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Native Americans Need Hillary to Actually Be An Ally Against the Dakota Access Pipeline


Native Americans Need Hillary to Actually Be An Ally Against the Dakota Access Pipeline

Gyasi Ross

Ok, let’s state the obvious: Trump is bad for Native Americans. He’s bad for all people of color, really. He wants to stop Muslims from coming into this country, deport 11 million Mexicans, and put a wall between the United States and a nation of people who belong on this continent more than he does.


The reason is quite simple. The First Nations peoples of Canada and the USA are one of the poorest identifiable groups in either Country. Ms Clinton has as a constituency the rich and people that give her money. You need to pay her for access. Drop several millions into the Clinton Foundation and she might have a few moments of time freed up to speak to your cause.


Hillary is a fossil fuel addict.
If she could, she'd inject fracked oil into her veins.
She will give all of us great lip service, but nothing more.


Labor unions and tribes have a track record of supporting the Democrats without getting much in return. Its time that stopped and both groups start supporting their real ally, the Green Party.


Hillary Clinton has an opportunity to ally with Native Americans, to
join us in a historic moment of unity, a stand for our very humanity.
The question now is, will she?

The answer?......no she won't


I agree that Native Americans need Hillary; but here is the problem: Hillary does not need them!


Don't hold your breath, Mr. Ross. Hillary hasn't given anyone a reason to vote for her - the only thing she bothers to campaign about is defeating Trump. The fact that the contest is even remotely close is all the evidence needed to point out her unwillingness to be for ordinary people.

Many of us ordinary folk are, however, for you. Including, and especially, Jill Stein. She is the only candidate standing up for the people and the planet instead of $$$$.

Your courage in standing in the way of the Black Snake is inspiring - literally. I am gathering supplies to assist you in making it through the winter. This is such a stark example of the doctrine of profits before all else - in a sane world the push to continue poisoning the planet would be seen for what it is - contemptible.

Many, many of us pray for your success on a daily basis. Water is Life.

Stein/Baraka 2016


Clinton, your ally? What are you smoking out there? That hypocrite is never going to be you ally. What you and the tribes need to do is get your people to D.C. to OCCUPY THE AFL-CIO headquarters, OCCUPY CLINTON'S HEADQUARTERS, and sit in at the White House. Clinton and Obama and the AFL are going to ignore you till the snows come and you give up and go away -- UNLESS you get your show on the road and get to Washington DC, and soon.


Counterpunch has a good article today that goes into how labor unions and other left organizations keep undermining their own causes by supporting Democrats:


It should be remembered that it was the "White Man" who "conquered" the New World without much help from the Native tribes. However the Native tribes, in general, have a story they tell about Wendigo, the spirit of cannibalism. This Black Snake that is being protested by the Standing Rock Sioux is the spirit of Wendigo, and yes the "White Man" does eat everything, including Mother Earth. Why look to Hillary Clinton for help? By the way, once cannibalism is committed the one who eats takes on the power of the one eaten, yet becomes a demon.


Vote Jill Stein....she was there to support you!!!


Do NOT believe in the rigged polls!!!! The Media is bought by GOP & Dems....they DO NOT want a 3rd party.....With all the disgust about the 2 top candidates(who will not let other candidates even in the debates), people are looking for someone to ACTUALLY Vote for to represent "The People"....Jill Stein is IT. Bernie was, but he FLAKED out(bought out? threatened?)....Millenials could actually decide the Election themselves just on free college alone....add the disgruntled GOP & Dem people that wanted Bernie, all the Independents, and WALLA....We will have Jill Stein as our Next President!!! VOTE!!!


Right on...the 2 Major Parties now seem to be aligned. Why else would the bottom 80% have lost income for the last 30-40 years, while the top 20% income ROSE incredibly....they both are destroying the middle class & "the American Dream"....time for a Change...a REAL Change...Vote Jill Stein...the Final Votes in November may be Surprising!!! GOP & DEM supporters are ALL disgusted with the top 2 choices! This is the "Best" that they have in all of the USA???....I don't think so, and it seems like almost everyone can agree on that....Vote, Vote, Vote!....Vote for Jill Stein!!! Her platform speaks for itself!!!!


Pipelines you say?

At what cost to who? Lord help us if they start on Tar Sands. Yet pipelines are the safest mode of moving the oil.


I'm afraid that 2020 will be too late. The pending TPP, TTIP, TISA and CETA treaties will already be passed by those Nations that accept them and the TPP 'cannot' be rescinded by any Nation unless all the other members agree. There goes our right to create any legislation to protect our environment, health and the little freedom we have left. The ISDS clause can challenge our existing laws as well. if they interfere with corporate profit, just as we are being sued for $15 billion in lost profits over the Keystone pipeline. We will have surrendered our Sovereignty

There goes what little manufacturing jobs we have as well as an influx of new H2B visas to take programmers jobs and maybe even the servers at your favorite restaurant will be replaced by them. Recall that IBM and a power plant in California has replaced most; if not all, their computer techs with H2B and has now allowed their wives access to work permits?

Have you neglected to take into consideration that it was Mr. Clinton who signed NAFTA into law? They come as a pair, remember? http://www.millercenter.org/president/speeches/speech-3927 And what about the repeal of Glass-Steagall? that brought about the recession of 2008 that Mr. Clinton passed and Hillary approved of but would rather dismiss it today as she can't truly defend it. Do you actually believe that Clinton will honor any of that 'Platform' stuff? Yes, stuff that is meaningless to her/them.

The Clintons? We know who he 'is' and we know who she 'is' and what they represent is not us nor this Nation. There is no question as to what 'is' means when it comes to either one of them as it is locked in the history that the people choose to ignore.

Jill Stein is the only candidate that can help turn this Nation back in the right direction. http://www.jill2016.com Her presidency would allow us the time to oust those that do not represent us in this election, 2018 and 2020.

My 'fear' is for us. Clinton or Trump or Gary Johnson will bring ruin to us all and as I have stated, I don't believe we have the luxury of waiting until 2020 to make our move.