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NATO Gets Trump Treatment as Merkel Hits Back at US President For Declaring Germany 'Totally Controlled by Russia'


Those figures are wrong. The total US defense budget for 2017 was $686 billion, it is unlikely we are spending almost as much to defend Europe as we do to defend the USA. According to the BBC the US contribution to NATO for 2017 was $6.9 billion. England’s entire defense budget is $55 billion including their contribution to NATO. CNN is not a reliable source.


I wouldn’t have thought that Trump was aware of anyone but himself…


It’s about the Nord Stream 2 pipeline that delivers natural gas from Russia to Germany. Eat your heart out, Donnie, you lost this one…


Excuse me!? GERMANY is "totally controlled by Russia?! This orange pustule has the nerve to say that when it is Trumpo the Klown who is going to a private meeting with Putin that will not be covered by any members of the press! Must be nice when you have so much of the world’s media broadcasting your trash even when it is bullshit. Of course, we all know for a fact that Trumpo is a pathological liar and will shamelessly say anything he thinks he needs to at any time. Someone totaled up his lies during one recent week and it was more than 100!!!
Once again, he has disgraced our country and tens of millions of Murkins in the Trump Cult can’t get enough of this treasonous POS.
Yup, looks more and more like Late Rome around here.


Well, he did say “I am the only person that matters.”


It is part of his deep mental illness.


Maybe Trump wants European Nato countries to spend more on their Nato budgets in readiness for the next impending US war/invasion against Iran, or North Korea, or Venezuala, or wherever else the US wants to spread its geo-political slimy tentacles. After 911, European Nato countries rallied to the US in their invasion of Afghanistan and about 900 of them gave their lives in the process, all for a war that had nothing to do with them otherwise. Is that not payment enough Donald? And since that alliance these countries have incurred numerous terrorist attacks and consequently spend a fortune on defence against terrorism which they probably wouldn’t have had to do had they not decided to aid the US as Nato allies. So maybe it’s the US that ‘owes a lot of money’ in relation to that.


This whole situation is depressing and neither side is worth rooting for. On one hand you have the President making the usual ass of himself but on the other side you have the militaristic colonial organization that is NATO. Honestly at this point I’d rather just want to see this whole event be over with already.