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NATO Gets Trump Treatment as Merkel Hits Back at US President For Declaring Germany 'Totally Controlled by Russia'


NATO Gets Trump Treatment as Merkel Hits Back at US President For Declaring Germany 'Totally Controlled by Russia'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After U.S. President Donald Trump wasted no time making a complete fool of himself on the world stage at the NATO summit on Wednesday by accusing Germany of being "totally controlled by Russia," German Chancellor Angela Merkel quickly hit back at the American president by informing him that she "experienced the Soviet occupation of one part of Germany" herself and concluding "it is good that we are independent today."


Here is to wishing our “president” one moment of clarity to understand what a fuckwad he is.


That would require a smidgen of self-awareness. This ridiculous manchild has none.


Trump made a complete Fool of himself.

Enough said.


Manchild is a step up from Fuckwad, wouldn’t you say?


NATO is an entity that has served its purpose.

It’s time to wind down, let these countries pay for their own defense, and concentrating on reducing the size of the MIC in the US.


No EMPEROR TRUMP is not going to save the world but destroy it — and soon if we don’t create this strategic “Movement”:

Sorry for this deadly serious comment regarding what it will take to achieve a sufficiently populist-progressive “Movement” here in America and the world ---- and my accurate description of the “Con-man”, EMPEROR TRUMP, forcing us in being led in a Disguised Global Capitalist EMPIRE:

This is a corrected copy of my “Times” comment above without my typos
As edited and corrected:

"As I have explained several times in “Times” comments, my only demonstration, march, and protest sign simply shouts-out:


and on the reverse side, under the image of ‘our’ (not the Emperor’s) American flag:

“We can’t be an EMPIRE”

With Emperor Trump’s recent ‘reality show’ of ‘lording over’ NATO, the EU,
and all European countries — which suffered through the First and
Second World Wars of Empires — it is, IMHO, now far beyond time to, put
down both Emperor Trump and EMPIRE.

While it would have been preferable to address this existential and history-long cancer of
Empire by employing something positive like a real global “Democracy Project”,
as #41 claimed to be doing, it is now eminently clear that since the
control of America’s government devolved to the point of implementing
the first effective, but disguised, dual-party Vichy facade of faux
democracy, that neither a democratic nor republican positive
populist-progressive solution could be developed electorally
by ‘we the American people’.

Therefore, it is essential that both we American people
and all ‘citizens of the world’ develop a movement modeled somewhat on
the Anti-Imperialist League at the turn of the 19th to 20th century in
order to cure this ‘long 20th century’ of Empire wars through a new
Global Anti-Empire League — perhaps by leading a continuation and
peaceful completion of our own American “Revolution Against Empire”
[Justin du Rivage]


On the contrary. Germany has been a vassal of the US ever since the end of WW II. It should be noted that all of Europe is taking a political right-wing turn especially after Steve Bannon’s self-declared ‘Victory Tour’ to make sure no European country is left untouched by fascist ideology. Merkel won’t be able in the long run to stem the tide of fascism in Germany. For the first time in fifty years the AfD, a right-wing fascist party, is now represented in parliament with roughly 14%. Good job, America, exporting the ideology of hatred all over the world…/s


I think what we’re living through is the rise of a global class of inherited wealth—as Paul Simon wrote, “A loose affiliation/Of miliionaires and billionaires”—whose interests mostly coincide across geopolitical boundaries. Some of those fortunes predate the founding of the US, and hatred is but one of the weapons available.

If that’s true, then it follows that any effective countermeasures must be equally supranational. There is only the living Earth and its creatures. Smaller geopolitical subdivisions serve only the few at the expense of the many.


Americans elected a fool for a president (but this fool is a racist so he won). Apparently he has moved the alternative right wing universe bubble to Europe for this meeting. When Trump meets reality he does appear as a fool. When operating completely within the right wing alternative universe, such as at is rallies, he is cheered as the beacon of truth.


According to CNN, the US contributes 650 Billion to NATO annually. The next highest contributor is the UK with 60B. All the others, including UK, COMBINED is 250B. Not sure how ‘factcheck’ manages to manufacture the “22%” figure, but it seems to be blatantly false.


True, and the highly dysfunctional, and irrational and dangerous reaction to the rise of hyper-wealthy is fascism. And what makes it all so insane is that the populist fascists are themselves members or cronies of the wealthy - Trump, Orban, Putin, Erdogan…


If racism is a requirement to win election, how did Obama win two terms?

Trump won simply because he wasn’t Hillary.


Yes, but it’s a fact lost on our resident Dapologists, lost as they are in their hatred of all those who won’t fall in line.


US hegemony costs a lot.

Trump is only interested in bolstering the defense spending of NATO, which would of course bolster sales by the US MIC to those NATO countries increasing spending.

Remember the assertions that Trump was just hated by the MIC? That clucking stupidity by Trump leftists? All the while he was campaigning on a big increase in military spending.

I suppose those same Trump leftists are just giddy at Trump’s attacks on the alliance, AS IF Trump were making the VALID arguments against militarism in general, including much of the policies of NATO over the last few decades in regard to Russia.

They are corn-fused.


French economist Thomas. Piketty in his book "Capital in the 21st Century, makes the same point. That not since the dawn of the modern age has so much wealth been the result of inheritance rather than innovation or effort and that capital and its pernicious effect on societies is not circumscribed by national borders.


Trump is great at projecting.


He ‘won’ because the election was manipulated so they could use the electoral college to get this boob in the White House. We don’t have honest elections in this country anymore so I wish we could all realize that and stop saying trump was elected. Like bush, he wasn’t. He was INSTALLED.


WHEN exactly does the US/CIA come under investigation for its intrusions in the affairs of other nations which are politely called “regime change” but which have actually been “coups” and “assassinations” and “illegal wars of aggression.” How many elections worldwide has the US/CIA “influenced” or interfered
in? How many manipulated “uprisings” in other nations is the US/CIA responsible for?

I’d suggest that the world begin responding to this rising fascism here and not wait for WWIII to try to do it.

We should all also remember that in the end civilians are bombed and their cities destroyed in fire storms so again it’s better to rise up at the first smell of fascism and we are way beyond that.


US does not “contrbute” 650 billion to NATO. That figure is the total US military budget. Military spending of US is very high, yet actually lower as a percentage of GDP than say 5 years ago. Not over 4 percent as Trump asserts. Paying a bit more to keep Europe less militarized has been a pretty good deal for the empire.