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NATO Preps 'Biggest Military Build-Up on Russia's Borders Since Cold War'


NATO Preps 'Biggest Military Build-Up on Russia's Borders Since Cold War'

Nika Knight, staff writer

NATO is pushing all allies to deploy more troops and military equipment to Russia's borders, further ratcheting up tensions as the West prepares for "its biggest military build-up on Russia's borders since the Cold War," as Reuters observed.


Hillary's dream.
America's nightmare.

It is time to vote for peace, not war. (Jill Stein)


And not a peep from Hillary's supporters. I guess they just love war.


I agree. Democrats and republicans are cowards who seek to hide their fingers in the cookie jar by promoting a war so awful their little brains think nothing about it.

Vote Green.

Vote anybody but Hilarious Trump or Donald Clinton.


Russia should respond with an immediate build-up of forces along our southern border and in the Gulf of Mexico. Sometime the only way to deal with a bully is with a taste of his own medicine.
I'm for Dr. Stein and the Greens.......the only peace platform.


What will it take for 'we the people' to see that our government is acting like a spoiled brat? No, worse than that. Like a sociopath, a serial killer. My heart hurts for the damage we are about to inflict on other nations, whether those damages be financial, physical or, more likely, both. Disgust is the only rational response to this behavior.


Correction: Hillary's dream.
The world's nightmare.


No, not just disgust--also extreme alarm, as these people are risking NUCLEAR WAR, without even having a genuine conflict! WHY? I think we need to send a team of psychiatrists into the Pentagon, with straitjackets and syringes, to haul some people off to a hospital for the criminally insane. But it's not just the Pentagon--it's also the major parties and the corporate media, all playing along with the demonization stage that seems to precede attacks by the US military. Can it be possible they really don't understand that attacking Russia will bring a devastating response? WTF is going on? Why are the Europeans going along with this?


Oh yes once more its Hillary et al.
But before we saturate ad nauseam on Hillary again.

I would suggest one visualize Crimea one more time and really determine if Putin is truly an element to overlook.

Or is he a KGB gangster, Judo belt, that just took the west to the mat in one short take down.

When a judo fighter snuggles up and pretends like we are all friends, you better look for your landing zone cause you are likely to be on your back in 2 seconds.

But of course that all has nothing to do with Hillary...sorry.

PS I would work on getting used to saying President Clinton again cause we are going to have to work out a progressive agenda and that kinda needs to work from a mutual respect based on driving issues, not character assassinations. Unless you like Mitch McConnell's approach.

One does the best with the situation one has at hand. That's all there is.


What a bunch of saber-rattling fools.


"a "message" to U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump", at least we know who the next prez will be.


The military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) is anxious to restart the cold war with Russia since it was so profitable from 1945-1991). The Democratic Party kills three birds with one stone when they blame the Russians for hacking their emails: 1) enhance Clinton's chances of winning, 2) boost MIMIC revenue with cold war profit center, and 3) MIMIC has more money to contribute to Democrats' campaigns.


The complete Russian reactionary, down to the anti Semitism.


Where is the tipping point? When does this begin to spiral out of control or is that point far behind already? No one believed the carnage of WW1 or WW2 was possible, but looked what happened and it appears more and more that the lessons of the past been discarded again. This time we may not be as lucky as previously. Europe should know better - but greed is powerful, very dangerous and all our leaders are infected.


The Europeans are going along with this because they, too, have swallowed the Neoliberal Kool-Aide. The flood of refugees from our destruction in the Middle East has awoken the sleeping xenophobia in Western and Eastern Europeans who are too young to remember the devastation such thinking did to their homelands. When Eastern Europe, again, becomes the scorched-Earth battlefield with casualties numbering in the millions, perhaps then they will remember.


I agree with Trump with his contention that once HRC is elected we are looking at a WWIII with Russia. And even though I support Jill, I have to believe Donald has this one correct. But of course I would love nothing more than be proved wrong!



Stein backs a Russian invasion of Mexico?


When someone brings Zionists into every argument or dispute in the world, yes, I see anti Semitism. Russia has a rather colorful history of anti Semitism.


If you truly believe what you say, logic demands you vote for Trump. But...logic?


And the United States has an equally colorful history of racism.

Your point?