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Native Leaders Formally Forgive Veterans in Emotional Ceremony


Native Leaders Formally Forgive Veterans in Emotional Ceremony

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Native American tribal leaders conducted a forgiveness ceremony with U.S. veterans on Monday night, in an emotional event that also honored the Standing Rock Sioux's victory against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) over the weekend.


A very powerful and unifying ceremony.

"We didn't respect you, we polluted your Earth, we've hurt you in so many ways but we've come to say that we are sorry. We are at your service and we beg for your forgiveness" - a statement of truth and honor that the forces of power, greed and immoral reality of big-money will never say such and must not be trusted!

"Speaking to the tentative victory over DAPL, Standing Rock Sioux spokeswoman Phyllis Young, who also took part in the forgiveness ceremony, cautioned, "The black snake has never stopped and if they didn't stop at desecrating our graves of our ancestors, they'll stop at nothing."

The news today is tribal leader Dave Archambault is "arguing ‘water protectors’ should stand down after Army Corps rejected Dakota Access drilling plan" and "go home". I find this very disturbing as we have seen betrayal after betrayal from Washington and how easy they are corrupted by big-money interests and power! This battle for life is very far from won! The Protectors and coalition built must stay active and strong!


Not only is it obviously clear that this is the right thing to apologize for centuries of oppression but it is time to acknowledge and learn from the indigenous people that were here before the Europeans came that their relationship with the natural world is the path forward for the human race. Imperialism and capitalism will destroy what is left of nature's ability to sustain us and most of the rest of life as we know it on earth.


I agree. Its way too early to act like this is over.


The veterans and the indigenous nations recognizing the sins of the past and forgiving them. Perhaps they have recognized, deep in their spirits, that they are a part of We the People. Perhaps we shall all come together and work to save the water, the air, the earth and the People.


That is the distinct possibility. All signs point that way. What sane people would continue to march toward it's own destruction? It is truly time to destroy the Black Snake and all its offspring. The future is ours to win, or lose. Thanks to the courage of our native brothers and sisters and all those who traveled to stand with them for this victory. Let us not let their victory and suffering to have been in vain. Our government, one "elected" leader after another, has wasted decade after decade with stalling tactics directed at us and servitude to industrial barons to bring us to this scientifically acknowledged tipping point. The place in history we find ourselves is certainly much bigger than Standing Rock, but Standing Rock serves as a focus point thanks to the indigenous peoples' courage. The point of focus of the light shining on Standing Rock is there to be acknowledged or, once again, ignored. The fate of the world awaits our decision.


"Will Griffin, a Veterans for Peace activist and former U.S. Army paratrooper who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, wrote in an op-ed for Common Dreams in October that after two wars, fighting for Standing Rock was "the first time I served the American people."
Would guess that he shares this sentiment with many other veterans, and that his statement was not widely reported in mainstream media.


Chief Leonard Crow Dog: " we do not own the land; the land owns us."

What a beautiful statement!


Very poignant and moving video; especially true coming from the son of a warmonger like General, Wes Clark. Thanks for the link.


Dateline Dallas Texas
The Morton County South Dakota Sheriff today led a posse of 1,000 Lawmen to Dallas to confront Energy Transfer Partners president Kelcy Warren. It appears that ETP has stated that they will continue the Dakota Access pipeline with out without permission from the Army Corps of Engineers. As a result, the sheriff has surrounded the Dallas headquarters and lobbed concussion grenades into the offices while his deputies showered the building with harmless rubber bullets. As the bewildered office workers fled the building, they were doused with water cannons. Thousands of workers were then rounded up and held in dog cages for further processing.
"No one is above the law and we are the law" stated the Sheriff.

Update: Two workers were killed when they held up a piece of paper. Officers who shot and killed the workers stated that they feared for their lives and were just defending themselves from possible paper cuts. A jury immediately acquitted the officers of all wrongdoing

Notice: This is fake news, most likely spread by Russian hackers.




yes, Earth is OUR home, and we must continue to take care of it.


Yes, good one. Sadly, there are those who would believe it.


These people are not living in reality, and think they are above the law. Is unending money really that important?


Crow Dog - holy man who was active at Wounded Knee 2. Amazing.


Thank you for your wonderful post.


Yes, that is the only way. We cannot eat plastic or paper.


It is important to mend the many harms in society, especially at this time. The time of the black snake and it's no some pipeline but the simple logic of plate tectonics. A major eruption is due in the area of The Craters of the Moon park in Idaho and a solar eclipse is due over the region August next year and those solar eclipses aren't ill omens for no reason, that extra tidal effect is just the sort of thing to trigger a tectonic event in zones at risk. When that volcanoes goes it will pollute the largest US water catchment and will put the two most important US rivers at extreme risk.
Nothing is being done to mitigate this risk and that means an extreme price will be paid by many.