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Native Americans Protesting Trump Border Wall Tear Gassed, Arrested by US Agents on Indigenous Peoples' Day

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/13/native-americans-protesting-trump-border-wall-tear-gassed-arrested-us-agents


If the children inside vehicles were not in danger from bullets or riot gas - they should not have been touched at all by local or state police, federal border patrol or ice.

The photo does show ‘peacemakers’ are armed with pistols. When they gonna learn to be polite?
The police leadership at the scene shoud be held legally responsible for any and all illegal or over the top police brutality that occurred there yesterday. Like getting fired. Like being personally responsible for medical needed by people his team pushed around.


Native Americans are the U.S. Government’s Palestinians.


After seeing the video, got a couple things to say; 1st, glad we do not live in Ariz., 2nd, extremely glad our children do not work, or support this kind of police behavior, and, 3rd, these border patrol, ice agents, et al, are some chicken shit, cowardly , and, fascist wannabe mother fuckers.


This is a fairly complicated place to live and a lot of competing interests.


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What a novel way to celebrate the day.

Thanks for the link! Excellent information on this issue.

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These “Nazis” that gas peaceful protesters will get their due.

If not in this life, in their “very hot” next.


I agree with the requests of the O’odham Anti Border Collective! I wonder if they will start an online petition for this.

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Hi odie:
I wonder if these weird government employees are aware that the First Amendment right " …of the PeopIe to peaceabIy assembIe and to petition the government for a redress of grievances?" WHO gets hire for these jobs where they rush in and attack the PeopIe?


It appears the problem is ‘training’, ‘leadership’, ‘individual’s bully-ism’.

Ironic that a few generations ago, U.S. Army was protecting little old black ladies in northern Alabama from the armed KKK guys who happened to be sheriff’s deputies. The ladies had never been allowed to vote and walked from their church to the county court house in protest. Kept it peaceful using massive force right there.


Native Americans Protesting Trump Border Wall Tear Gassed, Arrested by US Agents on Indigenous Peoples’ Day

I hate to say this, but I have been predicting this and warning of it since the 90’s. I doubt that this behavior will be unusual, but it will be inflicted on many more groups if this criminal government is allowed to to stay in power and exercise their vicious activities.
** I understand that tRump had Hitler’s Mein Kampf and other Nazi literature beside his bed when he was a kid. Now we are seeing the beginning of the same sort of thing that Hitler and his minions did to gain power and eventually control Germany.
** As a nuclear veteran, I can assure you all that this time, World War 3 is going to last but a few hours, and We the People of the World and possibly the survival of this planet will end shortly thereafter.
** Folks, we are out of time! I fear it’s Now or Never!

Hi Stardust,
** Probably a lot of people who are wracked with PTSD, I suppose that if some of the KKK members that apply can show some lynchings on their resume, they get officer’s rank.
** “The SA and the SS needs YOU!
** I hope a lot of people read that tweet from that German woman that entreated the people of the US not to repeat the mistakes that led to Hitler’s Nazis taking control of Germany.
** Listen up folks, that was the voice of experience.

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Hi minitrue:
Throughout history cut;tures have erupted and disappeared. I was not amazed that trump won, because the Hillary was so arrogant. I lost any hope that she was human with her “We came ,we saw. he died,” speech. But I am amazed that so many people seem to think that trump is actually doing anything for them. Everything he does is veneer—and there is no substance. I don’t understand why people think that he cares about them at all.
But we are not the greatest nation, and trying to run other nations with nonsense and thinking he can have any value by taking stands, then reversing them–then going back and forth with promises is insane.
But it’s not just trump----sigh—we have an entire congress of the ethically challenged. : (