Christianity, and is a “Christian Nation.”

But then they openly detest misogyny of the Islam world. LOL, talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

So no wonder they elect Pussy Grabber Hair Fuhrer. A perfect match made in Hell.

Deep underlying misogyny from the Bible and Christians of History

Wife is man’s property – Exodus 20:17
Girl babies twice as unclean as boys – Leviticus 12:1-8
Women should keep silent – 1 Cor. 14:34
Sell raped daughter to rapist – Deut. 22:28-29
Female? Cover your head or cut off your hair – I Cor. 11:6 [with picture of hijab]
Women will be saved through childbearing – 1 Tim. 2:15
Women make men dirty – Rev 14:4
Woman is a temple built over a sewer – Tertullian
Woman, you are the gate to hell – Tertullian
Man alone is the image of God – Saint Augustine
I fail to see what use woman can be to man, if one excludes the function of bearing children. –Saint Augustine
Woman has a faulty and defective nature – Saint Albertus Magnus
The production of woman comes from a defect – Thomas Acquinas
Women were made to be either wives or prostitutes – Martin Luther
The second duty of the wife is constant obedience and subjection – John Dod, Puritan
Women are made to be led, and counseled, and directed – LDS Apostle Heber C. Kimball
Every single book in your Bible was written by a man – Mark Driscoll

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You know little about standards of proof. Secondly, actually centrally, this is neither a criminal nor a civil proceeding. It will, should, rest on who is credible and what circumstance likely support the testimony of one versus the other. If, after just the testimony of the two, substantial doubt exists as to the credibility of Kavanaugh he should not be placed on the Supreme Court. That is where Biden made a grave error. It wasn’t necessary to prove in some litigation sense that Thomas was the creepy sexually harassing porn freak that people besides Hill said he was. Thomases response was to embrace the Black victimhood which he other wise despised in even the poorest Blacks.

That neither Kavanaugh nor the GOP want any other witnesses already dents that credibility.

Good to know. This is not a general strike but we do need one. Now, this walkout is a good thing to build solidarity. Sexual assault mirrors the assault on Mother Earth and is an issue we must tie together. It looks to me that many steps toward solidarity are building and a time will come when they coalesce to make a real, effective rebellion possible. In the meantime we organize. For me, I will stand in solidarity with my deceased mother who had been raped and bore a child to this monster and with an old friend who was attacked long ago too by a number of individuals and who has spent her entire life trying to deal with it.


And here in the US a parallel story similar to Indian open season on the Dalit women and Communist women are the rapes of First Nation women who are hardly registered on the collective conscience/consciousness.

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Dan, maybe the best time to laugh is when your every instinct wishes to cry. It changes the possibility of things and just might open up some solutions. Best wishes.

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Hi just breathe:
Yes men write the religions and so—no wonder. Although, you have to hand it to the Greeks, because their gods and goddesses could be so HUMANLIKE. : ) Actually, reality works a lot better than perfections as a goal.

I don’t like that old testament god anyway…if he was supposedly all knowing----why so many neurotic tests for humans to go through? Really, the nerve-- and poor Moses wanders the desert for years—and then Geez, he can’t even go into the “promised land.” That’s just mean, so I have to give up on any god who thinks like that.

I had a student once who had a lot of works to read by Elaine Pagels---- interesting stuff and I think I like Valentinius ( sp?) the best—back when men and WOMEN in the early Christian church took turns leading the congregation of the mainly urban poor.
Later on the Stylites were truly intriguing----so many books–so little time, but sometimes a really interesting student comes through and I get some free education! : )