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Nationwide, Workers Join Clergy to Demand Lawmakers Advance Politics of Morality


Nationwide, Workers Join Clergy to Demand Lawmakers Advance Politics of Morality

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Demanding that elected officials and candidates for office embrace morally just policies that include living wages, health care for all, racial justice, and union rights, thousands of workers led by clergy are holding protests at 27 state capitals and Washington, D.C. on Monday.


Morality, who would ever have thought that morality would become a political issue?
In the United States?
The heads of the Capitalist, fascists must be spinning around.


"Demanding that elected officials and candidates for office embrace morally just policies"

Always felt that certain governmental policies as they hit the streets needed to be framed
with a non-profit requirement. i.e.

War and Profit should not go together.
Prison and Profit should not go together.
Access to Water and Profit should not go together.
This list can go on quite easily.

I am not anti Capitalist, I am however anti Predatory-Capitalism.

If one invents a new shoe or new product, by all means sell to the best market.
If you are shutting down access to basic human survival for a profit, then......


Were atheists or agnostics invited? Leaving out 20-22% of the adult population in America could be bad form. Of course, surveying the American voter finds that only 3% would vote for an avowed, open and out, atheist. David Duke got about 27% before voters knew of his politics ( name recognition? ). He got 44% after after they knew of his politics. He tied Trump, coincidentally.:wink:


Bring religious morality into public policy!

That separation of church and state is so passe (or, as Alberto Gonzales would call it, "quaint")...Deep inside me I always knew it was a right-wing plot.

[If you find the above thoughts ideologically garbled, they were written that way on purpose]


I don't know specifically; you might check the Moral Mondays site(s). But the "movement" started in 2013 in NC as a coalition of religious leaders (btw bucking the assumptions that spring to mind when the words NC and clergy are put together). I can tell you that, from the Moral Mondays leader I know best, in Austin TX, there's no way that agnostics and atheists would be excluded. It may be a bit of a difficulty, though, where there's no atheist or agnostic organization identified in places like phone directories or leaders of such engaged with clergy associations.


Nope, it doesn't say "religious morality." It says 'our morality is driven by our religious principles; your motivations may vary.' And Constitutional separation of church and state is mostly going the other direction: preventing government from meddling in or restricting religious practice.


Try that south of the old Mason-Dixon line. And, lots of patches of the U.S.everywhere. America has justified genocide, torture and other capital offenses in the name of The Big Cloud Guy. The PTB do it because it works like a charm. Snake handlers use a slightly different approach; using bull and king snakes which look bad but aren't venomous. Fools the true believers just the same.:wink:


Moral Mondays started in North Carolina. Don't bite all religious folks with those snakes.


The morality of self-interest. How do you define "morality" in terms of our treatment of many of those who can't work (health, etc.) and those for whom no jobs are available? The US shipped out a huge number of jobs since the 1980s, ended actual welfare in the 1990s. We're 20 years deep into a class war that has taken a very heavy toll. A nation that can simply discard our "surplus population" -- those not of current use to employers -- has little grasp of morality.

That said, raising the minimum wage is not a matter of morality. We have a hard-core capitalist society. Businesses are focused on maximizing profits. Period. There is no need to raise wages because we currently have an abundant surplus of job-ready people who would be grateful for the chance to replace you, for less than you are paid. Supply and demand.


Nonsense. Wares are about wealth and power.


That was then, this is now, not 1782.