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NATO and Russia 'War Games' Not Games At All


NATO and Russia 'War Games' Not Games At All

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

War games conducted by Russian and NATO forces go far beyond the hypothetical, raising the specter of a very real conflict on the European continent, a new study warns.

According to the European Leadership Network (ELN), a think tank based in London, "[o]ver the last 18 months, against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine, the relationship between Russia and the West has deteriorated considerably"—at least in part due to war games that feed a "climate of mistrust."


‘According to the European Leadership Network (ELN), a think tank based in London, “[o]ver the last 18 months, against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine, the relationship between Russia and the West has deteriorated considerably”—at least in part due to war games that feed a “climate of mistrust.”’

Think tank: where thoughts go to (septic) tank.

The warmongers are thirsty for action. Jeb wants more troops in Iraq. Bibi wants McCain to bomb Iran–well, maybe using another pilot. Ukraine being tested for fitness as bogeyman-in-chief. Trumps wants to take back “our” oil. At least these bastards are transparent.


Sounds like England is doing a good job at propagating a war with Russia. No offense, but this is an easly detectable propaganda. England has all the reason to do it too. Once this gets passed around, westerners will be even more paranoid, never realizing that its just propagandists doing what they do best, sow the seeds of war for profita. I really expected more from this website.


How profitable was the Cold War?


Occupied Crimea?

Crimea elected to join Russia peacefully unlike the Ukraine as example where people not wantng to be part of that mess are being forced at gunpoint to remain part of the country. The Ukraine crisis has led to around 2 million refugees fleeing the violence. There are no refugees from the Crimea to speak of.

As a condition to receiving more monies from the West , the Ukraine is in much the same position as Greece , a country occupied by the Bankers who are insisting all the assets of the country be privatized and sold to foreign investors. Monsanto and other such foreign powers seek to buy up Ukraine farmland so as to grow their GMO’s.The IMF and bankers are ordering the Ukraine to dismantle the social state and sell all assets to Corporations.

Quite frankly when it comes to being “Occupied” by foreign interests Ukraine meets the model much more than does the Crimea. The Ukraine has become a colony of the Banker class,


Given the only articles you ever post a reposnse to are those dealing with the Ukraine, it pretty obvious you not interested in the facts . You are very much like those that are alerted everytime an article on Israel or the Nuclear industry pops up who show up to defend the same no matter the reality.

As such I am not even reading your post. I am responding only to your screename as reading your post would be a waste of time.


We’re once again reaping what we have sowed in term of short sighted policies designed to indulge the materialist and power-hungry fantasies of a small group of individuals running our respective nations. Why we always allow the Orcs to dominate the discourse and sacrifice our lives and futures to support antiquated conceptual frameworks about how the world should function is beyond me. Hobbes always seems to be the dominant voice, Things are only going to get worse as climate change and economic instability lead to massive demographic shifts, famines, epidemics of global proportions resulting in increased local and international conflict. The only solution is for the people to stop supporting the violent approaches of the past, and engage in developing intelligent solutions to the problems we are all confronting at different levels. Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening until after massive suffering and death have forced humanity to confront their own hubris and calls for peace are actually listened to.


I beg to differ on this with you, Putin didn’t initiate the coup de’etat in Kiev ousting the democratically elected president, Russian forces aren’t in Alaska or Mexico, Canada borders installing offensive nuclear missiles and amassing soldiers. It is the US leading in the provocation of Russia, Russia is scared and naturally trying to defend itself. The most important issue the US is facing is the decision by Russia and China to ditch the petro dollar and instead trade in local currencies bypassing the wall street however when Saddam tried it he lost Iraq, when Gaddafi tried it he lost Libya, Assad is trying it and look at Syria, When Chavez tried it he lost his life. There are many clear examples of the US dictatorship in action around the globe and how the US destroys anyone who dares to challenge the supremacy of the almighty DOLLAR. Now in the case of Russia and China the US is forced to either start a nuclear confrontation or swallow this pill which it will eventually have to nukes or not. The world is changing too rapidly and Putin has played a pivotal role in shaping the future of our planet, the US support of wars and terrorism has run it’s deadly course and now the filthy bastards have to act like human being instead of the blood sucking beasts that they really are.


Exactly, the same kind of dirty rhetoric that the US threw at Saddam and Gaddafi. The US elite hate Putin because he is standing firm in protecting his nation from subjugation to the US hegemony and his right to sell his oil in the open market in exchange for Rubles or any currency. The US is mad as hell because that would mean the end of predatory banking, loan sharking and all manner of state sponsored terrorism of people and countries of “interest”. The US bullying the world days are over and Israel better take notice and be nice to the Palestinians because without a strong US Israel is nothing.


WE NOTICE the trolls on here :})


Dear Mr. JonnyJames,

Exactly. The only thing I can add is that Washington/Wall Street wants the Russian oil, natural gas, titanium mines, Siberian timber, etc. so they can slice and dice these resources into tranches to be sold to “investors”. These people know that there is no such thing as infinite investment (growth) on a finite planet and they want the rest it and the last of it. By the way, that is why everything Obama does (or Hillary) with regard to climate change is simply theater.


Complete inversion of the Truth. You took out lots of items that I often point out to weave into a “blame the People” narrative.

This shows ZERO understanding of history or how the dynamics of power have operated for centuries.


“occupied Crimea” Just help me understand why there is an "occupied Crimea’ but not an occupied Palestine, occupied Kashmir, occupied Gibraltar, occupied Hawaii, just to name some of the long-running occupations that are never written about in the media in this way which is far more truthful than applying it to the Crimea. And why is CD reprinting this literal garbage, without correction? And yes, I understand the meaning of ‘literal’ but in a certain way and level it fits.


I agree, the people who write for CD such as Ms. Fulton still write that Crimea is “occupied” knowing full well that the people of Crimea voted on March 16, 2014 to secede from Ukraine and return to the Russian Federation. Crimea had been a member of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic until 1954 when Nikita Khrushchev gave Crimea to Ukraine as a “gift”. The people of Crimea obviously had no say on becoming part of Ukraine but they did make their voices clearly heard when they voted to leave Ukraine and rejoin the Russian Federation whom they had been a part of for almost three hundred years before 1954! A people who have decided and voted to return to their original homeland aren’t being occupied Ms. Fulton, they are living with their fellow countrymen. Quit being a shill for the US Empire!


It’s unbelievable what is going on. The IMF allows Ukraine an endless supply of money for War. And in the other hand. Greece is raped and it’s people are enslaved to these Banksters.


The nail has been hit square on the head. Your comment makes the post I was going to write unnecessary. Spot on!


Ukraine has ALWAYS been in the Russian sphere of influence. How would you feel if Russia did the same crap in Puerto Rico? Think we’d be all warm and fuzzy about it? The only reason for our involvement in their backyard is power and control of other people’s resources. Follow the money!


The definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. War games, no matter who conducts them, are solely preparation to take more lives, destroy village/towns/cities, decimate the environment, and lay to waste all in the path of the war machine and its participants. With the addition of nuclear weaponry, the destruction, loss of life, and ruin are dramatically increased and the zone of annihilation circles the globe. Meanwhile, the powers-that-be continue to posture, rut-and-strut, and speak in platitudes in the presence of their perceived opponents with no real intent of coming to any meaningful, productive agreements.


NATO was conceived as a defense against the Soviet Union. They are gone, but we still take great pride at having ringed Russia with NATO bases. Yet, when Khruschev had sent a few missiles to Cuba, we went bonkers. What hypocrisy!


Setting aside who is and who isn’t a “terrorist” they use Kalishinkovs because M-16’s are a joke - made of flimsy plastic and they jam all the time