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Native Leaders Tell Congress How Trump Trampled 'Spiritually Occupied Landscape' to Carve Up National Monuments

Native Leaders Tell Congress How Trump Trampled 'Spiritually Occupied Landscape' to Carve Up National Monuments

Julia Conley, staff writer

House Democrats, indigenous tribal leaders, and public land protection advocates all rebuked the Trump administration's downsizing of two national monuments Wednesday, arguing that President Donald Trump and former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke acted illegally by conducting what at least one critic called a "sham" review process.

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Trump’s legacy of criminality will follow him right inside his jail cell.

Everybody saw the charges the Manhattan DA hit Manafort with today.

Just imagine how many charges he will be preparing for Trump once he’s no longer the Resident of the White House.


I live in southern Utah with the Grand Staircase Escalante NM surrounding me. Indeed, I moved here in large part because of the landscapes and wild, dramatic character of the land. The process by which the monument was “downsized” was the sneakiest most deceitful thing I’ve ever seen regarding public lands - and that’s saying a lot. No maps were provided, no details were released, until it was all said and done. Place like the Circle Cliffs, in the heart of the monument, were cut out because of - tar sands. Other areas had uranium, oil and gas, coal, other minerals. Many locals were cheering because they believe the monument destroyed their ways of life. That is total bullshit. There is as much cattle grazing on these lands as ever (and they show it). The economy of this area is increasingly fueled by tourism (and there are sustainability issues there as well). Criticisms that the monument has brought overcrowding are lame, since the same county commissioners and state officials who bitch about that spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to promote specific locales on the monument that no one used to even know about. Zinke belongs behind bars along with Trump and a lot of other characters. Their actions defy representative government and spit in the face of not only the people, but the “homeland” for which we claim so much patriotic pride. So you take a sacred landscape that transcends the ugliness of human civilization as it currently exist, and you make plans to rape it. How can anyone of conscience condone this?


Liked your remarks a lot. FYI- There was a map used and almost followed line by line ( traced actually ) to cut both places up. It was given to Zinke by Orrin Hatch, of course, and it was as crooked as a dog’s hind leg.
Lots more to be revealed, too.